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I was foolish. I'll admit that. Back when season eight began I was adamant about hating Doggett that I didn't give him a chance. I stopped watching the show until Mulder returned, and when he did I was too blinded by my love for Mulder and Mulder/Scully that I still hated Doggett. Recently I actually decided that since X-Files is coming back that maybe I should give seasons eight and nine another shot. I sat down disgusted with myself for making myself endure the Doggett episodes that didn't have Mulder in them. Maybe I've grown up, maybe my tastes have changed over the years, but I found myself really liking Doggett for who he is, and what he brought to the final seasons of the show. I actually really enjoyed him and Scully as a team. Back then I thought fans who shipped Doggett and Scully together were lunatics who didn't understand what the show was about, but now I think I can safely say that I call myself both a MSR shipper, and a DSR shipper. Both ships are distinctly different from each other, both have negatives, and both have positives. Though MSR will always be my "end all" favorite ship, the DSR challenges it. I kind of wish that Chris Carter had done something between Doggett and Scully in seasons eight and nine, just so that I could see how a romance might have played out between them. I'm so thankful for this website because I can get that romantic Doggett/Scully fix through fanfic! Props to Robert Patrick for putting up with ignorant fans, such as myself, back in the day. I apologize for any stupid things I may have said about you and your character. John Doggett is one of my top three favorite characters on the show. And to think that if we weren't getting the new episodes, I might never have come to this newfound love for John Doggett and some of that Doggett/Scully ship goodness!




I've been binge watching the X-Files on Netflix. When I got to season 8, I thought it would be tough to replace Mulder as one of the lead characters. John Doggett fit the bill. Hats off to Robert Patrick for his portrayal.


I started out as a (yep, I'm going to admit this) super duper uber fan of the Mulder/Scully relationship. I thought that was the best thing that could possibly happen, a romance between Mulder and Scully. Then Mulder was abducted and John Doggett was introduced. Yes, at first Scully resisted him, tried to hate him (as many fans did back then), but as I sat there in front of my TV, missing Mulder, and wanting anything for him to be back for Scully. I found myself hoping to see Doggett take on the role of comforter and protector of Scully in Mulder's absence, and that he did! It became clear to me that Doggett had fallen in love with Scully, and while that was happening to him, I realized that I had been falling in love with the idea of Doggett/Scully. I thought 'shipping them would be temporary, and that when Mulder returned all my feelings for Doggett/Scully would go away. That did not happen. Mulder returned and I found myself even more in love with the idea of Doggett and Scully falling in love with each other. I stopped 'shipping Mulder/Scully and haven't looked back or regretted the day that my love for Mulder/Scully ended. I am a Doggett/Scully 'shipper for life now, and pretty damn proud of it!


I started out as a (yep, I'm going to admit this) super duper uber fan of the Mulder/Scully relationship. I thought that was the best thing that could possibly happen, a romance between Mulder and Scully. Then Mulder was abducted and John Doggett was introduced. Yes, at first Scully resisted him, tried to hate him (as many fans did back then), but as I sat there in front of my TV, missing Mulder, and wanting anything for him to be back for Scully. I found myself hoping to see Doggett take on the role of comforter and protector of Scully in Mulder's absence, and that he did! It became clear to me that Doggett had fallen in love with Scully, and while that was happening to him, I realized that I had been falling in love with the idea of Doggett/Scully. I thought 'shipping them would be temporary, and that when Mulder returned all my feelings for Doggett/Scully would go away. That did not happen. Mulder returned and I found myself even more in love with the idea of Doggett and Scully falling in love with each other. I stopped 'shipping Mulder/Scully and haven't looked back or regretted the day that my love for Mulder/Scully ended. I am a Doggett/Scully 'shipper for life now, and pretty damn proud of it!


I got into the X Files about a year ago and fell in love with Doggett. He was what was missing from the series that wasn't provided by Mulder and Scully. He brought a rough and tough edge to the series that wasn't there with the previous main leads. I liked Mulder/Scully as a pairing, but all that went away when I saw Doggett and Scully working together. They compliment each other perfectly. Thank God for DSR fanfic to cover what the series did not! Thank you so much for having a site dedicated to Doggett and the DSR! It's a gem in the X Files community.


Really, I loved him the second I saw him sitting innocuously in the background of his first scene. The deal was absolutely sealed in 'Without', when he goes to Scully as she cries on the floor, and he holds her, even though she's treated him like crap since the moment they met. He was the type of good, honourable person who could set everything else aside and respond to the needs of a fellow human being without prejudice or complication. He was moral and noble without being self-righteous, he was a skeptic without being ignorant or stupid, and he was a strong, extremely masculine man, without being macho or mysogynistic. Not to mention the fact that he's absolutely drop-dead sexy. Essentially, he's the perfect man.

Allie H.

I never thought I would even like Doggett, to be honest. I was always a huge fan of the MSR and Mulder in general, but Doggett turned out to be more than just the gruff-looking ex-marine glaring at me from the season 7-9 DVD boxes, haha. I thought he'd be a drag, a bore, or make me miss Mulder, but he proved to be wittier and more caring than Fox ever was. I appreciate him for his balance of character, a rare quality it seems. He's sensitive and sometimes emotional, but he has a hardened and almost fearless side brought out when the life of someone he cares for is at stake [usually Dana]. He's no-nonsense, somewhat skeptic; he's rather witty in a laugh-out-loud sense, even communicating with a computer in a hospital bed, and he chooses to respect everyone's opinions including his own. He never changes who he is to fit anyone's bill. He learns to accept theories that Dana does not just because, oh it's Dana, the one he loves - if he accepts a wild supernatural idea there's valid reason behind it. He has a mind of his own, and appreciates it in others as well; a part of that caring side of him. That's why though he can't understand Dana's occasional believer attitudes, he inevitably accepts it as apart of who she is, questions it, but like any decent person, knows that everyone has their own opinion.

