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"Karmic" by Bobbi
PG - She didn't know if she could break his heart when she knew all too well how it felt to have a broken heart.

"Katfight" by Kabbie
PG13 - I'm sure you can guess.

"Keep Hope Alive" (frvs) by Dana Doggett
NC17 - It’s New Years Day and what exactly is the gang up to after an all-night party? Another Super Buddies adventure, duh!

"Kiss Chase 1" by LiveInTheGreenLight
Unrated - Agent Scully had chased things all her life, but chasing him was the last thing that she planned.

"Kissing Feeling" by Kay49x
Unrated - you know when you've fancied the pants off a guy for ages and that feeling you get inside the first time you kiss…its so good!

"Kissing Monica" by Michelle Neish
G - So why didn’t John kiss Monica

"Kissing You" by Luz
PG - Remember that talk we had a while ago, about a D/R kiss and how would Scully react?, well, i got tired of waiting for someone to write it for me, so i did it.

"Knowing" by Gatorgurl

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