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"Unattainable" by Gina
PG - Why is Doggett so forlorn at the end of this ep?

"Under My Gaze" - Sara
PG - Doggett closely watches his new partner.

"Under My Skin" by luvinx

"Under The Stars" by rainbow
Unrated - Dana finally admits her true feelings to herself, but is she falling for an illusion?

"Undocumented" - Lacadiva
PG13 - DSF - Doggett risks his life to carry precious cargo -- Scully -- across country to Mulder and safety as the alien takeover begins.

"An Unexpected Gift" - Jamma
PG - "I never imagined things to be this way..."

"Uninhibited" by L.M. Shard
NC17 - In need of some cheering up, Reyes takes Scully to a bar for a girls' night out. When Doggett joins them things really heat up.

"Unrequited" by Gina
PG13 - Doggett figures out the meaning of those funky dreams of his...

"Unrequited" / "Uninvited" by Azar Suerte
Unrated - Doggett thinks about how Scully and the search for Mulder have already changed his life forever.

"Unrequited Love" by dream1n9big
Unrated - Post-Roadrunners, Doggett learns of Scully's secret the hard way.

"Untitled" by Jacquie Sabatier
PG - Doggett/Scully relationship - Scully gets Doggett to do something he's never done before.

"Untitled (How Does It Feel?)" by Jenna
NC17 - Doggett/Scully/Skinner

"Untitled SoX Round Robin" by The SoXers
PG13 - Doggett/Scully - no summary given

"Untouchable Face" by Rihannsu
PG13 - "She's never let herself regret the strange, fascinating trajectory of her life. But now, now, she's obsessed with the conventional, with what is normal and usual and ordinary."

"Useless Creatures" by Philiater
NC17 - Can one bodily invasion heal another?

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