And my opinion, re: Doggett and Scully? It was the quickest and most real TV relationship to grow on me. It was simple and slow and nothing much happened, but there was no need for anything physical or anything beyond unspoken exchanges between him and Scully to prove to me that there was potential there, and that it was a lot more natural, realistic, and at the same time just as interesting as a wacky opposites-attract relationship such as MSR. Doggett's .... awesomeness, I just have to say, was so open and obvious that I soon began to wonder what I saw in MSR and even Mulder himself, especially when he returned to the show. Doggett proved to be a fantastic man/character, and showed what a truly selfish, childish person Mulder was. Scully fell into step with Mulder's unhealthy attitudes and lifestyles, and I only wish TPTB could have seen how much more of Dana's amazing intelligence, power, and individualism could have been beautifully showcased if she and Doggett were given a chance. I feel like hers and Doggett's characters could have flourished if they interacted more.

Overall... just one of the most exciting, heartwarming and heartstring-tugging relationships I've seen on TV. A could-have-been that should-have-been. DSR was going in a profound direction in the series, for both characters, but upon Mulder's return, Scully lost much trust in Doggett soon and she distanced herself from him. Wasted potential on the part of the writers. It was a heartbreaking build up and tear down of what would-have-been a fun relationship to see pan out.

And to end on a note that's even more like the fangirl I am, the two just look beautiful together, you have to agree...

Dana Doggett

I like the Doggett/Scully relationship because of the potential that it had that was unexplored on "The X-Files" series. Through season 8 and season 9 TPTB showed us enough little moments (and sometimes not so little moments) between Doggett and Scully that told me that *if* Mulder had never returned and the show had continued they would have developed a relationship between Doggett and Scully. Doggett treats Scully so well, and with respect. He's loyal to her, faithful, trustworthy, and he loves her. By the end of season 9 we even get hints that Scully cares very deeply for Doggett too, if not that then she too has fallen in love with him. I love the DSR because it was intended, but was left nearly unexplored. My favorite XF fanfic to read is Doggett/Scully (DSR) fanfic because the DSR authors I have read have written the characters and their interactions/relationship true to how it was presented on "The X-Files" series. Doggett/Scully is all about potential, the subtle moments and the never ending possibilities between the two characters.

I love the John Doggett character because he came into "The X-Files" in a time when the show was losing its spark. He brought life back to "The X-Files" and made it interesting to watch again. By the end of season seven I was bored of Mulder and Scully. John Doggett came on the scene and suddenly I reinvested my interest in the show. I cared about "The X-Files" again. Here was this guy, who was set up to fail by Kersh, and despite that he approached every case with a determination and a seriousness, that really appealed to me, he got the job done. Even though the X-files assignment wasn't one of his career goals, he got up and went to work every day, gradually opening his eyes and his mind to extreme possibilities. He was sexy in an unconventional way. I was first attracted to his dedicated and loyal personality, and from there came the physical attraction. Even though he came off as a stubborn former New York City police officer, he showed us that he wore his heart on his sleeve. The circumstances that he found Scully in effected him deeply (due to the loss in his own life), and allowed him to fall in love with Scully even though he knows that her heart is already taken by another. He's not perfect, he has his flaws. His life is full of angst, yet he overcomes his adversity and lives life. I admire that in him. John Doggett will always be my favorite character of "The X-Files" series. Thank you, Robert Patrick, for playing him perfectly.

Little Albatross

I first liked the Doggett/Scully relationship when "Without" first aired. I thought Doggett was full of respect, despite how Scully had treated him earlier. I like them together because he's a good man, and Scully deserves a good man. It's too bad they didn't actually get together on the show, that would've brought so many more layers to their characters. I really enjoy the possibility of what could've been with these two.

John Doggett was such a strong character for "The X-Files". He was a breath of fresh air, which was desperately needed by the time the series hit its eighth season. Honestly, he's the reason I continued to watch the show. He is full of heart, has true emotions, and (other than Skinner) is one of the manly men of the series.


Oh, my, goodness. I don't even know where to begin! Our manly man is so much more than Mulder. First of all, he's not obsessed with finding his sister and it doesn't seem like he's in denial about his feelings for Scully. We see the want oozing out of him evry episode, every minute. Oh. And did I mention those eyes? *swoon*

Doggett's so much more than Mulder. He's patient, kind, adorable, attractive, loving, determined...the list goes on and on. Scully needs someone who can be there for her - only her. Not his sister. Not the truth. Not conspiracies. Doggett can give Scully the world. She deserves it all and he can give it to her. Now, we just sit back and let CC do his job. Hopefully he'll do it right.


Well, for one thing, they look damned cute together... the idea of blue eyes being the thing they share kind of appeals to me, considering I myself have blue eyes. ;-) Also, it seems to me that here is the kind of man she's been looking for, a nice guy with a full head of hair and not that many emotional hangups or dirty secrets (this is what I choose to believe), and a big house, too.


What's not to love??? He's an emotionally mature, stable man (which, as much as I love him, Mulder just *isn't*--he's still twelve), a gentleman, respectful, and *SO* obviously head over heels for her. And Scully's a strong, independent, emotionally mature (though not quite as stable as she used to be, due to excessive ScullyTorture :-/) woman who deserves to be with someone who won't be in a constant state of need. :-) Doggett and Scully have *much* more give and take, much more equality in their relationship, if for no other reason than Doggett doesn't always have to be right, like Mulder did. And they have enough common ground to make the relationship last. To quote something I posted to another list: "Opposites may attract, but commonalities last." If XF had started off with all four of the "current" agents, Scully and Doggett would've been the popular pair from the start, and I think Mulder would've gotten matched with Reyes. :-)


Where do we start?!! Look at Doggett. Manly, intense, steely, that voice, those eyes.... I could go on forever. He's adorable, a gentle man, yet will get passionate for certain causes. But he won't let these quests take over his life, unlike a certain other missing FBI agent!! And it's about time our favourite female agent had a REAL man in her life, not someone who has the emotional maturity of a goldfish! Mulder has too much emotional baggage. It's time for Scully to open her eyes. And as a bonus, Bill Jr will love Doggett!!! And when they are on screen together....BOY!! Come and feel that tension they got going between them. They work well together. And look great! Damn cute!!!!


