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6 June 2016

Back on 18 April 2016, I took part in a Twitter Retweet contest to win an autographed photo of the "Scorpion" cast from @scorpion_hq (under my non-XF Twitter account), I simply retweeted a tweet. On the night of the season 2 "Scorpion" finale, I was told that I won the contest! This happened five days after I had announced that (along with several other reasons) I could no longer keep Semper Fi up and running, nor afford to keep paying for my server space and domain name. I got to talking with Kelli (she is the owner and maintainer of the <SCORPION HQ> Twitter account and website), and we got around to discussing Robert Patrick on "The X-Files", within that discussion it came up that I run Semper Fi. Condolences about the loss of the site were made, and a few days later she sent me a message saying that she could host both Semper Fi and "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series on her server for me! I cannot find the words to say how absolutely, positively happily elated I am that I decided "what the heck" and retweeted to try to win the autograph contest. Without having done that, I wouldn't have got to talking to Kelli, and Semper Fi would be gone forever from the internet. It's funny how some things fall into place. If one thing didn't happen, something else never would have. So with complete gratitude and thanks to Kelli and SCORPION HQ, Semper Fi continues on. I'm sure I speak not only for myself, but for fans of John Doggett, the DSR, and visitors of this website, thank you from the bottom of my/our hearts! I appreciate this more than you know.

As some of you may have noticed, in the past year or two, I haven't had much in terms of actual content updates. I have done my best to get this version of Semper Fi as updated as I possibly can. It will be a static (AKA: not updated) website from here on. In the rare occurance of someone submitting a new fanfic, collage, or video, I will update, but as of right now, Semper Fi has all the John Doggett and Doggett/Scully content that I have intended to add to the site.

I still have both the Semper Fi and Fox & Rat Facebook groups where I will continue to archive content from Semper Fi, and any updates that I do for this site, after today, will be announced on the Semper Fi Facebook group only. So please join up if you haven't already. The group is the official discussion forum for this website as well. I hope to see you there!

I have stopped maintaining fanlistings as well, and I want to give a HUGE thank you to Decemberlady for offering to keep the John Doggett, Doggett/Scully, Robert Patrick, XF Season 4, (my sister's fanlisting) The Field Where I Died, and David Duchvony fanlistings running on her website. Please make sure to join the fanlistings if you haven't already! DL, your help in helping me let go of my website fanlistings (and in archiving the fanart from Semper Fi on your site, and giving Semper Fi a memory page) means so much to me. Before I knew I'd be able to keep Semper Fi up online, you helped ease the pain of having to let it go. Thank you so much!

Thank you, Robert Patrick and Gillian Anderson, for doing whatever it was that you did, while working together, to add that little spark between the Doggett and Scully characters in seasons eight and nine of "The X-Files." You two so perfectly portrayed a relationship that had both tension and what us fans like to refer to as UST, unresolved sexual tension. Y'all are to blame for a lot of the fanfic archived on this site! Thank you for that! Haha! (no, seriously, thank you for that) I'm a fan forever!

And to Claudine... I want to dedicate this final version of Semper Fi to you. You've been the first person I've told and discussed anything with regarding Semper Fi these past couple of months (even before my own sister!). You helped me make difficult decisions regarding this website, and... I don't think I could have made those decisions without talking it all out with you first. Thank you so much! I'm forever grateful to have such a great friend like you! I can't wait to meet you in person one day when I get moved over across the pond!


3 May 2016

Great news everyone! Semper Fi will be hosted over on scorpionhq.com starting sometime this June! Please make sure to update your bookmarks and links to the new URL before then! I am so thankful to Kelli (she runs scorpionhq.com) for offering to host both Semper Fi and "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series on her server for me. Right now all of FRVS is up on scorpionhq.com, and I am working on finalizing Semper Fi (as it will not be an updated site after the move) before uploading it there. I am giving up all the fanlistings that are hosted at doggettscully.com (let me know if you want any). I would like to thank Decemberlady for adopting the John Doggett, Doggett/Scully, Robert Patrick, XF Season 4, and David Duchovny fanlistings from me! I'll keep updating the links here when the fanlistings are up and ready to join! Thank you so much, DL, I appreciate your help so much (and I hope you like the XF goodies that I sent you)! Words do not express how grateful I am towards DL and Kelli. Thank you so much!

I am hoping to get everything up and running on doggettscully.scorpionhq.com by Friday, 24 June!

