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Lara Doggy
Dans la tête de Georgia

L.M. Lehr

L.M. Shard
"August 12"
"Dead and Buried"
"Dead and Buried" (Deutsch)
"Island Exposure"
"John Doe Revisited"
"Letting Down The Walls"
"Letting Go"
"Love Is The Thread of Life"
"Love On The Run"
"Picking Up The Pieces"
"Raining Sunshine"
"They're Here"
"They're Here 2"
"They're Here 3"
"Through His Eyes"
"The Triangle"
"Yearning For More"

La Gatta Bianca
"Guardian Angel"


"Advice From A Friend"
"First Kisses"
"The Fool"

"One Ring"


"After All"
"Friendly Faces"
"Little Miss Claus"
"A Moments Thinking"


Lisa K.
"Sin Titulo"

Little Albatross
"A 3 A.M. Story"
"advocatus diaboli"
"The Beginning and The End"
"Call Me Dana"
"El Rehén"
"European Voyage 1: Family Importance"
"European Voyage 2: La Vie En Rose"
"European Voyage 3: Rising Tensions"
"European Voyage 4: A Journey's End"
"FBI Cafeteria"
"Freedom of the Heart"
"Getting Back On Track"
"Happy New Year"
"Leyla and The Search For Mulder"
"The Life I Always Wanted"
"Love Is In The Air"
"mea culpa"
"Mirror, Mirror On The Wall"
"Not What It Seems"
"Nothing To Fear"
"Poison Ivy"
"Road Trip"
"Road Trip 2: Colorado Springs"
"Road Trip 3: The Long Walk Home"
"Rollin' With The Punches"
"Stranded I"
"Stranded II"
"Stranded III"
"Take My Breath Away"
"A Tale of Existence"
"That Much, and Nothing More"
"A Trick For Your Bowl of Suckers"
"You Are The Light of My Life"

"Daemonicus - Scully's Thoughts"
"I Want To Believe 1"
"I Want To Believe 2"
"I Want To Believe 3"
"It Started With A Kiss"
"Just Another Case of Heart vs. Head" (part 1)
"Kiss Chase 1"
"Seeing Myself 1"
"Seeing Myself 2"
"A Stolen Kiss 1"
"A Stolen Kiss 2"
"A Stolen Kiss 3"
"A Stolen Kiss 4"
"To Want But Can't Have 1"
"To Want But Can't Have 2"
"To Want But Can't Have 3"

"In One Day"
"The Morning After"

"Let's Go Home"
"You Are My Strength"

"All of These are Nothing"

"They Sure Do Fall Hard"
"Under My Skin"

"Kissing You"
"Though You Hurt Me So"

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