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PG-13 stands for Parental Guidance-13, with parents strongly cautioned, as some material may not be suitable for children under 13.
Again, it’s a matter of what isn’t in the story; any nudity has to be non-sexual, any swear words have to be used sparingly, and, in the event of the specific obscenity we politely call the F-word, not used in a sexual context.  (You can say “Oh, fuck this!” in a PG-13 story, but not more than once, and never “I’d love to fuck Doggett …”) Violence in PG-13 stories may be intense, but must also be bloodless.

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"7-9-2001" by Eisoj5
PG13 - Doggett/Scully/Mulder friendship - July 9, 2001.

"7 A.M." by Songbird
PG13 - Doggett/Scully - It's time to wake up and make the coffee.

"About Voodoo and Other Possibilities" by Vibienne
PG13 - Doggett/Scully - Takes place in Memphis, TN - Includes the line: “Geez! It’s so big!” - Takes place during a holiday.

"Ad Aeternum" 1 by Azar Suerte
PG13 - Doggett/Scully - Many years after Doggett left the X-Files, an old acquaintance is renewed in a startling way.

"Ad Aeternum: In Veritate" 2 by Azar Suerte
PG13 - Doggett/Scully - Ruth Mulder meets the new man in her mother-in-law's life...and figures out there's more to him than meets the eye.

"Ad Aeternum: Quia Pulvis Es" 3 by Azar Suerte
PG13 - Doggett/Scully - Doggett says goodbye to his oldest friend.

"Ad Aeternum: Filius Patris" 4 by Azar Suerte
PG13 - Doggett/Scully - William keeps a promise to his wife.

"Admonition" (FRVS) - by Cassie
PG13 - Doggett/Scully married, Rohrer/Reyes - Monica and Knowle ask the question no one wants to ask. Meanwhile John and Dana find out that Manner's Bar is still quite the fun billiards hub of D.C.!

"Adrift" by Dana Doggett
PG13 - Doggett/Scully, humor, casefile - Doggett and Scully investigate what could be a haunted yacht.

"Advice From A Friend" by Langleigh
PG13 - Doggett/Scully, Mulder/Scully - Doggett dispenses his fatherly wisdom to the new parents.

"advocatus diaboli" (frvs) by Little Albatross
PG13 - Doggett/Scully - The continuation of "Forcing A Super Buddy".

"Afterwards" by Scully3776
PG13 - Barbara Doggett POV - .... ever wonder about what went through *her* mind when their world fell apart at the seams? ....

"Alone In The World" by spookycc
PG13 - Doggett, Doggett/Scully - Fill-in-the-blanks for "Alone".

"Always" by Christy Cale
PG13 - Doggett/Scully - While on a recent case, Doggett recalls the first time he realizes he loves Scully and comes close to losing her.

"Angels" by Agent X
PG13 - Doggett/Scully - Invocation alternate ending and post-ep

"Anniversary" by Moose
PG13 - Doggett/Scully - A shared moment.

"Ante Meridiam" by Wester Rose
PG13 - Doggett/Scully

"Aphrodisia" by Dana Doggett
PG13 - Doggett/Scully - John and Dana take a well-deserved vacation in Cyprus, and get involved in an investigation that has ties to Greek mythology.

"Are You Sad?" by Tasha
PG13 - Doggett/Scully - The song "Are You Sad?" by the band Our Lady Peace keeps on bringing certain images into my mind when I listen to it, so I decided to write some of these images down. I *love* this song.

"Bardiel" by Drusilla Bell
PG13 - Possession. Temptation. Lust. Distraction. This is what we live by now.

"Beauty of the Rose" by Fire Phile
PG13 - Sometimes, you don't need water to feel seasick.

"Believe In Miracles" by Agent X
PG13 - It really was a gift…

"The Bittersweet Symphony" 1/?? by Christy
PG13 - Mulder returns three years after his "death" to see much has changed.

"The Bittersweet Symphony" 2/?? by Christy
PG13 - Mulder returns three years after his "death" to see much has changed.

"Bliss" by Dana Doggett
PG13 - John Doggett POV - Happiness is everything when you're in love.

"Chance" (frvs) by Dana Doggett
PG13 - Doggett’s plans for the perfect romantic evening are ruined by a type of ex-boyfriend of Scully’s.

"Collisions In Infinite Night" by Mischa
PG13 - Post-'Existence' -- When seconds step out of the clutches of time, consequences rise and meteors fall.

