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"Gambling Man" by Rose Campion
R - Doggett/Krycek - Alex gets lucky.

"Game Night" (frvs) by Dana Doggett
PG13 - Doggett/Scully - It's Doggett's turn to choose a Super Buddies activity and the gang is set for a fun day in the rain and a long sleepover.

"Ganja Island" by KiddGlovz
NC17 - Doggett/Scully - Doggett and Scully are sent to Costa Rica to investigate 3 murders when their plane crashes and they land on a desert island. Doggett and Scully and weed oh my!

"The Geometry Series 1: Two Triangles Crossing" by Csenya
G - Mulder/Krycek, Doggett/Scully implied - He must have missed the memo.

"The Geometry Series 2: Circled Around Your Heart" by Csenya
PG - Mulder/Krycek - Love, love, love.

"The Geometry Series 3: Out of Square" by Csenya
R - Mulder/Krycek, implied Doggett/Scully, implied Mulder/Scully - Secrets.

"Get Ready" by coolbyrne
PG - Doggett/Scully - In a nutshell? Scully meets Doggett's family.

"Getting Back On Track" by Little Albatross
PG - AU, humor, Doggett/Scully, Dogett/Reyes, Mulder/Scully, Follmer/Reyes, post-“The Truth” - After the events of “The Truth”, John Doggett found it fit to marry Monica Reyes because it was the “nice guy” thing to do. Now, the tension is building and things aren’t going as they had planned.

"Ghost of A Chance" by Avalon & Marie Endres
NC17 - Mulder/Scully, Doggett UST - A phone call from his estranged wife forces Agent Doggett to face his demons, dragging Mulder and Scully along into the abyss.

"Ghost on the Danube" by Songbird
PG - Doggett/Scully - A babysitting mission goes off course several times before blossoming into love at first sight

"Girls Night Out" by Kay49x
PG - Scully agrees to a girls night out with Reyes and Harrison…Baaaaad Idea!

"Gift of Life / Gift of Death" by spookycc
PG - Doggett's take on "The Gift".

"Give a Little, Get a Little" by Budgiebird
PG - Scully helps Doggett with some grief.

"Golgotha" by Agent X
PG13 - When a boy is kidnapped is similar circumstances to Doggett's son, finding the man responsible gets personal for Doggett.

"Gone" by Donna Hartnett
PG - Post "The Truth" Doggett POV

"Good Things Come To Those Who Wait" by Jacquie Sabatier
R - Doggett/Scully - A post episode fic for "Release"

"Groping 1" by Drusilla Bell
R - Scully, Doggett - Sexual violence, Angst - Where does "wanting" end and "fulfilling" begin? Dana Scully's about to learn the horrifying answer that will change her life forever.

"Guardian Angel" by La Gatta Bianca
PG13 - Via Negativa – the hospital scene; when Doggett is standing outside Scully's room and quietly observes her. (FPP = First Person Perspective)

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