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"Safety and Security" by M. Edison
Unrated - Dana Scully's got a bad flu, Mom Scully's going out of town, Mulder's MIA - guess who gets the call.

"Save Me" by Jessica
PG13 - Doggett's past comes back to haunt him and he finally comes face to face with the man that killed his son.

"Saved For A Rainy Day" by gorgclaud

"Say Never" by Sophie Skinner
PG13 - DSR - Dana Scully meets John Doggett in Philadelphia, missing scene from "Never Again", John Doggett with a pocketful of cake.

"A Scandal In Absence" by gorglaud

"Scully's 'Alone' Time" (frvs) by Dana Doggett
PG - DSF, DS/UST - What was supposed to be a nice evening alone winds up being much much more...

"Scully's Choice" by Kavendish
PG - DSR - Why in the world would Scully ever choose Doggett over Mulder?

"Scully's Revenge" by RPcrazy
NC17 - DSR - Scully had been mesmerised by Doggett's phone voice, now it's her turn to tantalise. From a WIP called "Viva Lust Vegas"

"Scully's Therapist" by Kay49x
PG - DSR - Scully’s had enough and forces herself to see a therapist…Can this poor woman never escape a weird scenario! A very Sweet realisation of Scullys love For Mr?

"Scully's Therapist 2" by Kay49x
PG - DSR - After her weird but eye opening encounter at her‘ Therapy ‘ session scully heads of to New York to find Doggett I advise you read ‘Scullys Therapist’ first please!

"The Second Friday" (frvs) by Dana Doggett
R - DSR - John Doggett has friends over to watch the opening ceremony of the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics. But... there are suspicious happenings that no one is aware of. Will Monica’s gift kick in on time to save the day?

"Seconds" by t h r e a d s
Unrated - DS/UST

"Secrets" - Stephanie
PG - Timeline- This takes place in the middle of season 9, Mulder is still gone, and Scully still has William. The Chronology of this story jumps around a bit. Chapter 1 takes place in the middle of the actual timeline of events, I think you will catch on.

"Seeing Myself 1" by LiveInTheGreenLight
"Seeing Myself 2" by LiveInTheGreenLight
PG13 - DSR, comedy - When Dana agrees to protect a shape shifter and invites her into her home, she doesn't realize the consequences until its too late...and she's cuffed to her bed.

"Selfless, Cold and Composed" by Roxy
R - Doggett, Scully, Krycek - Doggett turns to unofficial channels to help Scully find her kidnapped son.

"Semper Fi" by Anne Hedonia and spookycc
PG13 - DSR - Scully learns something of Doggett’s past. And Doggett learns something of Scully.

"Semper Fi" (frvs) by Dana Doggett
PG13 - DSR - Mulder meets his secret informant and learns vital information about colonization and the chip in Scully's neck.

"A Sense of..." Series by Diandra Hollman
NC17 - Pretend that nothing beyond DeadAlive ever happened. Now take the scene in Three Words where Absalom kidnaps Doggett and remove Absalom and any established plot of the episode (pretend this was the opening scene). This is my take on what would have happened if it had been someone other than Absalom holding the gun...someone with a very different agenda.

"A Sense of Security"
"A Sense of Dignity"
"A Sense of Fear"
"A Sense of Justice"

"Shades of Grey" by Andie Stabler
PG - Doggett - A chance to get inside our man's head.

"Shadow Wife" by Rachel Anton
NC17 - Doggett/Marita - Does anybody have fun on New Year's Eve?

"Sharing Losses" - Michelle Kai
Unrated - DSF, mid-ep Empedocles

"She's My Partner" - Izhilzha
PG - In This Is Not Happening, Scully and Doggett's search comes to an end. Can Doggett do anything to hold his partner together in this tragedy?

"She Will Be Loved" by Kay49X
Unrated - DSR - This song by maroon 5 is beautiful…the words tell a story of a broken woman who is loved in secret. It does remind me of the Scully/ Doggett scenario. I was moved when I wrote this…if you like reading fic where you fall in love with Doggett all over again then I suggest you read this.

"She Will Be Loved 2" by Kay49x
Unrated - DSR - She didn’t speak, she didn’t smile she just fell into his arms like an angel from the sky…what was it that made him stay?

