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Slobbering, Howling, Obsessed Dana/Doggett 'Shippers

Welcome to SHODDS! It's come a long way since DB started it so long ago - 3 March 2001 to be exact. So you might be asking yourself: what exactly does SHODDS stand for? It's an acronym for Slobbering, Howling, Obsessed Dana/Doggett 'Shippers.

Members of SHODDS believe that a romantic relationship between John Doggett and Dana Scully on "The X-Files" would be a swell thing. We're known as dippers, and refer to the relationship as the DSR.

Please sit back, relax and take a look around. If you find yourself growing more and more curious about this group, please feel free to join us, we'd love to have you in our family. Nowadays (circa 2016) SHODDSters have united together on the Semper Fi Facebook group. Please join us over there where we're much more active!

Who Are We?
Slobbering, Howling, Obsessed Dana/Doggett 'Shippers

Well, besides being an acronym for "Slobbering, Howling, Obsessed Dana/Doggett 'Shippers," we have many beliefs. We believe:

1) that Dana Katherine Scully is lonely and in need of a *real* man, one who will not dump his problems on her, one who is not buried in his past with his mother and/or his sister, and one who will not expect her to validate every stupid consipiracy theory he has or risk being accused of being disloyal and taking *little* notes;

2) that Dana Katherine Scully is entitled to a relationship with a sexually mature man who has no need for porn flicks or 1-900-JACKOFF lines;

3) that John Doggett is a manly man, one who would never resort to 900 lines, and who in fact would never even feel the slightest need to, since he can get all the babes he wants, and who has absolutely no mommy issues and no sister issues, and is therefore uniquely qualified for the position of Scully's big ol' lover-puppy;

4) that if the "Mulder" we've been seeing for the past couple of seasons is going to stay on the canvas, it would be better if he just stayed lost since it's *not* Mulder; it's just DD showing contempt for the character, and

5) that Doggett will make a *wonderful* father for that alien litter Scully's carrying.

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All right, so you've been lurking around on the SHODDS mailing list for a while, right? And you've been thinking about how crazy these people are, right? Well, if you wanna know the difference between a scraw and a sprog, then you've come to the right place!

55-gallon drum – (noun) – beverage container of preference for DB and spookycc at the DoggKollar lounge. Saves us from havin' to get off our asses for refills. spookycc generally doesn't use her own 55- gallon drum – she just uses a long scraw (see "scraw") and drinks out of DB's.

Barbie PC – (proper noun) – the type of `puter (usually Pepto-Bismol pink in colour, since the fic written thereon makes one ill) used by BarbieShippers to write driveling, crappy M/S fanfic. See further description of said fanfic under "BarbieShipper".

BarbieShipper – (proper noun) – (aka B-Shipper, Bshipper) - demographically, is usually between 10 and 12 years old. They're clattering away, writing first-person M/S fanfic on those awful Pepto- Bismol pink PCs with Barbie decals all over them that you give to little girls who aren't really ready for a real computer. They sit around in their Winnie-the-Pooh jammies and write things like, "And then I said Dana Katherine Skullie will you mary me and I said yes Fox Wiliam Mulder I will marrie you and then he took my hand and kissded it and we went and told my mom we were getting maried and we went to the prom to gether and all my girlfrends were so jelus becos he was so hansome in his tux that they just hid in the bathroom all nite and we got maried and had babies and lived hapily evver after and life was good."

carter's law – (proper noun) - the illogical logical rearrangement of the physical alignment of things that should be the way they are because it won't work any other way [or because it was originally written that way in the script of a past episode]

CloneASS – (proper noun) - same as DoggettASS (see "DoggettASS") except used for finding your clone (especially useful for runaway clones such as Kelly's and Bel's)

Dipper – (proper noun) - (see also "Doggshipper") – a Doggett/Scully shipper. Members who refer to themselves as "Doggshippers" prefer not to be called "Dippers". ;-) Also known as Dshipper, Scoggett

DoggettASS – (proper noun) - (invented by Agent X, Bel) Originally designed for the WIB. Compass that points directly to Doggett instead of pointing north

Doggettclone – (proper noun) – clone of Agent Sexy As Hell, one is issued to each member of SHODDS.

DoggKollar – (proper noun) – The main lounge on the Doggship.

