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"Man Alive" by Anne Hedonia
PG13 - He hadn't expected to feel this bad...or this much.

"Man Overboard" by Anne Hedonia
PG - This is a very quickly- conceived-and-written, un-betaed sequel to my fic, "Man Alive". It's my preferred 'Dipper ending for the first scene in "Alone". Or to be more specific, instead of having Agent Harrison walk in after Scully left, I would have rather this happened. Much rather.

"Mary, Mary" by Kip-chan
PG - First kiss! yay! Response to a challenge; un-beta'd, not wise, I know, but bear with me. It begged to be written.

"mea culpa" (frvs) by Little Albatross & Dana Doggett
PG - It is written, so shall it be done...

"Meant To Be" by Dana Doggett
PG - Lying in bed, Scully thinks about her relationship with Doggett.

"Mechanical" by t h r e a d s
PG - Doggett

"Men and Boys" by Katherine Scully
PG13 - Doggett in a bar fight.

"Men On The Verge of a Woman's Nervous Breakdown" - Pearl
PG13 - Mulder's not coming back for Season 9 :( Why not? Maybe because he's a jerk.

"Mere Existence" by spookycc
PG13 - MSR implied, DoggettAngst - Post ep for "Existence" - First-person Doggett POV

"Merry Christmas" - Doggett's Bitch
Unrated - For the purposes of this little Christmas snippet, Mulder is still missing and Wee Willie the evil mobile-turner never happened.

"Minor Variation" by Gina
PG - In the wake of Mulder's funeral, Scully and Doggett come to a tentative understanding.

"Miracle of Mine" by M. Edison
Unrated - Four years after the birth of her daughter, Missy (a Manticore Prototype), Dana Scully-Doggett makes a late night trip to visit her child's bedside.

"Mirror, Mirror On The Wall" by Little Albatross
PG - What if there was a mirror on the wall behind Doggett as he faced Scully in his hospital gown?

"Miss Scully's Boys" by zephiey
NC17 - There is a suggestion of slash in here, if you are not comfortable with this then do not read it.

"Missive" by L.M. Lehr
PG13 - Songfic to "Even When I'm Sleeping" by Leonardo's Bride. No deaths, no heartbreak here. Just plain old fluff. ;-)

"Mixed Signals, On The Rocks" by Melody Clark

"Moments" by Tasha
PG13 - Scully comes to terms with the past.

"A Moments Thinking" by lillebailey
Unrated - A quick look into the thoughts of Doggett.

"Moonshine" by Barbie Abaroa

"The Morning After" by LJP
PG - Post-ep. for The Gift. Doggett and Scully the next morning.

"Mourning" - Tasha
PG13 - The past haunts all those who have survived.

"Moving On: Part One" by Jassyk
"Moving On: Part Two" by Jassyk

"Moving On Up" (frvs) by Dana Doggett
PG13 - There are some big changes in the X-Files office, and Mulder shows Krycek his nuclear bomb shelter. Meanwhile Doggett and Scully investigate false claims of alien activity in a small town and discuss the future of their relationship.

"My Eyes and Ears... My Partner" - spookycc
PG - Scully's take on "Medusa". Sort of a companion piece to "Tunnel Vision", but each work stands on its own.

"My Life Began With You 1: Woman In Love" by XFilerN
PG13 - DSR, hint of MSR - What is love? – A very important question that Scully asks herself.

"My Obligation 1 - Mulder"
"My Obligation 2 - Doggett"
"My Obligation 3 - Scully"

"Mystery Man" - Roxy
PG13 - Scully realises how little she knows about her partner.

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