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Carrie F.
"Dana Scully's Diary"

"The Great Big Feeling"

Celia A Vintes
"Lost At Sea"

Char Priolo


Cheryl de Luca
"You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This"

"Whatever Lies Beyond"

"The Bittersweet Symphony" 1/??
"The Bittersweet Symphony" 2/??

Christy Cale

Cinnamon Scully
"Breakout 1"
"Breakout 2"
"Breakout 3"
"Breakout 4"
"Breakout 5"
"Breakout 6"
"Breakout 7"
"Breakout 8"
"Breakout 9"
"Breakout 10"
"Endings and Beginnings 1"
"Endings and Beginnings 2"
"Endings and Beginnings 3"
"Endings and Beginnings 4"
"Endings and Beginnings 5"
"Endings and Beginnings 6"
"Endings and Beginnings 7"
"Endings and Beginnings 8"
"Endings and Beginnings 9"
"Endings and Beginnings 10"
"Hole In My Soul"

"Follow Your Heart"

"The Bunt"
"Dawg in the Hat"
"Get Ready"
"Impossibilium, too"
"Now That's An Ending I Can Live With"
"The Phone Call"
"The Play at the Plate"

"Three Days"

"Geometry Series: Two Triangles Crossing"
"Geometry Series: Circles Around Your Heart"
"Geometry Series: Out of Square"

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