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26 JULY 2017

Just a heads up that the recently released Audible audiobook "The X-Files: Cold Cases" does include (minimally) John Doggett. Now before you go rushing off to buy the audiobook (if you're buying simply because Doggett is in it)... Robert Patrick DOES NOT do the voice acting for Doggett in this audiobook. The Doggett dialog is read by voice actor Michael Kimball (more information about the audiobook is here).

I got the audiobook, for Doggett, and I never finished it. And as much as I love David, Gillian, Mitch, et al., it felt too "read" and not "acted" by the X-Files actors brought on to read for their characters. Though, IMO, David and Mitch did a gazillion times better than Gillian at reading their lines. Then it had Mulder and Scully go to Saudi Arabia (where I lived from 1991-1998) and I was all sorts of offended over how Saudis were portrayed, and how Mulder and (especially) Scully interacted with them. It pissed me off so much that I immediately contacted Audible and demanded a full refund for this order (and got it).

I was absolutely behind accepting Michael Kimball as John Doggett. I could live with that. But there was no way that I was going to tolerate how the author(s) of this audiobook (aka the X-Files Season 10 IDW comic books) wrote the people of Saudi Arabia. It was so inaccurate. I am a white, blond, American woman, and I NEVER was required to wear a hijab while in the country, yet this story went on the belief that all women in the Kingdom have to wear one. I was especially pissed off at how Gillian chose to "act" out Scully's reaction to the Saudis she interacted with.

Seriously, authors, if you are going to write about the Middle East, do a little bit of research before forcing your uneducated assumptions onto your readers.

Yes, Saudi Arabia (and its laws and some traditions) are not perfect, but that is no excuse to falsely portray the country and its people.

21 JULY 2017

A new Doggett/Scully fanfic from a new author to the Semper Fi archive, Jassyk. Her story takes place after "Via Negativa" and "Surekill" in season 8, it's called "Thank You Coffees." Enjoy! (and it's got a bit of Barbara Doggett for those of us who love her too!)

"Thank You Coffees" by Jassyk

11 JULY 2017

I'm in the process of adding Blu-ray screen captures of Robert (as Cabe Gallo) from season one of "Scorpion." Unfortunately when I get to seasons two and three I'll have to take from DVD since the USA refuses to release those seasons on blu-ray. <--- not happy about that decision.

[ view more Scorpion screen captures here ]

I've added a section in the Fanfic Archive called Fanfic Recommendations. In This section of the site I will add my X-Files fanfic recs. I've listed my favorite Doggett/Scully fanfics (ones that I will always recommend) as well as Mulder/Scully, and other Uncon'Ships that I like.

27 JUNE 2017

Blu-ray screen captures of Robert Patrick in "Safe House" have been added to the Photo Gallery! Keep checking back for more captures in the months to come!

[ view more caps from Safe House ]

I made a new Doggett/Scully collage too!

22 JUNE 2017

High Definition screen captures for Gillian Anderson's appearances on "American Gods" have been added to the Photo Gallery (Secret of Spoons, Lemon Scented You, and Come To Jesus). I will be going through (at my own pace, I'm in no rush) to add screen captures from both Gillian Anderson and Robert Patrick movies and TV appearances. Stay tuned!

[ view more caps from American Gods ]

12 JUNE 2017

Semper Fi's own, Claudine, got to meet our man, Robert Patrick, at Collectormania 2017 in Birmingham last weekend! We had to scramble in order to get our fan gift for Robert printed, and fan lettres written! And we succeeded! Claudine was able to hand deliver two T-shirts that we made for Robert, a #TeamDoggett and a #TeamDSR shirt, bearing his last name on the back! We hope you like the shirts, Robert!

Claudine was gracious enough to write about her meeting with Robert, and we will archive it here at Semper Fi for all to enjoy! Thank you, Robert, for being so sweet to Claudine and her family! Words cannot express how incredibly happy I am that Claudine got to meet Robert, and spend five minutes chatting with him! Just reading about her experience has set me on a Robert Patrick (John Doggett) high!

Night before meeting Robert Patrick I said I would go to bed on time. But I didn’t. I was way too excited / nervous. I decided last minute to write him a letter in case I literally could not speak when seeing him. I was doing that about half 11 and re-wrote it about 5 times. I didn’t get to bed ‘til about 12am. I could barely relax enough to sleep so I don’t think I had a proper sleep at all. [ READ MORE ]

Claudine spoke a bit about the Talk Robert Patrick did the day she met him, and for those of you wondering if John Doggett will be back for this next round of "The X-Files" episodes... it doesn't sound like it. He says he's contracted with CBS. But that's cool, we love < / SCORPION > and Cabe Gallo too! John Doggett is the past, Cabe Gallo is the present, and we're quite all right with that!

Brand new fanfic added to the archive today! It's called "Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart" by Claudine (aka gorgclaud in our fanfic archive). I loved it so much that I also created a little artwork for it late last night! It's a bit angry, lots of angsty, and has an ending that stings your eyes with tears. Read it. Read it now.

"Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart" by gorgclaud
PG - Doggett/Scully - Just after Scully and Mulder run away like fugitives, X-Files shut down, Doggett forms a new identity and rides his bike to his cabin far away. We return to him 14 years after…

Semper Fi now has its very own discussion forum for all things John Doggett, Dana Scully, Doggett/Scully, The X-Files, Robert Patrick, and Gillian Anderson! If you are interested in getting to know fellow Doggett and DSR fans better, please come on over and register with the forum! We'd love to have you!

1 JUNE 2017

Two old (but new to this archive) photoshoot images added for our man, Robert Patrick!

If you live over in the UK, just a (short notice, sorry!) that Robert Patrick will be at Collectormania in Birmingham on Saturday and Sunday, 3-4 June 2017! Click here for more information on meeting Robert! Have fun! My good friend, Claudine, will be hand delivering a gift from Semper Fi to Robert on that Saturday! I hope she's able to snap pictures so I can share that with you all!

The Semper Fi Store has been updated with newly found X-Files (paper/hard copy) original shooting scripts, DVDs, magazines, and pictures!

Send submissions to: doggettscully@gmail.com

- the title of your fanfic must be called "When Heroes Go Down"
- must be a John Doggett-centric or a Doggett/Scully relationship story (can also be both)
- take place during during, or after the 2016 X-Files revival season
- include the line "I have to buy stamps today" from any character (main or guest starring)
- any rating is allowed

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