And for anyone interested, I am in the process of setting up eBay listings for all the items (and more!) from my XF Collectibles Sale site. Check out my eBay store here: clicky clicky! Just three items up for bidding/buying at the moment, I'm hoping after this weekend's garage sale (yes, another one) that I'll have time to get everything up for you. I think eBay makes buying easier :)

20 April 2016

First of all I want to thank (from the bottom of my heart) those of you who e-mailed me (you know who you are) to inquire about what you can do to help keep Semper Fi online for another year. I appreciate your interest in helping out more than you know. Thank you so very, very much. Your emails/comments mean the world to me.

It has been nearly sixteen years since this website came to life online, and with a broken heart I regret to inform you that Semper Fi will be closing this June. I no longer have the funds to keep this website online on my own. I am trying to come to terms with this decision. Semper Fi has been a large part of my online "life" since 2000. John Doggett and the Doggett/Scully Relationship was, is, and will always be among my favorite aspects of "The X-Files" series, and it pains me that I can no longer provide a fansite for the few of us who hold those two things most dear. It was very difficult for me to come to this decision, but it had to be made sooner rather than later.

I know fans of John Doggett and the DSR will always be around, we're not the majority by any stretch of the imagination, but we exist. I feel like I am letting down all fans of Doggett/DSR by having to close this fansite. This is/will have been the only true fansite online for John Doggett and the DSR, and to lose it - not just as the webmaster, but also as a fan - breaks my heart. It pains me that when this site is gone that a small part of the online fandom will no longer have a fansite just for them, and for that I apologize.

I am going to do what I can for those of you who frequent this fansite. I have started a Facebook group specifially set up to archive what I can from the Semper Fi website. So, those of you who have visited this fansite, supported it in any way, or those of you who just adore John Doggett and the DSR as much as I do, log onto Facebook (join if you have to) and join the new Semper Fi group titled "Doggett & Scully".

I've already started to upload all the photos from the photo gallery here on the site. Discussions about Doggett, Scully, DSR, Robert, Gillian, The X-Files, etc. are encouraged as well.

I hope to see you there!


I will also continue to provide full episode blu-ray screen captures from the early seasons of "The X-Files" until the last day this site will be online. So do keep coming back to grab those! I've been busy this past week (and weekend) and haven't had the time to upload a new episode each day, but I will get back to that after this weekend (my garage sale last weekend got rained out so I have to take care of that as a priority this coming weekend).


12 April 2016

This is not set in stone just yet, but I am looking at the possibility of Semper Fi (doggettscully.com) coming to an end this June. With issues outside of my control, I've had to put my money towards real life problems, and at this moment it just will cost me too much to keep this website online for fans of John Doggett, and the Doggett/Scully Relationship.

My goal in 2000, when this site first went live, was to keep it online indefinitely. The fanbase for John Doggett and Doggett/Scully is not huge, but the fanbase exists and this site has been available for nearly sixteen years to provide a place for Doggett and DSR fans to go to find fanfic, artwork, videos, and news for a character and a relationship that was not given very fair treatment by the majority of fans (and those with power at 1013 Productions and FOX) throughout the years.

As I said this is not set in stone at the moment, it is only being seriously considered. Finding the money to pay for the server space and the domain registration will be the deciding factor on 20 June 2016 (as payment for the renewal is due that week).

This is where you have a chance to help out. If you are interested in donating money to help keep this website online, I would greatly appreciate it, you can send me an email for more information at: doggettscully@gmail.com

I'm not sure that there is enough interest in John Doggett or the DSR anymore, FOX and those at 1013 Productions have proven to us again that Doggett does not matter to them anymore. In all honesty "The X-Files" has become "The Mulder & Scully Show", and with Robert Patrick saying earlier, when asked about the revival, that he does not have an interest in returning to previous roles, I do not see much of a future for John Doggett.

Despite that, I had wanted to keep Semper Fi online for years and years as an archive for the few fans of Doggett and Doggett/Scully who continue to enjoy the fanfic, artwork, videos, etc. There is no other Doggett/DSR fansite out there like this. Sure I'll still have all the content available to look at and enjoy on my computer, but that does not help the fans who have relied on Semper Fi all these years when they needed a good Doggett or DSR fix, and because of that, it breaks my heart to be facing this situation.

I will keep you informed of the final decision on this matter as time goes by. Stay tuned, and thank you so much for your support and appreciation over the years.

9 April 2016

Some non-XF related, and XF related fanlistings are now hosted here at Semper Fi! I'm hoping to get around to redesigning some of these, but absolutely I will not even touch the Jack/Kate design, that's awesome (previous owner designed it). If you're a fan of any of these subjects do join the fanlisting(s)!