"Computer Worries" by Jewlz!
PG13 - Doggett/Scully Friendship - Doggett is worried.

"Confrontations" (FRVS) by Cassie
PG13 - Doggett/Scully married - After quitting the position of President of the United States, Krycek will try to start anew at the FBI, but first he has to get through an interview with the FBI Director.

"Coward" by Char Priolo
PG13 - How I think Mulder will be writing out of the show for season 9

"The Cruise Ship" by Mrs. T.J.
PG13 - no summary given

"The Darkness of Night" by Dana Doggett
PG13 - The sun has set and Dana musters up the courage to tell John how she feels.

"Did I Imagine This" by William Vanderburg
PG13 - Mulder POV, Doggett/Scully - Mulder realizes Scully is in love with Doggett, possibly for awhile. What's he going to do?

"Dinner... and Some Answers" by Moose
PG13 - Scully finally gives Doggett the answers to some questions, but not the ones he thought he wanted to ask.

"Distracted" by Drusilla Bell
PG13 - Doggett POV, Doggett/Scully - What your distraction? Agent Doggett explains his...

"Dog Days" by Miss Bit
PG13 - Heat can be a powerful catalyst - as Scully discovers at the end of a hot day in July...

"Doggett At The Bat" by spookycc
PG13 - Fill-in-the-blank for "Patience"

"A Drive To Remember" by Jassyk
PG13 - Doggett/Scully

"Empty" by Agent X
PG13 - This Is Not Happening post-ep. In the wake of Mulder's death, both Scully and Doggett confront the losses in their lives.

"Esperarle" by Agent X
PG13 - Pre-XF, Luke Doggett POV - I cried for you that night Daddy… were you crying for me too?

"European Voyage 1: Family Importance" (frvs) by Little Albatross & Dana Doggett
"European Voyage 2: La Vie En Rose" (frvs) by Dana Doggett & Little Albatross
"European Voyage 3: Rising Tensions" (frvs) by Dana Doggett & Little Albatross
"European Voyage 4: A Journey's End" (frvs) by Little Albatross & Dana Doggett
PG13 - The gang goes to England for Brad and Marita's wedding, but they wind up traveling all over Europe together and things don't always go according to plan.

"Everything Will Be Wonderful Someday" by Budgiebird
PG13 - Post ep for This is Not Happening.

"Family Affair" by A. Tearz
PG13 - It was that time again, the annual family New Year’s Eve party…

"Farewell" by XFilerN
PG13 - Doggett/Scully, Mulder/Scully, Friendship, Scully POV - It is time: Scully says goodbye to Doggett, Mulder and the FBI.

"Farewell" Autor - XFilerN
PG13 - DS-UST, MS-UST, Friendship, Scully POV - Es ist soweit – Scully nimmt Abschied von Doggett, Mulder und dem FBI.

"A Father's Confession" by spookycc
PG13 - Postep for "Invocation"

"Fifth No More" by Moose
PG13 - Doggett/Scully (F) - Doggett discloses a piece of his past to Scully.

"Finding Another Way" by spookycc
PG13 - Doggett/Scully - I'm sure there are many stories to be told of the implications of the super soldiers, the contaminated water, and the new crises within the FBI. This ain't one of 'em. ;-p It's a FitB for "NIHTII", first person Scully POV

"Finding Proof" by Dana Doggett
PG13 - Scully finds out that Doggett was the biological father to Emily Simm.

"Finding Purpose" by Kerry Lea
PG13 - Doggett/Scully, Mulder/Scully, Post-Existence, mostly Doggett POV - Doggett and Scully finally let down their barriers for one evening.

"First Kisses" by Langleigh
PG13 - Doggett/Scully - Doggett and Scully share a first kiss

"First Night In A Lifetime" by Dana Doggett
PG13 - Doggett/Scully - Doggett and Scully are cursed while on an undercover assignment on Halloween night.

"Follow Your Heart" by Clare
PG13 - This minific was supposed to be part of a longer one for the SHODDS challenge, I couldn't get my head into that but I liked this part so I decide to amend it.

"Friendly Faces" by lillebailey
PG13 - When an old friend visits Doggett, Scully finds herself more than a little jealous.

"Game Night" (frvs) by Dana Doggett
PG13 - Doggett/Scully - It's Doggett's turn to choose a Super Buddies activity and the gang is set for a fun day in the rain and a long sleepover.

"Golgotha" by Agent X
PG13 - When a boy is kidnapped is similar circumstances to Doggett's son, finding the man responsible gets personal for Doggett.

