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June 2015


Oh my God! It is a real honor to be Author of the Month. Believe me I am thrilled and stoked about this. I want to thank doggettscully.com and Cassie for naming me to become the new AOTM. It is a great privilege to write especially for these astounding characters that we have grown to love more and more as years go by.

But I would like to be honest, I was not always into DSR, I was quite the shipper back in the 1990's. My whole family would get together and we would never miss an episode. I remember watching since s1 back in '93. I was the typical geeky teen, even dyed my hair red and named my female dog "Scully". I wrote fanfics and even songs about them. The X-files was everything to me. Helped me through those difficult years in my adolescence. I really looked up to that woman and M&S were my ideal couple. There was nothing else. When Agent Doggett came into the scene I was so very reluctant to accept this new character. I felt he was trying to replace Mulder and that was impossible in my opinion. So I bashed this new partner in the beginning but came to terms that Mulder was not coming back and if he did things would never be the same, not for the Philes, not for Scully, and definitely not for me.

As fate would have it because of family issues I lost track of the show after about mid s8. I started working and studying and then just working. So many world events and the fact I had become an adult kept me from ever finishing the series. And then after many years, I watched the film IWTB, man, what a disappointment! I wasn't really sure if I had outgrown the X-files all together or the movie was just plain crappy. So I moved on. Never giving a 2nd thought about the show again…. Until a few years ago I was mindlessly watching vids on Youtube and I stumbled upon some MSR shippy vids, sappy as hell right? When in the suggestions a DSR vid appeared, and I was like oh yeah I remember this guy, he's Doggett, Dana's partner. It just so happened to be a vid by my current friend Claudine. Dude, I loved it, honestly I can't remember which vid it was but I was like "Holy cow, who is this guy, he is stunning and obviously is in love with my Scully". I swear I couldn't stop watching. I saw one Doggmatic Production vid after another. I was hooked. I decided to rewatch the X-files on Netflix and give JD a 2nd chance and of course he won me over. Such a gentleman, such a man's man, such a looker. I started following more of RP's work and followed him on Twitter and has been the best experience in my life. It is so refreshing to see such a down-to-earth celebrity. In fact, thanks to him I have met lots of remarkable people along the way and made friends from all over the world. And certainly I have read some awesome fanfics and seen fantastic fanvids and encountered lots of love, because Robert Patrick and John Doggett have the best fandom in the world!!!

Well, there you have it, my testimonial on how I became an avid DSR fan. Anyway, long live JD and Dana… together forever! Now for the questions…..


What is your favorite Doggett/Scully fanfic that you've written? Why?

My fave fanfic is my first in the Semper Fi fanpage, it's called "A very early meeting" I really enjoyed writing it. I love the idea that JD and DS actually met lifetimes before. I think they have reincarnated several times in the past and each and every time they wind up together. They have a clear bond that nothing can break and has been getting stronger thru the years. I used to write MSR, so writing for Scully was a breeze but writing for Doggett was a bit more challenging. But after a few lines into the story it felt so right describing his thoughts and feelings. I undoubtedly did my homework and brushed up on the French Revolution. That is the first chapter of many in the series of D/S thru history. I have another project series where Doggett and Mulder are partners and try to solve some tough X-files and rather violent cases with Scully's help and expertise. These 2 alpha-males are a power duo to say the least. I would die to see them fighting crime and aliens shoulder to shoulder. And I will throw in a little sexy tension just to spice it up a little more.

Tell us about your writing process. How do you begin? Where do your ideas come from? How do you come to finalizing your story?

I love to learn about history and of course actual paranormal phenomenon. So I like to write about these topics and many times they go hand in hand just beautifully. I always had this dream to write an actual book based on the X-files. I begin by concentrating on the things I would change or like to see on the show. My main muse is of course the ever-gorgeous Robert Patrick. But as any writer will admit, inspiration can come from a song, an article you read or a cloud in the sky. Practically anything can become that spark you need to begin or even end your story. Finalizing a story is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes my stories get so complex that in the end I find it hard to conclude them. I think it is more practical if you start from the end, how you want your fic to finish and then work your way up to the beginning, that way you won't get into trouble. This is how you know exactly where you are headed and especially why you're headed there.

What can you tell us about the story picked for the Fanfic of the Month? ("Moonshine")

This was my second fanfic involving D/S in another interdimensional romance but this time in the roaring 1920's. I also read a lot about that era in America. It was also really bold on my behalf to imagine them as young people living in this particular moment in history. But I believe I was able to portray what some part of American youth was going through during the age of Prohibition. It was a tough time but D&S overcame the trials for the deep love they shared even then. I wanted to convey that these two will make it through thick or thin. And I think I accomplished it. The end is a big cliff-hanger. I am very proud of this story. I hope everybody enjoys reading it!

Do you have any tips for beginning Doggett/Scully authors?

My first advice for new writers is of course to watch s8 and s9 of the Xfiles several times to actually embrace their chemistry and to fully understand their relationship that started off on the left foot but started to flourish and it would have gelled completely had the writers allowed it. Second, I think that if you love Scully you have to adore JD because he was protective and respectful of her. Another important thing to keep in mind when writing about this couple, romantically or not, is this unconditional and implicit commitment that they would watch each other's back no matter what. I would recommend including their mutual admiration into your fics.

Don't forget that an essential aid for writing is a thesaurus, so I suggest having one; comes in really handy. Thesaurus.com is a terrific option.

What is your favorite Doggett/Scully fanfic (that you did not write)? Why is it your favorite?

Man! This is a tough one because I have several faves, there are lots of great writers out there. CC has got to read some of their work, he might just get some ideas for the upcoming revival. I would have to say "Dana Scully's Diary" by Carrie F. it is simply hilarious, I cannot read it in public because I just burst out laughing. I also love "Victoria's secret Revealed" by Forbes, it is a nice and yet sexy fic. And the first D/S fic I ever read was "Not even under a Mistletoe" by Dana Doggett, it's the perfect DSR story, all set in the holiday spirit. I really fancied it. Furthermore, my friend Sophie Skinner has really awesome Sk/S fics. I would definitely 'ship them as well.

Do you have a favorite fanfic author? If so, who? Why?

Hands down it is Dana Doggett because she co-wrote my fave AU series FRVS… it's extremely comical and depicts the D/S relationship so brilliantly. She illustrates their romantic side so well. She really knows how to treat our man JD as the main character he really is. Fox and Rat are sooo good together… Sometimes its 4 a.m. and I am still reading fics from the series. Drama and comedy all rolled into a smart package. Can't put it down… I recommend it to everyone interested in DSR. All her other stand-alone fics are amazing and quite relishable for the Doggett lover.

Once again I am forever grateful to Cassie, to Claudine and to Sophie.

I also want to thank all my friends who believe in me and who read my stories.

As always, I am more than open to feedback


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