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M. Edison
"Child of My Heart"
"The Comfort of Friends"
"The First of Many"
"Miracle of Mine"
"Safety and Security"
"A Simple Truth"

M. Sebasky
"All Through The Night"

"And The Yankees Win..."

"Alone, Together"
"Start As You Mean To Go On"

Marie Endres
"Ghost of A Chance"

Mary Greten
"House Call"

"... and Hades Laughed..."

Melody Clark
"Barbie At The Bat"
"Cognatus Mons: 1- The Known Effects of Fire on the Eyes"
"Cognatus Mons: 2- Going South" (unfinished)
"Mixed Signals, On The Rocks"
"Real Life"

Michelle Kai
"After Three Months"
"A Call"
"Sharing Losses"

Michelle Meiner
"Happy Girl 1"
"Happy Girl 2"

Michelle Neish
"Kissing Monica"

"Behind the Walls"
"Collisions In Infinite Night"
"Past Lives Wanted"
"Symplegades 1"
"Three Times"

Miss Bit
"Dog Days"

"Dinner... and Some Answers"
"Fifth No More"

Mrs. T. J.
"The Cruise Ship"
"Don't Fight The Future"
"Recreational Vehicle"

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