Why do people love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? Because they just belong together!! Seriously, I was a Shipper for a long time, mostly because I'm a hopeless romantic. But there were doubts. I mean, Scully was meant to believe *all* of Mulder's theories or face all Mulder's paranoid accusations, but whenever Scully suggested one particularly of a religious bent, Mulder practically laughed at her! And he kept ditching her. Constantly. And the whole Diana Fowley thing... But still, I held out. Then I saw John Doggett, and all shippiness was lost. He's a manly man, does manly things like drive a pick up truck. He's got those gorgeous, piercing blue eyes. He hasn't alienated the entire world as evidenced by the fact that he has friends. He's never ditched Scully, ever. He didn't let the tragic death of his son take over his life, unlike Mulder's obsession with Samantha. He gave Scully a Get Well Soon card after she threw water at him, and she got him a desk. There's an undeniable chemistry between Doggett and Scully that's been there from the start. There's a underlying respect that I never sensed was there with Mulder for Scully. And did I mention Doggett's eyes? :-)


I love his compassion and concern for her and although she at times can be such a b*tch toward him, she is being more accepting and trusting toward him and that there is a a growing friendship. Last but not least he is damn hot!

I love Doggett. I liked him the moment I saw him. I like his ethics, his honesty, his determination and his soft side.


Uhm, I've always loved Scully and now I do love Doggett too, because he's a really good Agent, a mature man, he's sexy and so much more than Mulder would ever be. They both are look so damned cute together and they are a really good team. LJP has made me to a Dipper, since I've read her great story 'In One Day'. :)) Thank's, honey!


Where do I begin? Everyone else here has said it so well already! I've always admired Scully's intelligence, strength and integrity (much as she's been something of a mess this season, which I'll just chalk up to hormones and undue stress). I didn't have great expectations when I heard that CC was bringing in a new character, but I was rapidly won over by Doggett's INTENSITY, kindness, and as I've heard someone else describe him, "uprightness of character". Not to mention the fact that he's just, well, HOT. Mulder seems to pale so in comparison (by about the third ep of the season I was saying "Mulder? Mulder who?").


Cos she needs a real man and JD is all that and a bowl of cheese grits. He's from Marietta, Georgia...right up the road from me. Damn!


Doggett respects her as an agent, as a partner and as a "serious person." He sincerely cares for her, and would never ditch her. He is more concerned for her than he is for himself. He'd die for her without a second thought. She needs someone like this--someone who is stable and caring.

Federal Dust

I love Scully because she's one *seriously* righteous sister. I love Doggett because he's got integrity. I love them *together* because they are equally lonely, stubborn, brilliant, and charismatic.


What's not to love? I adore the way Doggett adores Scully. His protectiveness, his respect, his quiet (and sometimes not so quiet :) strength. The unspoken assurance that he'll do anything for Scully, anytime, anyplace.


The idea of a love affair began in 'Roadrunners'. When he carried her off, I knew I was lost to the Scully/Doggett dynamic. Heh? Mulder? Who needs 'em.


Scully reeeeeeally needs a man and a father for that thing in her stomach and Doggett's such a hunk of man that I just can't take it. They belong to each other. It's as simple as that.


Because Doggett is manly and protective and *so* HOT, and Scully needs a *man*. They have matchbox chemistry. Put 'em together, add a little friction, watch the sparks fly.


Well, I don't think I have enough room here for everything so I'll start with the basics. I love the chemistry the two of them have, even when they pretend to hate each other. I love the looks they give each other and I love the way Doggett always looks out for Scully even if it means putting his own ass on the line - "I never saw it as an option". Oh, I could write a novel about this, but that's enough for now


because they truly are meant for each other, and the dynamic between their characters is so great!


I love Scully because she is Saint Scully the Enigmatic, because she tells Mulder whenever he screws up again, and because there would most likely be no X-Files without her. I love Doggett because he is manly and non-neurotic (unlike some other FBI agent I've heard of), because he is polite, noble, honest, conscientious, reliable, and almost disturbingly good looking in a suit, a shirt, jeans, kevlar, naked covered in slime, and as Kabbie put it, "in a burlap sack". I love Doggett because he is The One And Only for Scully. Did I mention his eyes? *thud*


Because Doggett's a wonderful *man* (and a studmuffin) and Scully would be totally insane not to fall, and we know she's a smart girl

Darth Medie

Cause they're a couple that I could see in RL. The kind that'd live next door. The couple that everybody envies cause they've got it all together and treasure the fact they do.


I love me some Doggett because he's an honest, straight shootin' gentleman. Well, that's the official reason. Unofficially, I love me some Doggett because a) in a plain white T-shirt he's walking erotica, b) two words: that accent and c) he's a manly man's man who's just begging someone to show him the wanton ways of women. I love me some Scully because she don't take no shit from nobody. Well, okay, she does. All the time. From everyone. But she has nice hair. And I love me some Doggett & Scully because that Mulder's a real punk-ass and he knows Doggett could whup his ass, so he might as well go home with his tail between his legs and watch some porn and leave Doggett and Scully to the luvin'.

Anne Hedonia

Let's see, how do I put it? Because, of all the strong, wonderful, extraordinary things Doggett is, he nonetheless puts himself entirely at the disposal of the woman he loves. He lets her be in charge - partly because he wants whatever would make her happy, but also because he loves watching her bloom. He'd never try to stamp her down to keep her from eclipsing him - which is a lovely kind of security in a man. I like him with Scully because Scully is the one who brings this out in him (at present - who knows what lies ahead?) And also because I think that still, after all Scully's become after her time with Mulder, all the bending she's learned to do...I still think it's a huge relief for her to be in this whole thing with someone so much like herself.


Because they are both selfless, intelligent, growing characters who captured alot of hearts and minds, including mine.


Well to answer your question. The reason on why I like DSR is because it seemed more real to me than MSR. Doggett was such a more mature man mentally and Scully needed someone else, someone that would actually focus on her instead of imaginary things or putting her in danger; mostly Mulder just didn't fit her personality and she was looking for someone that would be faithful and there whenever she needed instead of just when he thought would be a good time.