A few new items have been added to the sales page (my sister and I keep finding more things that we're willing to part with!). There's new X-Files items, Madonna, Keanu Reeves...

31 March 2016

I have removed the photo gallery pages for The X-Files season 10, and the Scully gallery pages for Seasons 1 and 2. Ideally, having those galleries on here for Scully, sounded like a fantastic idea, but in the end I just do not have the time to work on adding Scully only screen captures to this site. I will, however, continue to provide full episode Blu-ray screen captures for all the seasons (and movies) of The X-Files, I add a new episode daily so make sure to come back often!

I have added all the full episode Blu-ray screen captures for season 8 and 9. You can find those on the season 8 and season 9 pages (zip downloads).

I still have loads of X-Files collectibles up for sale so please make sure to check out the sales site, and let your friends know about it. I've been asked a lot what my reason is for selling, and it isn't because I'm no longer a fan of The X-Files, or that I'm so disenchanted with the series after the revival episodes. I'm actually planning on moving out of the country within the next year or so, and I don't want to be hauling all my X-Files merchandise around. I'm also selling almost all of my LOST, Firefly, Madonna, and Keanu Reeves items as well. I hope you find something that you've been wanting! (items are selling at a steady rate, sales are "first come, first serve" basis - items are removed from sales website only after payment has been received)

16 March 2016

I finally got the website up for all the X-Files merchandise I'm looking to sell to happy X-Phile homes! There are plenty of X-Files books, posters, action figures, autographs, photos, comic books, videos (VHS and DVD), trading cards, magazines, etc. to go around! Please take a look around and help a Phile rid of her collection (without the use of a garbage can or recycling bin). Prices are listed in United States Dollars, and can be negotiated. Please use the contact form provided on the Sales website to place an order, ask a question about an item, etc. Thank you! I hope you find something you need! (and please feel free to share the website with your friends).


25 February 2016

I finally got MKV screen captures up for the finale episode, 10x06 "My Struggle II", sorry it took so long, but I am going through all my XF merchandise and getting things ready to sell (and boy, do I have a lot of XF merchandise up for grabs!). Keep your eye on this site, I will be adding a page for all the items I'll be selling! I've been taking pictures of these items and posting them on Twitter, as a pre-sale, so you can jump on over there and look for the pictures to see if there's anything you'd like. Item details (price, quality, quantity, etc.) will be listed on this site for those of you wanting to know more about each item. Stay tuned! <--- for the sale items, and more blu-ray screen captures!


21 February 2016

More Scully blu-ray screen captures from season 2! 205 "Duane Barry", 206 "Ascension", 208 "One Breath", and 209 "Firewalker".


19 February 2016

More Scully blu-ray screen captures from season 1! 121 "Tooms", 122 "Born Again", 123 "Roland", 124 "The Erlenmeyer Flask", 201 "Little Green Men", 202 "The Host", 203 "Blood", and 204 "Sleepless".

Surprise of all surprises when I was flipping through the new X-Files prose book "The Truth Is Out There", I flipped through and saw the name Doggett! Yes, John Doggett is included in at least one story in this anthology! The story is called "Snowmen" and it is written by Sarah Stegall. You can purchase this book from Amazon.com! Finally! John Doggett in an official X-Files book! Someone pinch me, I can't believe it! Even though the chances of Sarah Stegall seeing this are unlikely... THANK YOU, SARAH STEGALL, FOR ACKNOWLEDGING JOHN DOGGETT AS AN INTEGRAL PART OF "THE X-FILES"!!! You have no idea what this means to us Doggett fans! We can only hope and dream that one day an anthology of Doggett-centric stories is published! Even the smallest Doggett-mentions (and merchandise) renders us very happy!

MKV screen captures of 10x05 "Babylon" (Scully only) are available here. If you would like to download full episode MKV screen captures of the episode, those are available on this page.

A few more episodic stills have been added to the season 10 gallery as well, 10x04 "Home Again", also new ep stills for 10x05 "Babylon" and from the finale 10x06 "My Struggle II" (airing this Monday!).

15 February 2016

More Scully blu-ray screen captures from season 1! 117 "E.B.E.", 118 "Miracle Man", 119 "Shapes", and 120 "Darkness Falls"! I'm doing all that I can to get seasons 1 - 7 Scully blu-ray captures into the photo gallery! It's very tedious work, and I hope that you are enjoying it! Don't forget to watch the new episode of "The X-Files" tonight, I won't be watching live, I refuse to watch Carter episodes live, I learned my lesson during season 9... never again. I will get MKV screen captures up, likely before I actually watch the episode LOL Check back often!