"Guardian Angel" by La Gatta Bianca
PG13 - Via Negativa – the hospital scene; when Doggett is standing outside Scully's room and quietly observes her. (FPP = First Person Perspective)

"Happily Ever After 1" by Jacquie Sabatier
PG13 - DSR - AU DSR version of " Arcadia ". Mulder and Scully are only partners; established DSR.

"Happy New Year" (frvs) by Dana Doggett & Little Albatross
PG13 - DSF - Mulder and Krycek invite their buddies over to ring in the new year, things don't quite go as planned.

"Her Own Society" by Bluesea
PG13 - Doggett contemplates his "partner."

"Here's To New Beginnings" by Skulz
PG13 - Doggett/Scully - Scully and Doggett are on an airplane.

"His Secret Love" by Skye Kelly
PG13 - Doggett/Marita - Why did Doggett really get involved in all this?

"Hole In My Soul" by Cinnamon Scully
PG13 - DSR - Mulder's dead, and now Scully must find a wayto heal the "Hole In Her Soul".

"Housesitters" (FRVS) by Cassie
PG13 - Doggett/Scully married - The Doggetts take a Spring Break road trip, and trust their house and dog to the care of Mulder and Krycek.

"Hundstage" Autor - Miss Bit
PG13 - DSR, Scully POV - Hitze ist ein guter Katalysator - diese Erfahrung macht auch Scully am Ende eines heißen Tages im Juli...

"If Only" by Gracie
PG13 - Doggett deals with unfamiliar feelings.

"The Immortal" by Whyagain
PG13 - The Immortal will rise and fall as all things come and go, but this time, she left a note.

"In Memoriam" by Rihannsu
PG13 - She thinks about memory as a tidal pool, filled with fantastic life and treacherous waters.

"In One Day" by LJP
PG13 - Sixteen years later...one day could change everything.

"Inner Child" (frvs) by Dana Doggett
PG13 - DSF, DS/UST - Doggett is visiting Scully at her apartment and lets his inner child shine brightly.

"Inside" by Kay49x
PG13 - Doggett gets a surprise visit and Scully can’t control herself as the REAL Doggett starts to get under her skin.

"Interregnum II: Negotiations" by Horatio
PG13 - Doggett and Scully deal with an awkward issue in their partnership.

"Interregnum IV: Obstructions" by Horatio
PG13 - "What does it take for you to trust me?"

"Interregnum V: Connections" by Horatio
PG13 - Scully and Doggett find that a little sun, a little sand, and a little conversation make for a healing prescription.

"Interregnum VI: Disintegration" by Horatio
PG13 - Scully and Doggett walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

"Interregnum VII: Lacerations" by Horatio
PG13 - Scully and Doggett discover that some wounds require more than stitches to heal.

"Interregnum VIII: Confrontations" by Horatio
PG13 - In the Nevada desert, Doggett and Scully deal with hard truths and difficult choices.

"Interregnum IX: Discoveries" by Horatio
PG13 - Scully and Doggett settle in for a long night of surveillance.

"Interregnum X: Encounters" by Horatio
PG13 - Doggett's encounter with an old friend and Scully's with an old enemy produce unexpected results.

"Interregnum XI: Affirmations" by Horatio
PG13 - Three months dead. Six months gone. Was it time? How would she know?

"Interregnum XII: Valediction" by Horatio
PG13 - Scully and Doggett enjoy a quiet dinner, unaware of a shocking discovery awaiting them in North Carolina.

"John Doe Revisited" by L.M. Shard
PG13 - Alternate ending to "John Doe". What if it had been Scully instead of Reyes who had found Doggett in Mexico?

"Juliette" by Jenna
PG13 - Written for the “Heartbreak in 1000 Words” challenge at the Haven

"Just A Chance" - E.V.E.
PG13 - DSR - Kann es sein, dass Doggett von Scully einen Korb bekommt?

"Katfight" by Kabbie
PG13 - I'm sure you can guess.

"Learning to Dance" by Tasha
PG13 - After the events of NIHT, Doggett makes sure everything is alright.

"Letting Down The Walls" by L.M. Shard
PG13 - DSR - Each in their own misery, Scully and Doggett meet by chance.

"A Little Ray of Sunshine" Autor XLouiseX
PG13 - Manchmal gibt es Dinge im Leben, die man nicht ändern kann...

"Loss" by Grace Thompson
PG13 - Doggett, Luke - What happened to Doggett's son? Why does he have a house,yet no wife? How did Doggett and Monica Reyes meet?