I like Doggett very much. I'm not a shipper, nor a noromo either, more a UST guy, and so I can enjoy any good work done :p Ok, I loved the D/S relationship for varied reasons, the first is they picked the right man to play Doggett, simply, RP is a great actor, who can play LOTS of things ; and Mulder gone, IMO the show needed a good character, and someone with the shoulders the bear it.

Then, It was different from the M/S relationship, usually, we had more Scully who mothered Mulder doing craps, and here, we have the contrary, Scully being "someone else" (that fits with the preg). I like the evolution of the relationship, which becomes a friendship because Mulder comes back. But I like to guess. I'm not so sure Scully had absolutely nothing for Doggett. I think close enough to poison somehow, M/S relationship.

I think in S8 it brought new blood to the show, and another intensity, along with Scully's hidden pregnancy, the lack of trust on Scully's part, that mkes dramatic events more possible to play with, with the story's itself, and the interactions between characters, who are in difficult times, and have both to stand their posture/belief, and to be careful of, they don't always know who.
I only talk for S8, and not S9, because I don't know it enough. S8 had good stories without the DSR, after 7 seasons, it's very high standard. The DSR is a plus to me to that already good season.

Stevie Barry

I like all the subtle little undercurrents- -particularly the way Doggett treats Scully. He's very much a considerate gentleman, and tries to be supportive no matter what she's going through. I also like the way she steadily thaws toward him as time goes on--once she realizes he's not the beaurocratic boogeyman she thought he was going to be. I need to re-watch all those episodes, and maybe actually work more on the fic I started over a year ago. XD


Doggett looks really good in tight shirts (not as good as Mulder, but I'll make do :-) and his eyes are like the sexiest thing in the history of primetime television...oooh time for me to go finish The Phillip Padgett Project II....


Doggett looks really good in tight shirts (not as good as Mulder, but I'll make do :-) and his eyes are like the sexiest thing in the history of primetime television...oooh time for me to go finish The Phillip Padgett Project II....


I love Doggett for what he has added to the show, it feels new and exciting to me. He's also got the best voice I've heard in a long time, not to mention having a certain way of wearing a pair of jeans and t-shirt!! Seriously, I love how the relationship is developing between him and Scully, and it's fun to watch the new growth of great character. I'm definitely loving Doggett and what he is bringing to this season!!!


He is Great!!!!!


the moment he was on, i knew he was going to be special. he's strong, smart, honest and honorable. he has his integrity and he won't compromise it. you know where you stand with him. he treats the people around him with respect. he takes the title of "partner" seriously. he's a gentleman. he's a decent man. and you know he'll watch out for you, no questions asked. and of course it doesn't hurt that he's tall and lean, toned and mean. i like 'em a little surly. ) and i can't forget to mention those ice-blue eyes, those tight T's & jeans, and that deep smoky voice. meow!


John Doggett is definatly the best character now on the X-Files!! I love his voice, his eyes, his body, his eyes, his hair, his eyes and his facial expressions. Did I mention his eyes? Anyway, he is definatly a great addition to the X-Files. (And it helps that he's hot.)


the fact that he doesn't have a clock in his bedroom. he looked at his watch when scully woke him up. that kinda endeared him to me. don't know why, but it did. and his voice, his eyes, and his chivilry. he's hot, too.


In a nutshell: Because he's SO not Mulder. He wasn't meant to be, he doesn't try to be, and he's great as his own guy. Gotta love him. I never saw it as an option. Plus he's one smokin' hot hunk of manly-man.


What I like about John Doggett - Personality: A darn fine agent, who doesn't take no for an answer. His unrelenting curiosity. The way he whips out his gun. -) How he manages to show respect and empathy while being firm. His blunt mouth and extroverted temper. (Hey, we all know he's probably a frequent user of four-letter words we're not hearing on prime time LOL) Physical: ::::: pant pant pant ::::: Or to be more specific - them eyes, the FBI 'casual yet combed' hair, the way he *works* clothing, the forearms in rolled up long-sleeves, that amazing voice... RP: Briliant, brilliant, brilliant.


The voice. All he has to do is talk.


I love his integrity, and how he listens to others and respects them, but holds his ground. He has great eyes, a great body, and the sexiest voice of all time. Robert Patrick is an amazing actor with amazing talent. 'Nuff said.


Let's start with that voice! I love his integrity, his intensity, and the fact that, even though they've only worked together for a short time, you get the feeling that Doggett would do anything for Scully.


Hey all my Doggettes. LoL! I love Doggett!!! He is the sexiest man alive!!! Love his white T-shirts and the black T-shirt from Medusa. I love his voice with that new york accent (lol Muldah lol). And his body! OMg, i alsmost died in the Gift. The real gift was seeing Doggett w/o a shirt. His eyes are awesome. His icy blue stare makes me melt! Who ever created this page......you should not have wrote that thing about wet dogget and his working out. Oh man! I'm panting lol. Ok, i think I'm done :o)


I love Doggett! he's the sexist thing since Scully first kissed Mulder! The x files is much better now with Johnny Jay Doggett in it brings more tension heatbeats and flutter to the show!!!!! RP AND JD rule!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah Doggett Rules. First I thought that a new character would suck, but then I read it was going to be Robert Patrick and I was heaps pleased that they chose someone so cool. I was like yeah the guy from the terminator- he is cool. So I reckon he is doing a really top job and he is the best.


Well, let's see. I could say what everyone else is saying (hot body, hot voice, hot eyes, hot everything), but I'll just say that if I ever see him in real life, I'm gonna have to kiss the man. Love you Robert Patrick.


hey, I love Doggett. He is so the best. First when xf announced they were going to add another character I thought that it would detract from the show and it would suck, but after watching the first episode Doggett added interest and freshness to the show.


i realy realy love him he is so sexy and his voice is so hot i just love him always


I'm not so much attracted to him as I am Mulder but MY GOD! He's got such a sexy voice and lovely eyes. I've been smitten since Within. I love how his relationship with Scully is going and how Robert Patrick fills Mulder's shoes so much I don't even notice his absense. I tell you, if Scully doesn't want him when Mulder comes home I'll have him. (hmm now what could I do with him...)


my god i fell in love with him so quickly and forgot Mulder just as quick! He is cool, cakm, manly,sexy and always there when you need him. Just wanna see him run his hands thru his lovely spikey dark hair and sigh...man he is so HOT.