14 February 2016

Happy Valentine's Day, DSR fans! I bring you two new Doggett/Scully 1680x1050p desktop wallpapers!


13 February 2016

13 February 2016

More Season 1 blu-ray screen captures of Scully added! 109 "Space", 110 "Fallen Angel", 111 "Eve", 112 "Fire", 113 "Beyond The Sea", 114 "Gender Bender", 115 "Lazarus", and 116 "Young At Heart". Full episode blu-ray screen captures available to download until Monday, 15 February for 811 "The Gift".


11 February 2016

11 February 2016

More Season 1 blu-ray screen captures of Scully added! 105 "The Jersey Devil", 106 "Shadows", 107 "Ghost In The Machine", and 108 "Ice". Full episode blu-ray captures available to download until Saturday, 13 February, for 812 "Badlaa"! Click on the graphic on the right side to download the zip file! Enjoy!


9 February 2016

I've completed getting John Doggett blu-ray screen captures up on the site! Today I've added the blu-ray captures from 919 "The Truth" (I like to call it "Da Twoof" though because it was such a terrible episode). Scully (only) blu-ray captures from 101 "Pilot", 102 "Deep Throat", 103 "Squeeze" and 104 "Conduit" have been added to the gallery. Full episode blu-ray screen captures of 810 "Salvage" are available to download until Thursday, 11 February.

MKV screen captures of Scully (only) from 10x04 "Home Again" have been added to the gallery as well, and you can download full episode MKV screen captures for that episode from the link on the Season 10 page. Please join in on "Home Again" discussion on the Semper Fi Forum! All you have to do is register and log in to take part! I hope to see you there!

(did you see what I did there with "Conduit" and "Home Again"? hehehehehehe)

Fanfic Challenge
I've been busy getting blu-ray capture updates announced to you all, that I want to remind you of the current Fanfic Challenge that is due at the end of this month. Please check it out and send me your responses by the date indicated below! I'm in need of a good fanfic update to the site. Thank you!

Due: 29 February 2016
Send Submissions To: doggettscully@gmail.com

Chose from one of the following Doggett Era episodes, and write a missing scene in which Doggett and Scully's relationship progresses. Someone has to say "I'm happy." Length and rating are up to you.

Via Negativa
The Gift
This Is Not Happening
John Doe
Audrey Pauley


7 February 2016

More season 9 blu-ray screen captures! 913 "Audrey Pauley", 909 "Underneath", 914 "Improbable", 912 "Scary Monsters", 915 "Jump The Shark", 917 "William", 916 "Release", and 918 "Sunshine Days".


5 February 2016

More season 9 blu-ray screen captures! 903 "Dæmonicus", 905 "4-D", 906 "Lord of the Flies", 908 "Trust No 1", 907 "John Doe", 904 "Hellbound", 910 "Provenance", and 911 "Providence".


3 February 2016

More season 8 blu-ray screen captures! 815 "DeadAlive", 818 "Three Words", 817 "Empedocles", 816 "Vienen", 819 "Alone", 820 "Essence", 821 "Existence", and 901 "Nothing Important Happened Today I". That's all the blu-ray screen captures of Doggett and Scully for season 8 (and one episode of season 9)! I'll begin getting more season 9 caps up in the next several days. Season 9 is hard for me to get through, even with screen captures, because of Doggett's brunette sidekick... but I'm doing my best to not include her in the captures I pick to archive on the site!

I have added Scully MKV screen captures from Monday's new episode "Mulder and Scully Meet The Were-Monster", full episode MKV screen captures are also available to download on the Season 10 page. Enjoy! If you're looking for a place to discuss the new episodes, please do register at the Semper Fi Forum and take part in rating the new episodes and discussing the episodes!

And a few episodic stills for the upcoming episode "Babylon"... Scully and Mulder, Mulder and Scully, blah, blah, blah... (at least Mulder/David is adorable!)


1 February 2016

More season 8 blu-ray screen captures! 811 "The Gift", 813 "Medusa", 808 "Per Manum", and 814 "This Is Not Happening"! Also, until the 3rd of February you can download full episode blu-ray screen captures of 806 "Invocation". Just a note that once I've completed offering full episode blu-ra screen captures for the Doggett Years, I will be uploading blu-ray screen captures of all full episodes of "The X-Files" (and both movies) just like I'm doing right now, one available for download every two days! Keep checking back for the next episode's captures! This show looks great in 1080p HD! Thank you blu-ray gods for getting this show on blu-ray!

