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May 2010


What is your favorite Doggett/Scully fanfic that you've written? Why?

My sentimental favorite would probably the post fic that I wrote for “Release” – sorry, can’t remember the title. It was my first attempt at the Doggett and Scully relationship and I can remember thinking that even though the hug between Doggett and Reyes tugged at the ol’ heart strings, the scene did not feel complete. Does that make sense? Lol.

(NOTE: "Good Things Come To Those Who Wait" is the "Release" fic Jacquie is referring to)

Tell us about your writing process. How do you begin? Where do your ideas come from? How do you come to finalizing your story?

Writing process? What writing process? Lol. Just kidding. It seems to depend on how my thought patterns go, but ninety-five percent of the time, if I can come up with how I want to end the story and one or two major plot points that occur in the middle of the fic, the rest just kind of falls into place. As for my ideas, well, most of them come from scenes that I thought should have been written in or imagining what a Mulder and Scully episode might look like with Doggett in the picture. On the rare occasion, ideas could possibly come from personal experience.

What can you tell us about the story picked for the Fanfic of the Month?
("Without You")

“Audrey Pauley” was one of those episodes that I strongly felt should have been a Doggett and Scully episode. I do not dispute that Doggett and Reyes have a close friendship, but Doggett’s heart belongs to Scully.

Do you have any tips for beginning Doggett/Scully authors?

The only “tip” that really comes to mind at the moment is to start off small. Write a one chapter fic or a vignette. Or you could time yourself. Write a five minute fic.

Oh, and just let the ideas flow. You don’t have to worry about grammar, spelling, etc, until the story is complete. If you feel comfortable, get a second person to correct the spelling and grammar for you.

What is your favorite Doggett/Scully fanfic (that you did not write)? Why is it your favorite?

At the moment, my attention as been more on writing DSR rather than reading, but I did enjoy “Not Even Under A Mistletoe.” I absolutely loved the characterization of Doggett and Scully in that fan fiction, particularly Doggett with his family.

Do you have a favorite fanfic author? If so, who? Why?
I do not have a favorite author.


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