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Jacquie Sabatier
"Anything You Want Me To"
"The Best Birthday Present of All"
"Confessions of The Heart"
"Destination Unknown"
"Destiny's Choice 1"
"Destiny's Choice 2"
"Destiny's Choice 3"
"Destiny's Choice 4"
"Doing Something Different"
"Happy Endings"
"Good Things Come To Those Who Wait"
"Happily Ever After 1"
"Happily Ever After 2"
"If You Asked Me To"
"Old Age vs. Love"
"Paralyzed With Love"
"Reminisces 1"
"Reminisces 2"
"Reminisces 3"
"Stronger Than Steel"
"Without You"

"Because I Love You"
"How Early"
"In His Honor"
"Something There That Wasn't There Before"
"An Unexpected Gift"

"Forget About Me"
"Significant Yesterday"

"All Things Bright and Beautiful"
"Christmas Wishes"
"A Drive To Remember"
"Follow The Chemtrails!"
"Hello Stranger"
"John and Dana's First Halloween Together"
"Moving On: Part One"
"Moving On: Part Two"
"A Source of Comfort"
"Stay With Me"
"Thank You Coffees"
"Trust Me Dana"
"X-Files: Patience 2"

Jenna Tooms
"Black and White Make Red"
"Black and White Make Red" (Deutsch)
"Cafe Au Lait"
"Cafe Au Lait" (Deutsch)
"Comfort My Love With Apples"
"Draw Down The Moon"
"Enough To Get Us There"
"If I Didn't Have You"
"In The Bleak Midwinter"
"The Lioness"
"No Place To Hide 1 - IV"
"One Hundred Lines"
"One of the Good Guys"
"The Persistence of Memory"
"Something Blue"
"Untitled (How Does It Feel?)"

"Close Your Eyes"
"Damaged Goods"
"Do What You Have To Do"
"Falling From Heaven"
"For You"
"Lost Souls"
"One Moment In Time"
"Remember To Breathe"
"Save Me"
"Still Holding Out For You"
"Storms Never Last"
"Surrender To Me"
"Sweet Sorrow"
"Walking With Angels"

"Computer Worries"

"All In A Day's Work"

Juliette Mada
"All I Can Think About"
"It's Nights Like These"

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