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"Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart"
PG - Doggett/Scully - Just after Scully and Mulder run away like fugitives, X-Files shut down, Doggett forms a new identity and rides his bike to his cabin far away. We return to him 14 years after…

"Never No More" by Katherine Scully
PG13 - Doggett and Scully trapped, one/both hurt.

"neXt Dimensions" by phileandforget
R - DSR - The various dimensions of Doggett and Reyes are revealed through their unique experiences in the episode "4D."

"Night Terrors" by Kimberly
PG13 - DoggettAngst - An anniversary causes painful memories.

"The Night We Never Met" by Heidi Pataki
PG13 - DSR

"Nine-One-One" by spookycc
PG13 - DSF/DSR - Scully and Doggett's reactions to 9.11.01

"Ningyou" by Barbie Abaroa

"No Armour Against Fate" by Foxhunt2blue
R - DSR - In grief we seek comfort in anyway we can at the moment. This story was originally written for the March 2001 challenge for the Church of X. A Scully/Doggett romance/encounter for "TINH"

"No More A Stranger" by spookycc
PG13 - Scully sees a side of Doggett she's never seen before.

"No Place To Hide 1 - IV" by Jenna Tooms
NC17 - DSR - post-XF, character death (offscreen) - unfinished

"Not Even Underneath A Mistletoe" - Dana Doggett
PG - DSR - The best Christmas presents aren't always the ones that you find wrapped underneath a tree.

"Not So Easy" (frvs) by Dana Doggett
PG - DSR - Scully’s relationship with Doggett is shaken after a shootout during a case in Texas.

"Not What It Seems" (frvs) by Little Albatross
PG - DSR - Scully meets up with her sister, Melissa, only to suspect that Melissa's new boyfriend isn't what he seems to be. Events unfold that have Scully worried for the safety of a young girl.

"Not Worth The Wait" by Agent X
PG13 - post-ep for Existence.

"Not Your Usual Scary Story" by RavishinglyRood
PG13 - Doggett/Scully, casefile - A story set in season eight in which Doggett and Scully investigate horror movie style murders. A little suspense, a few episode references, and a lot of character moments and bad jokes.

"Nothing" by Dana Doggett
PG13 - DSR - “My voice and heart cry out for him. I don’t want to lose the man I love, not again.”

"Nothing New" by Andie Stabler
PG - Doggett - What's our man Doggett thinking after witnessing Scully's breakdown at the end of "Badlaa"?

"Nothing To Fear" (frvs) by Little Albatross
PG - DSR - Scully deals with the aftermath of being at the Facility and decides what she should do now that she has her freedom.

"Now That's An Ending I Can Live With" by coolbyrne
PG - DSR - A moment of wishful thinking on the author’s part, in regards to the series finale.

"NYE" by Barbara Abaroa

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