God damn, his voice, his mouth, his eyes, his demeanor, his accent, his ears, his body, his heart, his one-liners, his personality.

I fell in love with  him immeditately and fell hard. He is the best and most exciting character I have ever known in my life. I was so glad he came along into my fave show and made it better. He excelled Mulder, he was more exciting and brilliant. I thnk he suited Scully as a partner and as a lover and a friend, they had perfect chemistry. It was always so interesting to see unfold.

For 10 years now I have never been able to forget him. I will always love him, always defend him and think he is the best.

Thank goodness for this site because it was the only site that fully and really understood how i felt about him when i 1st found him in 2001.

He made me a positive person, excited, happy and in love with the world again, just because he existed.



Oh my lord!  The first time I saw him and Scully threw the water on him, I was like, oh yeah!  He's gonna end up being the good guy!  And what a good guy he turned out to be!  Oh, and the John Doe episode where he can't remember who he is, when he pushed Monica against the bus/van.  I thought that was really hot for some reason (I think it was the look on his face!)  I will watch him in anything, and they need to bring him to the X-Files 3 movie!!!!!!!


i love doggett because robert patrick has made him a really good G man.


i think i like his eyes and maby voice his eyes and his voice and maby his smile or it could be that nice t-shirt what a minit i love everything john doggett. (my friends think im nuts) but he is so hot...woof!(adam would have made fun of that comment). n-e-way i love john jay doggett 4eva+eva+eva etc...


Oh, were do I start? Those eyes... yes, those eyes... so bright. The shape of his jaw... the shape of his lips... that body...umm that body... the sound of his voice... the way he walks... the way he looks at people... that accent... UMM!! He's new... he's intresting... he's sexy... I want to know more, and more about him. And I want pictures. So, bring them on.


he is sooooooo hot. i LOVE seeing him in his tight tees, and i'm suprised that scully doesn't make a move on him! he's a great actor, and everything he does is SEXY!!!! i love him to death!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think Doggett is the coolest, hottest guy on TV. He's a manly man who dosen't take any b.s. Everything about him is sexy!! Sooooooooooooooo Hot!!


Ohhhh, Dogget . I've been bad! You're gonna have to come arrest me. HaHa Well, a girl can dream :) He is the epidemy of perfection.

Dreamy Pie

it's love at first sight :) he's no fox mulder!! he doesn't ditch scully. hehe


How can you not love this man? The first time he came on the screen he became the embodiment of YUM! His green eyes are so incredibly piercing that I just can't help but watch with extreme intensity. Let's give him his own show where he just runs around in the Marine's T-Shirt and flannel pants!


every time i look at him i feel a fit of girlish giggles coming on *lol*. his voice is the sexiest thing i've ever heard in my life, and his eyes... they're so blue they nearly burn a hole through my face *g*. i love those dumb (but cute) things he says all the time (like 'dollars to donuts' and 'you've painted me a picture, now put it in a frame'). man, if i was scully, i'd be like "forget mulder, i'm gonna get me some sexy doggett!" heh, but that's just me... <3


I have so many things I love about Doggett that I will say my favorite reason. I love...the way he treats Scully. He is what all girls can only dream of--the perfect guy.


Only more of what everyone else has said, but I'll say this: His chivalric nature is utterly the most endearing thing about him, and the way he punctuates his earnesty with those long, intent, ice-blue looks. He is a true gentleman, despite his (also adorable) rougher side. And, I MISSED "THE GIFT"!!! I MISSED IT!!! I feel like an utter failure...gasp, gasp, gasp!!! So, everyone e-mail me and describe every luscious, juicy, shirtless little detail....


I loved Doggett from the minute Scully threw the water in his face. He is such a sweet, honest, considerate guy. He has to deal with a lot of things that he doesn't understand, but he is doing his best to do the right thing. Besides, he has such expressive eyes, which are a real asset in a show that has an many closeups as this one does. He's really hot.

Diana C.

I'm just tell you something.This man, is THE MAN that i WANT in my LIFE.


Why not??? He is a hotass. I was a complete Mulder fan but now I'm like over Mulder he is so 'yesterday'. Doggett rocks!


When did I become addicted to Doggett? I genuinely liked him and sympathized with him in Via Negativa. (God, you can SO see he loves Scully... or at least has a case of puppy love, lol...) By Medusa I was completely addicted Kevlar and white t-shirts'll do that to you.

My favorite quote of his: "Concern's for your well-bein', Agent Scully. That's all it's ever for." God he is SO SWEET! I LOVE that man!!! I love those incredibly expressive blue eyes, I love his cute ears, I love his utter manliness (because he is THE Manly Man), I love his arms and the fact that he's lefthanded and that accent, GOD I love that accent!, and I love it when he gets angsty like in Empedocles or Via Negativa. Heh heh... that's mostly it.

Although, I had a few wishes. I wish I was Scully (for Doggett to hold me in those arms, and because he's in love with me, lol, and because I'd get to doctor him after bat creatures attack him, and because he'd carry me to safety and cut slugs from my back and make jokes about questions and nagging doubt and would worry about me and check up in me in hospital rooms and so on and so forth) I wish I was Martin Wells (because I'd get to see Doggett in that Marines T-shirt, and I'd get to see his house) I wish I was Marie Hangemuhl (because he would carry me to safety and put me in his coat) I wish I was the keeper of the soul-eater (because I'd get to see Naked!Doggett!!!) I wish I was Lietenant Stick-Up-My-Ass (because I'd get to be carried by Doggett) I wish I was Mulder (I'd get to push that sexy hunk of man, and then I'd get to *be* pushed by that sexy hunk of man) I wish I was Krycek (I'd get up close and personal with Mr. Rip Snortin' Hottie himself) I wish I was Abs! alom (I'd get to see Doggett with no shirt on) and I wish I was Skinner (you can't be in Doggett's house enough, I say).

