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Spotnitz's Psychoanalysis of Doggett

Psychoanalysis of John Doggett
Frank Spotnitz

QUESTION: For a while there we'd had the romantic scenario in which Follmer wanted Reyes who wanted Doggett who wanted Scully. Then the Doggett-wanting-Scully part of the equation seemed to disappear. What happened there?

I have my own psychoanalysis of Doggett's character and to me the pining for Scully is still there. I believe that John Doggett is incapable of giving himself happiness. I think he punishes himself for the death of his son, blames himself and buries himself in his work and can never do enough to redeem himself in his own mind for his son's death and not finding the killer. To me, it makes perfect psychological sense that he would go after the woman he could never have and that he would be attracted to something that's impossible - that that's what he would allow himself to do with Scully. The woman he should be with and the woman who does understand him and supports him is Monica Reyes. The very fact that she is available to him - and he knows she has feelings for him - is what would keep him from ever responding.

Frank Spotnitz
The X-Files Yearbook 2002

Analysis of What Frank Said Up There
Dana Doggett

So Frank confirms what I believed all along that the feelings that Doggett has for Scully was there. He went on to comment a bit about Doggett/Reyes, and basically said that Doggett would never respond to her (Reyes's) attraction to him - this goes into discussion Doggett's view of Reyes's flirtations with him, but since it goes hand-in-hand with his love for Scully, I think it's ok to post here. I just love when I read confirmation from TPTB about Doggett's feelings for Scully, and then to have him say that Doggett wouldn't respond to Reyes... just the icing on top of the cake :)

I do like Frank's psychoanalysis of the Doggett character because I agree with it 100%. I also think another part of Doggett's tendency to want what he cannot have is due to the fact that perhaps he doesn't want to be hurt again, as he was when his son was kidnapped/molested/murdered, and then when his marriage to Barbara ended soon after. I think his heart is fragile and he plays it safe. He cares very deeply for Scully, he loves her, but he desires to be with her because he knows that she is Mulder's and that he can never have her, therefore saving him any heartbreak that could have come from actually being involved with her. I think what we see with Doggett and his feelings for Scully in seasons 8 and 9 is a man who has allowed himself to fall hard for Scully, and though he wants what he cannot have, he struggles with that because in Scully he found someone that matches him perfectly, and someone who could make him happy, and who is compatible with him. I wish that we had had the chance to see more of that play out on the series. I just like the complexity that Doggett's feelings for Scully brought to the series, it made it very interesting to watch!

Dana Doggett
29 October 2010


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