"Lost At Sea" by Kogo Shuko
PG13 - Doggett/Scully, casefile - When Doggett and Scully board the Queen Mary to investigate a body found near the ship, things begin to get a bit eery and ghostly.

"Luck Vegas" by RPcrazy
PG13 - DSR - Doggett and Scully follow up an X File in Las Vegas and they both get lucky.

"Lucky Rabbit's Foot" (FRVS, 1/2) by Cassie
PG13 - young Doggett, young Scully - It's 1985 and high school spoiled rich girl, Marita Lynn Covarrubias, is throwing her annual Christmas Eve party.
Part 2 is titled "Jersey #7" and is also archived on this website.

"Lumen Diabolus" - Rubine Goslay
PG13 - DSR - Short bit of sugary sweet DSR fluff. Spoilers for Daemonicus. Here’s my take on what should have happened after Doggett questions Kobold. My first DSR fic.

"The Magic of Christmas" Autor - Isa
PG13 - Er war es stets, der mich dazu anhielt, die Hoffnung nicht aufzugeben. Er war der Lichtstrahl in einer scheinbar undurchdringlichen Finsternis...

"Man Alive" by Anne Hedonia
PG13 - He hadn't expected to feel this bad...or this much.

"Men and Boys" by Katherine Scully
PG13 - Doggett in a bar fight.

"Men On The Verge of a Woman's Nervous Breakdown" - Pearl
PG13 - Mulder's not coming back for Season 9 :( Why not? Maybe because he's a jerk.

"Mere Existence" by spookycc
PG13 - MSR implied, DoggettAngst - Post ep for "Existence" - First-person Doggett POV

"Missive" by L.M. Lehr
PG13 - Songfic to "Even When I'm Sleeping" by Leonardo's Bride. No deaths, no heartbreak here. Just plain old fluff. ;-)

"Mixed Signals, On The Rocks" by Melody Clark

"Moments" by Tasha
PG13 - Scully comes to terms with the past.

"Mourning" - Tasha
PG13 - The past haunts all those who have survived.

"Moving On Up" (frvs) by Dana Doggett
PG13 - There are some big changes in the X-Files office, and Mulder shows Krycek his nuclear bomb shelter. Meanwhile Doggett and Scully investigate false claims of alien activity in a small town and discuss the future of their relationship.

"My Life Began With You 1: Woman In Love" by XFilerN
PG13 - DSR, hint of MSR - What is love? – A very important question that Scully asks herself.

"My Life Began With You" Autor - XFilerN
PG13 - DSR, MSR angehaucht - Voller Erleichterung lehne ich mich gegen die Brust des Mannes, der mich zurück auf den Pfad des Lebens geführt hat, ohne dass er sich dessen bewusst war.

"Mystery Man" - Roxy
PG13 - Scully realises how little she knows about her partner.

"Never No More" by Katherine Scully
PG13 - Doggett and Scully trapped, one/both hurt.

"Night Terrors" by Kimberly
PG13 - DoggettAngst - An anniversary causes painful memories.

"The Night We Never Met" by Heidi Pataki
PG13 - DSR

"Nine-One-One" by spookycc
PG13 - DSF/DSR - Scully and Doggett's reactions to 9.11.01

"No More A Stranger" by spookycc
PG13 - Scully sees a side of Doggett she's never seen before.

"Not Worth The Wait" by Agent X
PG13 - post-ep for Existence.

"Not Your Usual Scary Story" by RavishinglyRood
PG13 - Doggett/Scully, casefile - A story set in season eight in which Doggett and Scully investigate horror movie style murders. A little suspense, a few episode references, and a lot of character moments and bad jokes.

"Nothing" by Dana Doggett
PG13 - DSR - “My voice and heart cry out for him. I don’t want to lose the man I love, not again.”

"One Lost Night" by Dogg'N'Scull
PG13 - When grief is all you have left, sometimes the need to feel is more than you can bear. When one chance is more than you ever expected, sometimes it's better not to take it.

"The Only Lie Worth Telling" by Songbird
PG13 - Doggett/Scully - Skinner takes a drink, and a long hard look.

"The Only Lie Worth Telling" by Sophie Skinner
PG13 - Doggett/Scully, RST - John Doggett goes to visit his ex partner.

"Patch Me Up" by Gina
PG13 - What do you get when you mix together a wounded Doggett, Dr. Scully, nightmares and 3 AM? Read and find out.