Anyway... I love, I lust after, I am completely and wholly addicted to Special Agent John Doggett. Hoo boy.


Thank The Surfer God for John Doggett, the best thing that happened to the X-Files, Scully, and all (female... *ahem*) Philes in a long, long time! I'm addicted to him, I must confess. I am not too easily trapped into addiction, but, er... well. Give me a "I'm not sure I'm awake" any day, and I'm helpless. Aaanyway... I am enjoying the character John Doggett very much, and am very much looking forward to more seasons to come. Mulder who?


I love everything about him! He looks good in...well...anything (although I am partial to him in black). He's genuine, courteous and such the southern gentleman. *Sigh* Since today's my birthday, I'd have to say he'd make the perfect birthday present :)

Agent X

Where do I begin? Ohh... the eyes. I love the eyes. They are sooo intense! (calm down Bel). Ohhh... what I wouldn't give to run my hands through that spiky hair... (ok, I really need to calm down here)... and then there's the body!! oh baby! The kevlar... don't we all wish he wore that to work every day!! yummy! Then there's the accent, the cute smile, the gorgeous laugh and the way he sooo loves Scully... can't everyone tell? Ohh.... I think I need some vodka to calm my nerves. I'm going to go play the Doggett drinking game now... hehehe. Byebye, Agent X (who can usually be found sitting in front of the TV with a bucket to catch the drool)


why i'm addicted? he's like an iceberg and we've only seen the tip, he makes you feel safe and yet he makes you want to hold and protect him. He rarely smiles and still you know he feels deeply. I wish he were real and right here


John Doggett is absolutely the most complex, fascinating, endearing, and truthful character on television right now...Robert Patrick is SO amazing! I was leery at first, but within moments of the first time he appeared on screen I was completely won over. And I love his corny witticisms and his tendency to be totally to the point with what he's thinking/feeling ("This is such crap!"), but hardly ever disrespectful. All this plus integrity, chivalry, and the most beautiful eyes and voice...I'm hooked!


1) the man has the sexiest voice in the whole world
2) he looks soooo good all the time
3) he lets scully be the boss, he respects her, and makes other respect her, and listens to her, and follows her advice.
4) i love the way he looks at scully, all tall and protective and smitten.


Doggett is so fine! I have totally fantasized about all that stuff you wrote about! I always thought Mulder was fine, but the first time I saw Doggett I couldn't remember the word "Mulder" to save my life! I love his eyes! Every episode he wears a T-shirt is one of my favorites! His voice is so sexy!! I can't say all the reasons why I like him so much. I think I first really, really got hooked on him when he got shot and that Thing ate him and brought him back. I cried so hard! After that I haven't been able to think of anyone else!

Devilish Grinner

my god, how can anyone NOT love this man? he is sooo smart, caring, and not to mention that he is to die for in those tight jeans and tees!!! i'll be a doggett drooler to the end! long live doggett!!!


I love John Dogget! he is so honorable and he has so much charecter. I love his soft side, and his tough side-hehe. He has the hottest eyes and the sexiest voice ever. gotta love him in those tight shirts!


Hes such a great character and what is it with him and those tight t-shirts, he's starting off a trend!!!! He's a good guy at heart and really tries with all thsi x filey stuff! Such a good character! and soo glad he was introduced! think of what we would've been missing!


Doggett is just so dang hot! he is very very yummy! I love to just look at him, those intense eyes, just the color of them:) He would be waaaaay better for Scully then Mulder but that's a different story! I'm so glad the CC has added him to show. I love how well he treats scully and how he's such a southern gentleman awww...


I love the way he says Muldaaaaah and Libarry! And Doggett has inspired me to start writing fanfiction! He takes such good care of Scully... and RP rules.


Why not? I've been an x-phile since the beginning, but not for all the abductions and clones and paranormal nonsense. I've always liked Scully's voice of reason. With Mulder gone, she lost that voice a little, but John Doggett came and it was all okay again.

Of course Robert Patrick is one of the sexiest men on earth, but there are many reasons to be addicted to his character. RP is great at showing Agent Doggett's emotions. John Doggett is thoughtful you can see it in those eyes and when he crinkles up his forehead. He is chivalrous and caring. He's smart. He's rational. He knows what's on his mind, and he lets others know.

I know there's more. I'm sure most has been said. RP looks great. Doggett has that sexy, mixed-up accent. And, oh, yeah, have you seen'im in kevlar!?! 'Nough said. Long live Special Agent John Doggett (except in "The Gift"--I could bare to see him die a few times just to see him come back).


I love Doggett. Everything. No faults. Especially his voice...oh my... now i'm off in la la land just thinking about it. And i'm only 14 which prove age means nothing. How do you spell Doggett? P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N!


*activates the encryption code so hubby won't recognise this* Woah - what can I say!?! I've been going around with lots of smiles on my face lately. When my work colleagues say, "You look happy." What can I say!? I'm in love with Doggett/RP?! He is a woman's dream – a tough "I'm not afraid of anything!" person and yet such a gentle, protective guy to his women. All this AND he looks so sexy in anything he wears – or doesn’t wear “The Gift”. I was going to list all these adjectives to further describe this wonderful man's attributes but you can look them up in the Collins Thesaurus page 603 under the word 'strong'. Look at the 3rd definition. *LOL* *notices the encryption program is degrading* Could easily write a thesis on JD/RP but as you can see I'm out of time. Any contributions to the RPCRAZY JD/RP Thesis fund most welcome.


I'm so addicted to Doggett (or maybe obsessed is a better word) that I wear a dog collar (or as I call it my "Doggett collar") which has a blue dog tag on it shaped like a dog bone with the words "Doggetter" on it. I don't know what it is about him, it's just his suave stubborn personality and rugged good looks that get to me. I'm sure a lot of you are thinking "My god, this girl's insane..." but I can't help it, I'm just addicted like the rest of you Doggetters out there.


