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29 AUGUST 2017

New affiliate, my new fansite for the X-Files character Kyd Miller: It's Miller Time!

I've added two new Doggett/Scully fanfics to the archive by Jassyk!

"A Source of Comfort" by Jassyk
"A Drive To Remember" by Jassyk

9 AUGUST 2017

Happy 49th Birthday, Gillian Anderson!

I've added the newest Doggett/Scully fanfic by Jassyk to the Semper Fi Fanfic Archive! It's called "Trust Me Dana."

No new news since that initial article came out about Robert Patrick expressing that he's open and willing to return to The X-Files as John Doggett "if I think it's the right thing to do and if they want me to do it." Season 11 began filming in Vancouver this week.

I've figured out how to make animated gifs! I've made Doggett gifs from 8x01 "Within," and I also have the first gif I made from 8x14 "This Is Not Happening" (which also happens to be my favorite shot of Doggett from the series - I call it The Hero Shot). I'll be adding more gifs as I make them to the Gallery soon!

I'm not sure why the "Within" gifs are moving so slowly, unless it's just my computer being slow (which happens from time to time, I'll see if I can get those fixed a bit later). You can view all ten "Within" gifs on this page.

3 AUGUST 2017

Though I prefer not to see John Doggett return to "The X-Files," this is a John Doggett fansite, and I will report on anything Doggett that I stumble upon. New article out today from TV Insider saying that Robert Patrick is open to returning as John Doggett in the upcoming "The X-Files" season 11. Here is what Robert is quoted as saying in the article:

"I haven't heard from Chris, but I am totally willing to go back if I think it's the right thing to do and if they want me to do it. But at this point, no one has asked me anything; I would certainly be interested. But I'm always the last to know with this kind of stuff. I think the world of Chris, and I certainly loved the experience on The X-Files. I see no reason to not go back and do it." - ROBERT PATRICK (read full article here)

If Doggett does come back for season 11 I expect him to be treated as an equal to Mulder and Scully, none of this secondary (or tertiary) treatment crap that happened with the Cigarette-Smoking Man and Reyes in the 2016 ("season 10") Event Series. John Doggett is a main character of the series. If he's only going to be in a small scene (or two) within one episode (or two), I would prefer he not come back at all. For me it's at most all ten episodes, or at least eight (if they're going to snub him). But in all honesty, I would prefer to see more Robert Patrick as Cabe Gallo on CBS's "Scorpion" than to see him take time off from that series to do minimal (we all know it would be minimal, let's not kid ourselves here) work on "The X-Files." But whatever happens, if Doggett shows up in season 11, you know that Semper Fi will be reporting on it, sharing pictures, and will get those screen captures up, and detailed analysis of any interaction he'll have with Scully (if the writers allow it). Stay tuned.

1 AUGUST 2017

More screen captures have been added! Gillian Anderson in "Hannibal" 1x07 "Sorbet," 108 "Fromage," 111 "Rôti," 112 "Relevés," and 113 "Savoreux." Robert Patrick in "Community" 506 "Analysis of Cork-Based Networking," "Tales From The Crypt" 407 "The New Arrival," Law & Order: SVU 701 "Demons," and DVD screen captures from the 2015 short film, "Cold War."

For those of you looking to watch the short film "Cold War" in which Robert Patrick stars, you can find it on the DVD for the film "Sugar Mountain" (which also stars X-Files alum, Cary Elwes), "Cold War" also comes as a bonus if you buy "Sugar Mountain" from iTunes. Thank you for this info, Richard Gray!

More stories added to the Semper Fi archive! Also... I'm not sure how many of you print out your favorite Doggett and DSR fanfics, but if you do, I created a Semper Fi bookmark (2x6") that you can print out, fold in half, and laminate and use for keeping your spot in your favorite fanfics, or books that you are reading! You can download the bookmark here.

"Acrobat" by David Hearne
"Afterwards" by Scully3776
"Distracted" by Drusilla Bell
"Enough To Get Us There" by Jenna Tooms
"Heavenly Bodies" by Nijijin
"Let Me Enter The Door To Your Soul" by Dorothée E. Fritsch
"Reckoning" by Ann K
"The Residue of Her Betrayal" by Dana Doggett
"Yellow Balloon" by Zyllah

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Create a poster for "The X-Files" season 8 episode 8x13 "Medusa." Please include all of the following requirements (you may also click here to view this challenge's page):

- 600x911 pixels (AKA 8x12 inches, 21x32 cm)
- Use any of the images provided in this zip file (not all are required)
- Use any one/two quote(s) directly from the episode (view transcript here)
- Credit: Robert Patrick, Gillian Anderson, Ken Jenkins, Vyto Ruginis
- Credit: Written by: Frank Spotnitz
- Credit: Directed by: Richard Compton
- Credit: Music by: Mark Snow

[ view all challenge images here ]

26 JULY 2017

Just a heads up that the recently released Audible audiobook "The X-Files: Cold Cases" does include (minimally) John Doggett. Now before you go rushing off to buy the audiobook (if you're buying simply because Doggett is in it)... Robert Patrick DOES NOT do the voice acting for Doggett in this audiobook. The Doggett dialog is read by voice actor Michael Kimball (more information about the audiobook is here).

I got the audiobook, for Doggett, and I never finished it. And as much as I love David, Gillian, Mitch, et al., it felt too "read" and not "acted" by the X-Files actors brought on to read for their characters. Though, IMO, David and Mitch did a gazillion times better than Gillian at reading their lines. Then it had Mulder and Scully go to Saudi Arabia (where I lived from 1991-1998) and I was all sorts of offended over how Saudis were portrayed, and how Mulder and (especially) Scully interacted with them. It pissed me off so much that I immediately contacted Audible and demanded a full refund for this order (and got it).

I was absolutely behind accepting Michael Kimball as John Doggett. I could live with that. But there was no way that I was going to tolerate how the author(s) of this audiobook (aka the X-Files Season 10 IDW comic books) wrote the people of Saudi Arabia. It was so inaccurate. I am a white, blond, American woman, and I NEVER was required to wear a hijab while in the country, yet this story went on the belief that all women in the Kingdom have to wear one. I was especially pissed off at how Gillian chose to "act" out Scully's reaction to the Saudis she interacted with.

Seriously, authors, if you are going to write about the Middle East, do a little bit of research before forcing your uneducated assumptions onto your readers.

Yes, Saudi Arabia (and its laws and some traditions) are not perfect, but that is no excuse to falsely portray the country and its people.

21 JULY 2017

A new Doggett/Scully fanfic from a new author to the Semper Fi archive, Jassyk. Her story takes place after "Via Negativa" and "Surekill" in season 8, it's called "Thank You Coffees." Enjoy! (and it's got a bit of Barbara Doggett for those of us who love her too!)

"Thank You Coffees" by Jassyk

11 JULY 2017

I'm in the process of adding Blu-ray screen captures of Robert (as Cabe Gallo) from season one of "Scorpion." Unfortunately when I get to seasons two and three I'll have to take from DVD since the USA refuses to release those seasons on blu-ray. <--- not happy about that decision.

[ view more Scorpion screen captures here ]

I've added a section in the Fanfic Archive called Fanfic Recommendations. In This section of the site I will add my X-Files fanfic recs. I've listed my favorite Doggett/Scully fanfics (ones that I will always recommend) as well as Mulder/Scully, and other Uncon'Ships that I like.

"I honestly believe Doggett loves Scully,
but he doesn't want to impose himself on her."

- Robert Patrick -




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