Doggpreserver – (proper noun) – life preserver thrown to people adrift who wish to join SHODDS.

Doggship – (proper noun) – the ship on which SHODDS members reside. Can travel on water or in air, and has propulsion units to accommodate transport in either.

Doggshipper – (proper noun) – a Doggett/Scully shipper. Aka Dipper, Dshipper, Scoggett

Droolingest – (adjective) – most worthy of drool. Coined by Cassie.

Duchovbot – (proper noun) – A DD fan who sees DD as the be-all and end-all of the series. Hell, of the universe. They generally are not fond of RP, but there may be exceptions to this rule.

'eem - pronoun (?) - Doggett-talk for "him".

excape (noun) (verb) – to escape, in Jawn's lingo.

FP, FuP – (noun) - frustrated phile. Often one who suffers from assaults by Barbie-Shippers, or one who is chronically annoyed by carter's law.

figger – (verb) used in place of "figure", and generally in relation to Scully, since that's the way she pronounces the word.

li-berry, li-barry – (noun) library, by Jawn's definition. Place with a lot of books. A lot a lot a lot of books. ;-)

Mulder – (proper noun) – A character on TXF, arguably in S1-S5 & FTF. SHODDS members do not hate Mulder, contrary to popular belief.

Moulder – (proper noun) – A character on TXF in S6-8. We don't hate him, either, but we're not as fond of him as we are of Mulder. (See "Mulder")

PPoD – (proper noun) - Palm Pilot of Doom / Palm Pilot of Death - device used by Alex Krycek to control nanites circulating in the bloodstream of AD Walter Skinner; appropriated by Doggship personnel to torture Fox executives in a similar manner.

scraw – (noun) – DoggKollar lounge slang for straw, for drinking beverages

ShipperSwabs – (proper noun) – M/S shippers that we like to "employ" to keep the decks of the Doggship clean. Also useful for cleaning toilets.

SIS – (noun) - Slobbering idiot shipper. The lowest level of M/S shipperdom. See also: BarbieShipper.

The levels of Shipperism as compiled by David's Bitch at atxf:

1. Friendshipper – doesn't need any more than friendship between M/S. (Or D/S ;-)
2. FiniShipper – thinks if the characters `*do it*, it should be at the end of the series.
3. Moderate Romantic Shipper – mildly affected by romantic thoughts
4. Seriously Affected Shipper – more seriously affected by romantic thoughts
5. Slobbering Idiot Shipper – (see above)

sprog – (noun) a young child (verb) to create a young child by traditional means ;-)

Tyson - (proper noun) - one of the 2 original founding members of SHODDS. Belongs to breed SHODDSweiler. DB is his mom. Ty is named after the singer/songwriter, not the fighter/rapist.

WWJJD, or WWDD – (proper nouns) – What Would John Jay Do, or What Would Doggett Do. Variations on the religious theme, def not religious in nature.

WIB – (proper noun) – Women in Black. A division of SHODDS that does front-line combat with shippers. They have been known to start (or finish) a few discussions on certain fan forum message boards.

wonky – (adjective) – 1. behaving in an odd manner. 2. feeling out of sorts

wurl – (noun) – Doggettspeak for world. As in "wurl war two..." from `Vienen'

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SHODDS started just before the S8 premiere, as a sort of tongue-in-cheek alternative to some of the more rabid M/S shipper cliques at alt.tv.x-files. I was, at the time, a noromo, and was just sick of hearing things like "You can't stand to see Mulder and Scully in love because you have no life" (I have), and "If you don't see the chemistry between Mulder and Scully then you're just deluded" (I don't, and I'm not), and so on. I was also really annoyed by the number of posts from people who were prepared to hate Doggett sight unseen. So, I started thinking, how could I really piss these people off?

After some deliberation, I decided that that it would be fun to set up an organization devoted to perceiving a relationship between Scully and Doggett whether or not one even existed. If the shippers could count touches, over-analyze every single instance of eye contact, insist that anyone who didn't share their narrow little view was a deluded loser, and interpret every word and act as evidence of undying love all while having no real evidence, well, so could we. Mostly we just wanted to parody the shippers.

