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July 2010


What is your favorite Doggett/Scully fanfic that you've written? Why?

I've written a lot of short, silly stories like "Poison Ivy" (which I'd rather forget), or "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall" (my "Medusa" fic), but I really enjoyed writing "The Life I Always Wanted" which is more serious and actually has Doggett and Scully in a relationship, but Scully has had an affair and reflects on that big mistake.

Tell us about your writing process. How do you begin? Where do your ideas come from? How do you come to finalizing your story?

Oh geez, the writing process is so flippy. Sometimes I struggle and other times it just writes itself out. I usually begin just with a random thought, like "gee, I wish they would have done that! Ok, now *think*. How do I make it work and with what twists and turns." Sometimes I'll sit on an idea for a few months and not even think of it and then POOF! There it is and I write it. I have to admit, my finalization process for my stories have been rather relaxed. I don't like to edit, merely because at the point where editing would come into play, I'm tired of the writing process. But I will usually send it to my sister, Dana Doggett, for a beta. Sometimes I've taken stories to others, but since I've been in a writing team with my sis for years ("Fox & Rat" Virtual Series was created by just the two of us), I usually trust her opinions and critics. She's always the first to read anything I've ever written.

What can you tell us about the story picked for the Fanfic of the Month?
("The Life I Always Wanted")

Well, "The Life I Always Wanted" was written for the Bartender Fanfic Challenge and is based off of the song, "Bartender" by Keri Noble. If you've heard the song, it's got this droopy, sad and regretful piano in it that just - for me anyway - expressed the character of Scully and her feelings for her betrayal, not only of John, but of the perfect life she has always wanted that she finally got.

Do you have any tips for beginning Doggett/Scully authors?

Write from the heart. Write without abandon or limitations (and deadlines! LOL). Write what you know and know your limitations as an author. Don't try to out do yourself. Write from your own experiences. Write with mood - whatever that mood will be. But whatever you do, just write and get your voice out there. Ok, so those are really tips for anyone who wants to write, but it works just the same.

What is your favorite Doggett/Scully fanfic (that you did not write)? Why is it your favorite?

"Haunted" by Dana Doggett. Maybe it's my bias, but she made me cry and not just about what happened to Scully, but Doggett remembering back to his time during the war. It was so full of character and heart - so true to who Doggett is. I think this is her masterpiece, despite all the crap she got for writing it and people claiming she hates Mulder because she wrote an alternate storyline that explored a dark side. It's wonderful and I recommend that everyone reads it.

Do you have a favorite fanfic author? If so, who? Why?

Hm. Would it be bad if I said myself. I've stopped reading fanfic really, but I enjoy what I write. I like Dana Doggett's stories and I've read some other good one's, but it was so long ago I can't remember their names.

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