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12 JANUARY 2018

Two days ago it was confirmed that Robert Patrick would not be reprising his role as John Doggett in season 11 of "The X-Files." FOX has said that it probably would not do any more season of the series if Gillian Anderson left for good. Two days ago Gillian confirmed that season 11 is her last performance of Dana Scully. David Duchovny has expressed an interest in doing more X-Files beyond season 11. That's where we sit as of right now.

With all those facts before us, I say that us Doggett fans don't give up on our hope to see John Doggett again. FOX said "probably" when referring to whether or not we'll get more X-Files seasons, that keeps the door open. We need to get out there, get our voices heard, and demand that if "The X-Files" comes back for a twelfth season that FOX, Carter, and all the other Powers That Be do everything they can to get Robert Patrick back - full-time, in each and every episode of season 12 - as John Doggett. Give us the FBI partnership that should have happened in season 9: Doggett and Mulder!

Semper Fi will provide social media profile graphics, banners, and other goodies that you can use and share to show your support in having John Doggett back as a main character in a possible "The X-Files" season 12.

If you post about John Doggett, Fox Mulder, The X-Files, Robert Patrick, and David Duchovny, please make sure to use the hashtags #DoggettXF12 and #DoggettMulderXF12 and tag anyone that you think would be important to help make this happen (@Disney, @FOXTV, @thexfiles, @davidduchovny, @robertpatrickT2).

I know there are enough John Doggett and Robert Patrick fans out there to get our voices heard about this, let's ban together and do our best to show TPTB that we want our man John Doggett back on "The X-Files!"



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"I am totally willing to go back if I think it's the right thing to do and if they want me to do it."
- Robert Patrick -

01/10/18 - ‘The X-Files’ wanted Robert Patrick back as John Doggett for Season 11, but ‘scheduling issue’ got in the way - “I know we tried to get Robert Patrick a couple times,” confirmed “The X-Files” executive producer Glen Morgan at the Television Critics Association winter press tour about Fox’s current revival of the classic sci-fi series. However, Patrick’s day job on CBS’s “Scorpion” made him unavailable to shoot any new episodes for “The X-Files” Season 11. “We’ve tried, but it was just a scheduling issue,” Morgan said.

10/12/17: TXF Eyes RP for S11 Encore as Doggett
“I actually wrote him into an episode,” Carter reveals. “But then I found out he wasn’t going to be available to us [because of Scorpion] so I had to write him out of the episode… Scorpion is his first priority.” Carter then cryptically adds, “That’s not to say you won’t see him this season…”

08/03/17: Robert Patrick Open to Returning as Doggett
“I haven’t heard from [The X-Files creator] Chris [Carter], but I am totally willing to go back if I think it’s the right thing to do and if they want me to do it," he says. "But at this point, no one has asked me anything; I would certainly be interested. But I’m always the last to know with this kind of stuff."

If you have any #DoggettXF11 profile icons, website banners, Twitter banners (or other social media banners), fanart, fanvids, fanfic about Doggett being in "The X-Files" season eleven, please send them my way and I will add them to this site, and promote them on Twitter! Send to: doggettscully@gmail.com










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