Tonight Darin Morgan's new episode of X-Files airs, titled "Mulder and Scully Meet The Were-Monster"! I will get MKV screen captures of Scully (and full episode screen caps for zip download) up as soon as I possibly can! I can't wait to see this episode! I LOVE Darin Morgan! You can see HQ episodic stills that feature Scully from this episode on the Season 10 page! Here's just a small handful! Enjoy!

Fanfic Challenge
I've been busy getting blu-ray capture updates announced to you all, that I want to remind you of the current Fanfic Challenge that is due at the end of this month. Please check it out and send me your responses by the date indicated below! I'm in need of a good fanfic update to the site. Thank you!

Due: 29 February 2016
Send Submissions To: doggettscully@gmail.com

Chose from one of the following Doggett Era episodes, and write a missing scene in which Doggett and Scully's relationship progresses. Someone has to say "I'm happy." Length and rating are up to you.

Via Negativa
The Gift
This Is Not Happening
John Doe
Audrey Pauley


30 January 2016

More blu-ray captures added for season 8: 809 "Surekill", 810 "Salvage", and 812 "Badlaa". I've got a zip file of full blu-ray screen captures for 805 "Roadrunners" available to download until Monday, 1 February! Click on the graphic on the right side of this page to download the zip file! Enjoy!


28 January 2016

Now available until 30 January, full episode blu-ray screen captures from 804 "Patience" (download that zip file by clicking on the "Patience" graphic on the right side of this page)! I have also added John Doggett and Dana Scully only blu-ray screen captures for 805 "Roadrunners", 806 "Invocation", 803 "Redrum", and 807 "Via Negativa". Enjoy!

I have also added 10x02 "Home Again" episodic stills (7 in total) that include Scully (Mulder's in all of them too). All images and screen captures I have for Season 10 are on this page.

I've been inspired a bit by some of these HD blu-ray screen captures and I've actually opened up Photoshop for the first time in a very long time! I've got a couple new manipulations, and a collage! If you make graphic artwork for John Doggett or the DSR, please send them my way and I can keep them archived for you here on Semper Fi! Send to: doggettscully@gmail.com. Thank you!


25 January 2016

BIG SHOUT OUT and CONGRATULATIONS to David Duchovny! Today he received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

I've got some Dana Scully "The X-Files" Season 10 (Revival) updates in the gallery! I've got Scully only screen captures for both 10x01 "My Struggle I" and 10x02 "Founder's Mutation" available. And on the main Season 10 page, until Monday, 1 February, I have zip file downloads of the full episode screen captures of the first
two episodes!


Also make sure to download the blu-ray screen captures zip file for 801 "Within" because it's going down tomorrow around 12:00pm CST to make room for blu-ray captures of 802 "Without"!


24 January 2016

Happy #XFilesRevival Day, Doggett fans! SURPRISE! There's a brand new look at Semper Fi for 2016! I thought with The X-Files making a comeback today (*squee* OMGOMGOMGOMG! Mulder's back!), and all the interest around The X-Files at another high, and more fans finding out they actually like Doggett all these years later, and new fans loving the guy right off the top (most of the newbies anyway) that it was about time that I revamp this place. I hope you like it and find it easier to find what you're looking for. I've also made it easier for you to contact me! I've added forms that you fill out directly on the site on the contact page, to submit a fanfic challenge idea, and to get your comments added to the Addicted page about why you like Doggett/DSR/Scully/all of the above! I hope to hear from you guys!

I noticed enough Doggett fans were disappointed in the episodic graphics that someone at the official Facebook page for The X-Files made for their 201 Days of The X-Files rewatch that they began back in July: Doggett was not featured nearly as much as he should have been for being one of the two main characters/top billed actors in the final two seasons of The X-Files. I took it upon myself to create episode graphics that I felt represented the episodes better than what the official X-Files people created. Not all of them have Doggett, but for most of them I think I did pretty good. I've used my graphics on the screen captures page in the gallery. Below is just a sampling of a few of them.

(fans were disappointed in the 201 Days of TXF graphics -only showing Scully-, so I made some that I think are better)

Finally, after over a year of telling myself to buckle down and work on adding ol' SHODDS content to Semper Fi, I have begun the archive of the best of the best of the old SHODDS website and e-mail discussion group! What I have up on the SHODDS section now is just the beginning, I have loads more graphics, rejected dialog, and other goodies from the group that once was the largest member count X-Files mailing list on eGroups/Yahoo!Groups (yes, even among so many MSR mailing lists, SHODDS member count exceeded them all, back in the day). If you're a former SHODDS member, I hope this section brings back fond memories of living day-to-day during the original run of the Doggett Era on TV.