"Practice Imperfect" by spookycc
PG13 - Doggett investigates a mob murder in Massachusetts, with the help of a Boston Assistant District Attorney.

"Pulsate 1" by keiko
PG13 - Scully/T-1000, Doggett/Scully - Scully and T-1000 share short time.

"The Quiet Warrior" by spookycc
PG13 - Post-ep for "Badlaa".

"Red" by Gina
PG13 - Doggett loses his temper and Scully's not pleased.

"Remember To Breathe" by Jessica
PG13 - A night in a cottage together..Hmm...:)

"The Residue of Her Betrayal" by Dana Doggett
PG13 - implied DSR, Follmer/Scully - Brad Follmer offers comfort to Dana Scully.

"Ripped Apart" by spookycc
PG13 - Doggett POV, DS - Fill-in-the-blanks for the Jebus slug ep - "Roadrunners".

"Road Trip" (frvs) by Dana Doggett & Little Albatross
"Road Trip 2: Colorado Springs" (frvs) by Dana Doggett & Little Albatross
"Road Trip 3: The Long Walk Home" (frvs) by Dana Doggett & Little Albatross
PG13 - DSF, DS/UST - The gang goes on a road trip in the midwest and face a serious problem...

"Save Me" by Jessica
PG13 - Doggett's past comes back to haunt him and he finally comes face to face with the man that killed his son.

"Say Never" by Sophie Skinner
PG13 - DSR - Dana Scully meets John Doggett in Philadelphia, missing scene from "Never Again", John Doggett with a pocketful of cake.

"Seeing Myself 1" by LiveInTheGreenLight
"Seeing Myself 2" by LiveInTheGreenLight
PG13 - DSR, comedy - When Dana agrees to protect a shape shifter and invites her into her home, she doesn't realize the consequences until its too late...and she's cuffed to her bed.

"Semper Fi" by Anne Hedonia and spookycc
PG13 - DSR - Scully learns something of Doggett’s past. And Doggett learns something of Scully.

"Semper Fi" (frvs) by Dana Doggett
PG13 - DSR - Mulder meets his secret informant and learns vital information about colonization and the chip in Scully's neck.

"Silent Faith" by Philiater
PG13 - DSR - The discovery of unspoken pain and devotion can suddenly make the right choices clear.

"Silent Night" (frvs) by Dana Doggett
PG13 - DSF, DS/UST - It's been nearly ten years since Scully's father has passed away, this Christmas is especially difficult for Scully.

"Silent Promise" (frvs) by Dana Doggett
PG13 - DSR - It’s the Fourth of July and the gang is spending it at John’s cabin. Expect the usual, and expect the unexpected.

"Sleepless In D.C." (frvs) by Dana Doggett
PG13 - DSF, DS/UST - It's very early in the morning on a Saturday and no one can get to sleep.

"So Much For Waking Up Tomorrow" by Dana Doggett
PG13 - DSR - Less than an hour before Scully calls Doggett from the hospital. Response to the 2005 Awareness Month "Via Negativa" ficlet challenge.

"Der Sonne Heller Glanz" Autor - Steffi Raatz
PG13 - ...Tagebucheintrag 2: Ich weiß nicht mehr, wie ich die Waffe gezogen habe, wie alles geschehen ist, doch ich habe schnell genug reagiert, während es mir übel aufstößt, dass Henson nicht einen Schuß auf das Krokodil abgefeuert hat. Ich frage mich, ob er wirklich so langsam war oder ob er wollte, dass John etwas passiert?...

"A Source of Comfort" by Jassyk
PG13 - Doggett/Scully

"Stay" by sophia999x
PG13 - AU, DSR - What happened to AU John Doggett. The most common assumption is that he died when Monica pulled the plug, and yes he did but...

"Storms Never Last" by Jessica
PG13 - A rainy night when memories comes back to haunt and two souls find comfort.

"Summer Vacation" by Sophie Skinner
PG13 - Doggett/Scully - John Doggett, Dana Scully and Walter Skinner travel to Norway.

"Sweet Sorrow" by Jessica
PG13 - Mulder has been found dead and he stays dead ;)...Scully finds comfort in another man's arms.

"A Tale of Existence" by Little Albatross
PG13 - A slightly different take on Essence/Existence in which we find out why Monica Reyes was so irritated with John Doggett.

"That Much, and Nothing More" by Little Albatross
PG13 - Doggett doesn’t know where he is, or how he got there. This is his thoughts on everything that is going on.

