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"Yadem" by Songbird
PG13 - Doggett/Scully, DSR - An old enemy returns, threatening Doggett and Scully.

"And The Yankees Win..." by Maidenjedi
PG13 - Remember the NY Yankees cap Mulder was wearing at the end of 'Amor Fati'?

"Yearning For More" by L.M. Shard
PG13 - DSR - As Scully finally realizes what she wants, it might be taken away from her.

"Yellow Balloon" by Zyllah
PG13 - The ashes of the past blow into the present.

"Yes!" by Jacquie Sabatier
R - DSR - Scully surprises Doggett by coming back from a trip early…but Doggett has a surprise of his own.

"You Are My Strength" by lonegungrrly
PG13 - DSR - “... Because I know what it’s like to lose someone you love. And if there’s a chance of getting that person back... Then that’s worth fighting for.I never had that chance. But maybe you do”

"You Are The Light of My Life" by Little Albatross
G - DSR - Scully misses Doggett... he has a suprise waiting for her...

"#YouKnowIt" (FRVS) by Kristi
PG13 - Doggett/Scully married - The events leading to election night 2020. Find out who becomes FRVS's next POTUS!

"You're Not Mulder" by Angel2008-2009
Unrated - DS - incomplete story

"You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This" by Cheryl de Luca
R - DSR - This is Pt. 3 in a series, Pt. 1 is entitled; Shades of Similarity, Part 2 has yet to be written (actually it's in the proccess of being written) The DSR story wheel is a group of writers who have decided to get together and write a story based of the words in a song - the only necessity being that you have at least one line from the song in the story. Below is the song sent to me by Azar, another DSR story wheel member.

"Your Wish is My Command" by Budgiebird
PG - DSR - “They had been lovers once, but now she didn’t feel the same way. It had been almost a year since his abduction. She met someone new, and she fell for him.”

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