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March 2009


What is your favorite Doggett/Scully fanfic that you've written? Why?

I would have to say, "Love is the Thread of Life". As a post-colonization fic, the characters feel a massive amount of angst, despair, and hopelessness and the main emotion that helps them survive--the thread--is love. I also like "Amun-Ra" as my real-life travel experiences in Egypt helped greatly in the writing. I love how protective and respectful Doggett is toward Scully in this fic. I've always seen Doggett this way and it seemed to come out well in this fic.

Tell us about your writing process. How do you begin? Where do your ideas come from?
How do you come to finalizing your story?

Often my writing process begins in my head right before I fall asleep at night. Instead of worrying about what tomorrow will bring in RL, I have my own story going on in my head and I continue it every night until it is finished (and then I start a new one). So by the time I get to the computer, I have the entire story mapped out and it just flows from my brain to my fingers for the initial draft. Of course, I end up making many changes and writing many drafts, constantly checking for grammar, punctuation, overuse of words, better, more exact adjectives, and canon. I ask myself, would the characters really say/do this? I try very hard to keep the characters true to what Chris Carter created.

I do use the "official" writing process of prewriting, writing, revising, editing, and publishing. I wrote all of my fanfic while I was still married, so my husband at the time was the one whom I bounced many ideas off of and read my drafts. I also had a few online friends in the X-Files community read my drafts and got their opinions. It is always helpful to have a fresh pair of eyes read your work and point out things that you might have missed, having read and re-read it yourself countless times.

Most of the ideas I got came from what I saw lacking in the show, mainly a romance between Doggett and Scully that I so obviously saw on the screen, but that Chris Carter never explored.

What can you tell us about the story picked for the Fanfic of the Month? ("Amun-Ra")

"Amun-Ra" was inspired by my trip to Egypt. I was amazed by the country, how different it was from the U.S., how incredible the pyramids, Sphinx, the Nile, and all the temples were. It is a country that left quite an impression on me. I thought it would be an awesome setting for romance, adventure, angst, and excitement as well as a way for me to write about the RL learnings I acquired during my trip. I used some real names of people I came across and first-hand descriptions of places I've visited. I also mentioned the horrendous way people drive over there--talk about scary!--and the constant tipping that is expected. The fact that the Hatshepsut Temple I walked through and admired was the site of a gruesome terrorist massacre a mere 6 days after my visit, is something I will never forget. That was November of 1997.

Do you have any tips for beginning Doggett/Scully authors?

1. Stay true to the characters.
2. Write, revise, revise, revise, revise..... It takes a LONG time to get to the final draft. And as I look over my fics today (years after I wrote them) I see grammar mistakes I've made or things I could have written better. It helps to have someone read your draft and offer honest opinions.
3. Don't use clichés.
4. Just do it! Maybe you think you don't have the writer in you. Well, you certainly won't if you don't try. And as with most things, the more you practice, the better you get. I've written 28 X-Files fics and I can see the improvement in them over the years. As I write today (not fanfics, but my original romance novel using my own original characters) I see my improvement from my fanfic days. Practice, practice, practice, revise, revise, revise! Good luck, and happy writing!

What is your favorite Doggett/Scully fanfic (that you did not write)? Why is it your favorite?

"C'mere" by Anne Hedonia. Actually all XF fic from Anne. She has a knack for drawing emotions out of a reader, whether it be tears, that heavy feeling on your chest as the emotion overwhelms you, heat, joy, relief, etc. She can make you truly feel with the character.

Do you have a favorite fanfic author? If so, who? Why?

Anne Hedonia. She is an amazing writer! The emotion she evokes from the reader, the style, the canon, the descriptions, voice--all of that makes for excellent story-telling.

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