"These Walls" by Sophie Skinner
PG13 - Doggett/Scully - Halloween - drabble - Dana Scully stuck in a haunted house with John Doggett

"They're Here 3" by L.M. Shard
PG13 - Mulder leaves Scully hoping to mend his broken heart, but can it be mended?

"Third Eye Blind" by spookycc
PG13 - Fill-in-the-blank for "Via Negativa"

"Tiara 1" by Katherine Scully
PG13 - DSR eventual

"Touched By An Angel" by Agent X
PG13 - angst, DSF, angst, ChristmasFic, angst, LukeFic - On a lonely Christmas Eve, comfort comes from unexpected places

"The Triangle" by L.M. Shard
PG13 - Scully is caught in a love triangle.

"A Trick For Your Bowl of Suckers" by Little Albatross
PG13 - Doggett - pre-XF - Mulder/Krycek friendship - All goes to Hell when Mulder and Krycek are out trick-or-treating and Krycek doesn't get any candy.

"Trouble In Paradise" (FRVS) by Cassie
PG13 - Doggett/Scully - Now that John and Dana are married, is it such a good idea to work together again?

"The Truth Within" (frvs) by Dana Doggett
PG13 - Truths are revealed to Scully that she would have never expected, and Mulder begins to question his marriage to Diana Fowley.

"Undocumented" - Lacadiva
PG13 - DSF - Doggett risks his life to carry precious cargo -- Scully -- across country to Mulder and safety as the alien takeover begins.

"Unrequited" by Gina
PG13 - Doggett figures out the meaning of those funky dreams of his...

"Untitled SoX Round Robin" by The SoXers
PG13 - Doggett/Scully - no summary given

"Untouchable Face" by Rihannsu
PG13 - "She's never let herself regret the strange, fascinating trajectory of her life. But now, now, she's obsessed with the conventional, with what is normal and usual and ordinary."

"Veep" (FRVS) by Cassie
PG13 - Doggett/Scully married - Presidential candidate, Knowle Rohrer, must choose a Vice Presidential running mate.

"Veracity" by Ali
PG13 - Doggett - In the mind of Doggett

"Waking" by Gatorgurl
PG13 - Doggett, Scully and Reyes coming around again.

"What Could I Say To Her" by Gina
PG13 - Doggett's take on Scully's breakdown.

"What The Heart Wants" by Dana Doggett
PG13 - MSR, DSR, dysfunctional DRR, angst - Doggett has to decide between his wife and the woman he never stopped loving.

"When It's Over" - spookycc
PG13 - Scully and Doggett run into trouble in the Pacific Northwest. Told in first-person Scully POV.

"Wine & S'mores" (FRVS) by Cassie
PG13 - Doggett/Scully married - A little female and male bonding for your Saturday night.

"A Winter's Tale" Autor - XFilerN
PG13 - Durch einen Fall in die kanadische Provinz Quebec gelockt, fahren Doggett und Scully geradewegs in ein Abenteuer, das so ganz und gar nicht geplant war.

"Won't Fear Love" by agent myers
PG13 - All the fear has left me now, I'm not frightened anymore.

"#WTF" (FRVS) by Kristi & Cassie
PG13 - Doggett (Doggett/Scully married) - ALEX KRYCEK WINS PRESIDENCY! Well heck, now what?

"The X-Files" (FRVS) by Cassie
PG13 - Doggett, Doggett/Scully married ("off screen") - Mulder introduces the X-Files Division to potential X-Files agents, including the Bureau's new shining star, Special Agent Kyd Miller.

"Yadem" by Songbird
PG13 - Doggett/Scully, DSR - An old enemy returns, threatening Doggett and Scully.

"And The Yankees Win..." by Maidenjedi
PG13 - Remember the NY Yankees cap Mulder was wearing at the end of 'Amor Fati'?

"Yearning For More" by L.M. Shard
PG13 - DSR - As Scully finally realizes what she wants, it might be taken away from her.

"Yellow Balloon" by Zyllah
PG13 - The ashes of the past blow into the present.

"You Are My Strength" by lonegungrrly
PG13 - DSR - “... Because I know what it’s like to lose someone you love. And if there’s a chance of getting that person back... Then that’s worth fighting for.I never had that chance. But maybe you do”

"#YouKnowIt" (FRVS) by Kristi
PG13 - Doggett/Scully married - The events leading to election night 2020. Find out who becomes FRVS's next POTUS!

"Zodiac Redux" by Kimberly
PG13 - When an old case becomes new again, Doggett is called in to help investigate.

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