Articles & Interviews
You read that right! I've added some articles and interviews with Robert Patrick from the Doggett Era! I don't have any for Gillian at the moment, but I will work on that as the year goes on. You can read the articles on this page. Feel free to send me any articles/interviews that I don't have archived here too!

Blu-Ray Captures
If you look to your right, you'll see that I have made available full episode blu-ray screen captures for 801 "Within". I am in the process right now of screen capping the blu-ray discs from all 9 seasons of "The X-Files", and I will provide full episode zip files of 3000-4000 captures for all episodes eventually on this site. So check back often to see when the next episode will be available. Because Semper Fi is a John Doggett fansite, I'll be providing seasons 8 and 9 before the other seasons. I'm sure you understand!

Fan Fiction
I only have one addition to the fanfic archive for today's update. It's a story that I really thought I already had on the site, oops! It's "Shadow Wife" by Rachel Anton, a Doggett/Marita story! Sorry, Ms. Scully, Ms. Covarrubias is getting some Doggett luvin' today!

I would also like to let you all know that you can now search for stories by rating. So if you want squeaky clean G rated stories, there all easy to find, and if you want some good ol' sexytime Doggett/Scully stories, you can find them in the R and NC17 rating pages. There's also PG, PG13, and Unrated available. Direct links to these pages are available on the main fanfic archive page. You're welcome!

Fanfic Challenge
Due: 29 February 2016
Send Submissions To: doggettscully@gmail.com

Chose from one of the following Doggett Era episodes, and write a missing scene in which Doggett and Scully's relationship progresses. Someone has to say "I'm happy." Length and rating are up to you.

Via Negativa
The Gift
This Is Not Happening
John Doe
Audrey Pauley

I'm working on making the photo gallery archive here at Semper Fi the best it can be! At the moment all my DVD screen captures have been removed from the website because... I am making BLU-RAY (#*$%*$^%&$!!!! DOGGETT AND DSR IN HD!!!) screen captures for the archive! Check back daily as I plan on updating the captures as I do them! I will announce each episode added on Twitter, but will not mention them all here. To start off with, I do have 801 "Within", 802 "Without", and 804 "Patience" blu-ray captures online! But if you can't wait to see the blu-ray caps (in bulk) for The Comfort Scene, The Rescue Scene, or The Hug, go on ahead and click here, you won't be disappointed (this page is also directly linked on the DSR page).

Also new to the gallery: "The X-Files" Season 10 (Revival) Scully promotional stills and episodic stills! Hopefully I'll be able to provide you HD screen captures of the six Revival episodes as well. Stay tuned! Rumor has it (and it's confirmed!) that Scully and Mulder are no longer a couple, so she's a single lady now! Only... where is Doggett when he needs to be there to sweep her off her feet? Oh well, for fun we can semi-'ship Skinner/Scully and O'Malley/Scully, right? (not serious 'shipping, we all know Doggett/Scully is our "end game" 'ship).

I've replaced the About page with a page called History. This page will give a brief run down of The X-Files Doggett and DSR fandom during and after seasons eight and nine, beginning with the date that it was officially announced that Robert Patrick was joining the series (20 July 2000). This history is written from my perspective, and includes positives and negatives about the fandom. It's not complete, but I've got a good start on it. Enjoy!

Semper Fi Forum
In celebration of fifteen years online, I have created a John Doggett/DSR/XF discussion forum specific to Semper Fi! I know that there are new and old fans of John Doggett out there, and I wanted to provide y'all a safe place to hang out with other fans of Doggett (and the DSR, Robert Patrick, Gillian Anderson, and of course "The X-Files"). C'mon over and join today!


In order to get this new design up by #XFilesRevival day, I wasn't able to get a handful of new fanvids added to the archive! I did get the videos page better laid out though. Stay tuned for fanvid additions to Semper Fi this year! I found a bunch on old data CDs (yes, CDs!) and DVDs that i burned back in 2003, 2005, and other years before the beginning of this decade! Woo!


20 January 2016

Brace yourselves for a Semper Fi redesign! The plan is to get it up by 24 January (this Sunday! also the day of the Revival premiere!). This site will go offline and everything deleted Saturday evening (CST). Just wanted to give y'all a heads up!



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