"SHODDS Unfinished Round Robin" by The SHODDS Writers
PG - DSR - Scully receives a mysterious letter from Mulder and is kidnapped. Now John Doggett must find her. Will Scully’s love for John diminish now that Mulder has returned?

"Sick Girl, Bad Boy" by Kimberly
PG - Scully gets sick and reveals her boyfriend.

"Significant Yesterday" by Janna

"Silent Faith" by Philiater
PG13 - DSR - The discovery of unspoken pain and devotion can suddenly make the right choices clear.

"Silent Journey" by Philiater
R - DSR - Can love survive what isn't said?

"Silent Night" (frvs) by Dana Doggett
PG13 - DSF, DS/UST - It's been nearly ten years since Scully's father has passed away, this Christmas is especially difficult for Scully.

"Silent Promise" (frvs) by Dana Doggett
PG13 - DSR - It’s the Fourth of July and the gang is spending it at John’s cabin. Expect the usual, and expect the unexpected.

"A Simple Truth" by M. Edison
PG - In their dreams, John and Dana deal with the demons they believe are keeping them apart in reality.

"Sin Titulo" by Lisa K.
R - DSR - Doggett thinks he should have made that left turn at Albuquerque.

"Skin'N'Bones" by Dogg'N'Scull
PG - Scully and Doggett investigate a case of unexplained death with bizarre results.

"Sleepless In D.C." (frvs) by Dana Doggett
PG13 - DSF, DS/UST - It's very early in the morning on a Saturday and no one can get to sleep.

"Slice of Misery" by Beautiful Cynic
PG - Six months after the events in "Follow Through".

"Slippery Slopes" by Sophie Skinner

"Small Talk" by Andra Marie Mueller
Unrated - Doggett - Takes place after the events of "Existence"

"Snowball In Hell" by David Hearne
R - post-ep for "Roadrunners".

"So Much For Waking Up Tomorrow" by Dana Doggett
PG13 - DSR - Less than an hour before Scully calls Doggett from the hospital. Response to the 2005 Awareness Month "Via Negativa" ficlet challenge.

"Some Books About Crooks" by Sabine

"Something Blue" by Jenna Tooms
NC17 - DSR - Happiness is a choice.

"Something In The Air" by RPcrazy
NC17 - DSR - Scully and Doggett have an X file case that takes them to Washington to investigate the mysterious thefts from the Hilton Hotel. They must work undercover as a couple on a 'dirty weekend' together so as not to bring attention to their FBI presence. Of course they get up to a lot of shenanigans along the way.

"Something Like Shrapnel" by Anne Hedonia
NC17 - DSR - Sequel to Dace Liepins' "Comfort During Wartime", wherein the phenomenon from that fic continues, and Doggett flails for sanity. Should you read that fic first? Yeah, probably - just to reacquaint yourself with the hows and whats and whens. Where can I read that fic, you say? Why, here!

"Something Missing" by Sharon Rogers
PG - Doggett wonders why Scully is suddenly interested in his personal life.

"Something Rational" by agent myers
R - Though Dana Scully seemed calm on the outside, I knew there was a storm raging inside her. Of all the things she's seen and done, all the things she's endured with Mulder, and now to face life without him...I knew it was chaos in there. I just wanted to ease that pain for her...to calm the storm.

"Something There That Wasn't There Before" - Jamma
PG - DSR, "Without" ficlet - POV of another agent during the snuggly scene.

"Sorrow" by Jessica

"A Source of Comfort" by Jassyk
PG13 - Doggett/Scully

"Souvenirs of a Day Gone By" by Paige Caldwell
NC17 - DSR - "In a world where only serial numbers distinguish life from death, John Doggett has become my one in five billion...."

"The Space Between Us" by spookycc
PG - PWP w/o sex

"Spanish Guitar" by Barbie Abaroa

"Square One" by aRcaDIaNFall$
PG - DSF, implied MSR - Scully gets some advice.

"Standing Apart" by Agent X
G - Doggett Angst - Doggett wonders why Scully won't talk to him

"Start As You Mean To Go On" - Mare
PG - "This man has already lost most of what's important to him and I'm about to take away what's left, so I have to be strong, even if I don't feel that way."