I absolutely love him to death! I was excited that there would be a new character to liven up the show, but never dreamed he was going to be as wonderful as John Doggett is! I love him for so many reasons I can't quite explain. He can be so sweet and caring to Scully! The scene in Without is my favorite and most of Roadrunners when he carries Scully around. With my hopeless romantic personality I love that best about him! And those eyes! And those slim-fiting clothes! I mean DAMN! And... well you get the point!


You really want me to? hehe He is just so perfect! Needs to believe more, but him not believing makes him even more sexy!!!!!! I liked him at the end of Without and then became a hopless obessed fan! My fav. quote which has now become most of my screen name is "Like a songbird." It just hit me and I love it! I love how he says Mulder. Mulda! heheheeh. ahhhhhh! Ok, I have to go watch a Doggett ep!


John Doggett is like no other character on television today. So intense! And the best part is that we're just getting the preview this season. As with Mulder and Scully before him, we'll eventually see a bigger picture. Imagine the hours of enjoyment we have ahead of us. The character is well written, but still a mystery.

I'll admit that it took me a few episodes to sit up and take notice (I want Mulder, not this guy), but now I'm totally hooked. It's as if the X-Files has started anew. What great writing, and the casting of Robert Patrick was pure genius, making all of us Mulder/Duchovny fans switch alligences almost overnight. Bye, Dave, see you somewhere else!

My favorite aspect of John Doggett (besides the most obvious PHYSICAL ones. Hoo boy) are the not-meant-to-be-funny remarks and asides. He's the first person I've ever heard on TV using the word frickin' in a sentence that is meant to be serious. Sometimes I have to laugh out loud at some of the things that come out of Doggett's mouth.

And the tension between Scully and Doggett, that's as it should be, but I think with the passage of time they will be hopelessly drawn together. Maybe Scully's next baby will have blue eyes and those funny ears!

Thanks, Robert Patrick, for your incredibly intense acting, but how about cracking a smile every once in a while?

Mrs. Nicki Doggett

I love his voice, I love his face, I love his attitude, I love his character, I love him period! Mulder is great and all, but Doggett rocks my world! He is the breath of fresh air the show needed.

Mrs. Nicki Doggett

Doggett IS The Man I've Been Looking For! He's Sexy, Kind, Sweet, Charming, Caring, Tough, & Did I mention Sexy? lol.

When I Saw Doggett, My Mouth Droped and I stared at the TV Screen! I Was "Drooling Over Doggett" Through out the Episode! I LOVE Doggett!

Need I Say More?


Uh, because? hehehe Honestly, I love Doggett because he has the maturity Mulder's character never had. He's perfect in every possible way, down to the scar across his nose. He's just beautiful.


I'm addicted to Doggett because, besides the obvious (his haunting blue eyes, his furrowed brow, the cleft in his chin, those biceps , the hard body, the husky voice), there is more to him than meets the eye. He's got a simmering intensity that just sucked me in completely! I know there is so much more to him than will be revealed in the remaining episodes. I also love his honesty, integrity and strength and did I mention those eyes ;-)


I love Doggett because he is so "I Dont Care", "Im Right","Skeptic". He is determined, sociable, dependent and he has a warm heart. The real story behind Doggett is an amazing actor named Robert Patrick. Robert Patrick is so IN CHARACTER, he is great. There are probably fans out there that have all this Doggett stuff, well I can't afford ALL of that stuff, and still I am by far the greatest fan of Doggett/Robert.


I'm addicted to Doggett because he's sooo cute, and handsome and manly and *Doggett*. I don't know why exactly.. It's the combination of many things... He's just adorable!! Come on, like you guys wouldn't understand why anyone would like Doggett!!! LOL!!


Who couldn't be addicted to Doggett? He can not only be your best buddy, a standup kinda guy, but sensitive and sexy! Mmmmmm.

Dana Lang

I am addicted to Doggett because he is so cool and good lookin and he is so determend and he will not give up fightin.

Lille Bailey

He's my idea of the perfect man.


Cause he's lovely and yummy and scrummy and I think naughty things because of him :-)

Ashely Stevenson

I am addicted too doggett because he is cute and he well almost always in command and in charge he is excellent in his i love him i will fight someone if they make fun of him or says something i don't like about him. i am addicted to doggett couse he is like a father to me but a fictional one he is so hot and addorable i love him more than anything in the world.

I am addicted to Doggett because he is the type that isn't afraid to speak his mind or tell someone how he feels I love Doggett he is awsome. I didn't like him in the beginning then after Roadrunners I loved him to death. I get lost in those blue eyes Ii wish he was real I would die to meet him. RP did a excellent job on him so well thought up Ii still like Mulder but I love JD more then anything. The way he looks at Reyes, he shows what he is felling even if he doesn't speak or show it to you. I cry if he dies but I always did like Robert Patick scince Termnater 2 judgement day he is so hot. I managed to finaly get the guts to write him and he gave me his autograph I almost fainted he looked so cute in that picture. I LOVE JOHN JAY DOGGETT AND ROBERT PATRICK ALWAYS


I liked Doggett in Within/Without and fell completely in love with him with the ep "Patience". Just the way he asked Scully if she would be alright while he was the one who was bleeding badly... Robert gave a complete new fascination to this show and breathed life into it. I stopped watching XF during S7 and would have never thought to watch it again. Robert/Doggett changed it all. To me Doggett is everything that Muldah his not - he is charismatic, good looking and to die for... A big MegaHug to the man who made me a fan again - more than ever :)))


The eyes, the voice, the smile... What is there not to love?

Georgie Myler

Because he is sexy, manly, sexy, a great guy, sexy, has a great body, is a great FBI agent, he brought a breath of fresh air to TXF, cares for those around him, won't take any B.S. from anyone - Mulder, Scully, bad guys, the way he runs, the way he talks, the way he does everything else, because he's sexy.