"Stay" by sophia999x
PG13 - AU, DSR - What happened to AU John Doggett. The most common assumption is that he died when Monica pulled the plug, and yes he did but...

"Stay With Me" by Jassyk
Unrated - After Mulder is fired from the FBI, Doggett is left alone to run the office as Scully is on maternity leave. But just as he was on his way out of the office one evening, Doggett collapsed and suffers a heart attack. He is taken to hospital by Agent Harrison, and Scully, AD Skinner, the Lone Gunmen, Reyes and a reluctant Mulder all pay him a visit. As Doggett’s life is hanging in the thread, what will Kersh do with the empty X Files unit? 

"Steam" by Kabochon
NC17 - DSR - Reaffirmation. Sequel to Anne Hedonia's "Fire From Ice."

"Still Holding Out For You" by Jessica
PG - A story about what might have happened during those months Mulder was away.

"A Stolen Kiss 1" by LiveInTheLight
"A Stolen Kiss 2" by LiveInTheLight
"A Stolen Kiss 3" by LiveInTheLight
"A Stolen Kiss 4" by LiveInTheLight

"Stone" by Agent X
Unrated - Doggett speaks to his son. Scully learns something about her partner.

"Storms Never Last" by Jessica
PG13 - A rainy night when memories comes back to haunt and two souls find comfort.

"Stranded I" (frvs) by Little Albatross
"Stranded II" (frvs) by Little Albatross
"Stranded III" (frvs) by Little Albatross
PG - DSF, DS/UST - Brad has just received his pilot's license and flies the gang to a warm climate get away.

"Strangers In The Night" by Agent X
Unrated - AU, A, Pre-XF - A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Doggett meets someone in New York

"Stronger Than Steel" - Jacquie Sabatier
Unrated - A post episode fic for season 8 episode “Salvage”

"Summer Vacation" by Sophie Skinner
PG13 - Doggett/Scully - John Doggett, Dana Scully and Walter Skinner travel to Norway.

"Super Buddies Without A Cause" (frvs) by Dana Doggett
PG - Betrayal, secrets and lies have all lead up to this.

"Surface Tension" by Songbird
PG - Doggett/Scully Friendship - Life looks different when you stare through bubbles, and communication can sometimes work better through a closed door.

"Surrender To Me" by Jessica
PG - Doggett is badly hurt in a car crash and faces death.

"Surrendering to Temptation 1/2" by Diandra Hollman
NC17 - Mulder/Doggett romance, Mulder/Scully UST, Scully/Doggett UST - "Finally, I reached the door to his bedroom. I froze, my breath catching in my throat, as I took in the scene before me. Mulder was lying in his bed; he was not asleep, he was not hurt and he was not alone...."

"Surrendering to Temptation 2/2" by Diandra Hollman
NC17 - Mulder/Scully/Doggett romance, SLASH - "I keep telling you, Scully, you have to be more open to extreme possibilities."

"Surrendering to Temptation II" by Diandra Hollman
NC17 - MSR, DSR, Mulder/Scully/Doggett romance, Slash, SMUT - Doggett, Scully and a bed. Mulder, Doggett and a shower. Mulder, Scully and some ice cream. What do you get when you put all of this together? A really demented romance? Yeah, probably... ;) Continuation of Surrendering to Temptation. Mulder, Scully and Doggett explore their relationship together. No real plot. Just pure, smutty, fluff. ;)

"Survival Lessons" by Gina
PG - What does Doggett think about his sudden pairing with the enigmatic Dr. Scully?

"Suspension" by Mrs. T.J.
NC17 - DSR - Doggett puts Scully ahead of FBI protocol and gets in trouble for it.

"Sweet Sorrow" by Jessica
PG13 - Mulder has been found dead and he stays dead ;)...Scully finds comfort in another man's arms.

"Symplegades 1" by Mischa
PG - DSR, mytharc - A conspiracy, a static partnership, an uneasy alliance and a mystery that will have Doggett questioning all he knows.

"Syncretism" by Tautology
R - Sent to a remote area of Louisiana to investigate a series of purportedly voodoo-related deaths, Scully and Doggett find themselves up to their eyeballs in mud, alligators, zombies, Godzilla mosquitoes, and Voodooiennes on drugs. They now must escape with both partnership and sanity intact, but they just might learn a few things about each other along the way.

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