What's not to love about John Doggett? He may seem like an intense, no-holds-barred agent who doesn't take any crap from anyone...well, he is that kind of a guy. But he is also a man who is kind, honest, and full of sorrow underneath it all. He does his job, even if he has to bend the rules to do so. He protects the people he cares about the most. I may have hated John Doggett in the beginning, but as the saying goes..."Appearances can be deceiving." Plus, those beautiful blue eyes and that deep raspy voice are enough to drive any woman crazy!


Je suis d'abord une "Addicted to Doggett" parce que j'adore Robert Patrick. J'ai eu le plaisir de le connaitre grâce à Terminator 2" que je regardais en boucle sur VHS. Ensuite, je l'ai malheureusement perdu de vue, mais heureusement, ma série télévisée favorite m'a permis de le voir à toutes les semaines pendant deux années. Aujourd'hui bien sûr, je n'oublie pas l'excellent travail de Robert Patrick dans ses projets futurs.

Selon moi, l'agent John Doggett a réussit à faire revivre la série The X-Files qui avait malheureusement perdu un tout petit peu de son souffle durant la fin de saison 7. Doggett est pour moi le retour au source de la série ... qui en avait grandement besoin. Pour moi, Doggett est l'un des meilleurs personnages de la télévision en comptant Scully, Mulder et Reyes. Merci à Chris Carter d'avoir créé ce merveilleux personnage qu'a été John Jay Doggett !.... :)


Do I have to tell ya that? My god! He's sexy! those eyes and his body and that voice. I loved Doggett the moment I saw him. The last 2 seasons are the best seasons i've seen!

The Ducky

ok i'm from poland(polish sausage-hahaha) and we have x files season 8 and i sooo love how patrick is playing doggett. i just like his blue eyes-there's sth about them:)))) i looove ur page. thx 4 that. my dear polish sausage. it's sth in his eyes. and i don't know about the accent but i agree that he is a manly-man kind of a guy. i'm from poland and my dear polish sausage thx sooo much 4 this page. i thought that i'm the only one who likes doggett more than molder but thx to this site i know THERE'S MORE OF US:)))))


Well, there is the hotness. And ofcourse the voice, the hotness, the accent, the hotness and well.. just the way he is. [= hotness.] So gimme pictures so I can start licking my screen again. *drool*83)


I love everything about him! I love that he's Scully's "knight in shining armour" if you will, and he's the perfect person for her. I think that she needs Doggett after all of the suffering she has gone through, and he needs her. Plus, he's absolutely GORGEOUS. I don't think that I
have ever seen blue quite like his. And those ears--those adorable ears--how could you ever be angry at someone with those cute little things poking out at the top? And his low, gravelly voice--he could say anything and it would sound sexy. He obviously works out...cause, you know, whenever he gets out of bed in NIHT...and when hes covered in goop in The Gift....*drooling sound* (Whoops! I seem so have drooled all over myself).

I love that he's so traditional and classic and that he gets to the point. He may be a skeptic, but I like that he's stubborn. He doesn't believe a word of anything about the paranormal, but he was at least very patient with Scully and her theories, and he understand that its hard for her to become the believer. He's just the sweetest guy in the world, but he can still beat the crap out of someone if the situation calls and even if it doesnt. I love RP and everything about him...and I loved him as the T-1000...damn he was scary...*hmm...RP in uniform...drooling sound*. Who knew a sliver puddle would be so hot?

Olivia Benson

Cause i wasn't really expecting to like him but the harder i tried not to like him the harder i fell for him i love him and i thank RP for being him to.


He is the best man in the world, I love everything about him ,his eyes,his body,his voice and he also is sweet,smart,tough-guy.Who needs more? (did i mention I love RP too).


Sexy, sweet - can't forget noble!! Very masculine but also very vunerable - least but not least brave!!

Tiffany Marilyn

I am so in love with John Doggett!!! He is incredibly sexy! his eyes, ears, arms, shoulder, voice, legs, feet, everything.

Rae Baker

If it's not the fact he is a mighty fine specimen of man it's just that he is too cute for words! He is tough, loveable and he has the best steely gaze I've ever seen.


That is a very hard question for me to answer as, arguably, I wouldn't know were to start: from his enchanting electric-blue eyes to the melodic tone of this voice. I've been hooked from the first season of the x files, and since then till John appeared I've been always on the side of Scully as I felt more identified with her skeptism more than with Mulder's attitude. Now that Mulder disappears, Scully becomes the believer and Doggett, the new skeptical partner arrives, just to take our breath away. Even though, the first impression of Scully throughing at him a glass of water is not a very good one, I soon realised the charismatic and humble behaviour that his actions entailed, one which cannot be overlooked. Blue eyes, enchanting voice, fitted body, perfectly adjusted tie, well mannered, work-a-holic, loyal and honest.

This is just gist of how I found myself so irrevocably addicted to this character, being one of the best things that have happened to x files since the episode of Bad Blood in season 5.

USA, sue866.com

The man is so damn sexy. And the puppy-dog eyes!

M. Covington-Brooks

why not! The guy is a professional in every sense of the word and reps the FBI like Skinner. Easy on the eyes, easy on the ears and ... i need some ice cream to cool off...


Good God who isn't!?!
Welcome to DAA (Doggett Addicts Anonymous)...Hi my name is RAM. I am addicted to Doggett.

Why isn't everyone else in the world explaining why __they are not__ Doggett Addicted? They need to be in therapy for not being in my DAA meeting.

My list to enumerate the reasons for the addiction and to illustrate why it is impossible to over come it. Doggett .....Has Manners, has integrity, has electric blue eyes, has self-confidence, is humble, has electric blue eyes, shows facial real emotions, is unafraid of being human, has depth of character in every way you wanna read that, has a deep soul , and finally, he has the voice that makes your soul quiver and tingle, much less your entire body and mind. Wait did I mention the eyes? Seriously, he is so real, depth of emotion from inside and out. How can you just not love Doggett or any real man who let's you into his heart, his hurt, his hope?inside and out. How can you just not love Doggett or any real man who let's you into his heart, his hurt, his hope?

La Gatta Nera

Two words: Robert. Patrick. (oh and the chemistry with Scully is heaven. Heaven,I tell you)

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