We, being in the beginning, just two. Me, and my Rottweiler, Tyson, who is named for the singer/songwriter, not the fighter-rapist. I started talking with spookycc about my idea. She was, at the time, a rabid shipper, and her emails were full of references to "Dogbert," "Dogbreath," "Dogshit" and so on. She was also insisting that she wanted Scully with Mulder and no one else. I started playing with acronyms, and after a couple of false starts, came up with SHODDS - Slobbering, Howling, Obsessed Dana/Doggett Shippers.

As a gift to me, spookycc designed the original SHODDS site at Homestead. I wanted to make her an honorary SHODDS. She didn't want to be associated with SHODDS in any way. So for a long time, it was just Tyson and me. But when the eps began airing, spook discovered that although she hadn¹t expected to like Doggett, she really couldn¹t find fault with him. Still insisted she was *never* gonna be a SHODDS, though.

Then, when "Roadrunners" aired, at the very moment when Doggett carried Scully off the bus, I felt a disturbance in the Force. And I smiled evilly to myself and said, "spookycc just crossed over to our side." And sure enough, when I opened up my email the next day, lo and behold, SHODDS had *three* members!

For so long, so very, very long, it was just the three of us. But I kept plugging SHODDS at atxf (and taking a lot of crap for it), and a wondrous thing happened - emails started trickling in. People were actually taking this thing seriously! Requesting membership in something that I honestly thought would never be more than an in-your-face gesture toward the shippers.

One of the members who has been with us since the early days is CRHarmony, aka LJP, aka Sarah. She offered to help with the web page, and her knowledge and ability are, I think, in no small part responsible for our growth. Sarah suggested moving the site to Yahoo, and she added a mailing list. She was swiftly appointed Communications Officer, and since then has done a kick-ass job looking after this whole wonderful thing.

The real growth for SHODDS began when the DD eps started airing. Every time Mulder appeared, I could count on a few messages on Monday from people wanting to board what was now being referred to as "The Dogship." I appointed myself Captain and named spookycc First Mate. A new member asked if the Dogship was a real place, so I figured, well, why not? As we acquired more members, a discussion arose over spelling, and we decided it should be "Doggship." I always envisioned the Doggship as a spacecraft, but one member was picturing it as a sea-going vessel. So Chief Engineer Kabbie modified the ship so it could go on sea *or* into space.

Everyone who boarded the Doggship took a job in tune with their own talents. We have a tailor, a nurse, a number of entertainers, bar staff who work in the DoggKollar Lounge, a shrink, a weapons guru, an interior decorator, and so much more.

The only trouble was, it's expensive maintaining a Doggship. We needed a source of income. So we started beating up shippers and stealing their allowances and lunch money to finance our drinking in the lounge and renovations to the Doggship. We also decided to sue Chris Carter for mental anguish, loss of quality of life, and general unspecified agony caused by that horrible season ending. We didn't have a lawyer, though. I tried to get Bobby Donnell, but he wasn't returning my calls. Which was too bad, since the cloning lab was late getting me my Doggett clone and I figured I could find other uses for Bobby when he wasn't working on the case. :) I'm happy to report that the Doggship does now have a lawyer, and I'm assuming that she will soon have CC begging to settle.

Requests for membership in SHODDS continued to come in, steadily, but slowly. Then for whatever reason, things just took off. We've been growing steadily, and quickly, for some time now. The group that started out consisting of one nut case and her dog grew to the point where we became number one in our class at Yahoo.

Sadly, we did lose a founding member. spookycc found herself growing disgruntled over Scully¹s apparent lack of appreciation for Doggett, and asked for leave to disembark. She was escorted off ship with full military honors.

Some other members also expressed feelings of discontent, and began to question their commitment to DSR. Since SHODDS had become so much more than a special interest group (in the history of the ship, we have had very few flame wars, all of which were easily extinguished - probably because we all seem to really care about each other in a way that's rare in cyber-life and even in so-called "real" life), I declared an amnesty. Members who were questioning the validity of DSR were encouraged to remain and work through their feelings, with the assurance that whatever they decided, they would not be compelled to walk the plank.

Ultimately, I began to wrestle with issues of my own. Once Scully disappeared forever, as I saw it, leaving "Dearest Dana" in her place, I came to the sad conclusion that I no longer regarded her as smart enough or honorable enough to be paired with the noble Doggett. I realized that I was no longer the proper person to wear the Captainly purple, so regretfully, I contacted First Officer Lisa K., who had assumed the position vacated by spookycc, and informed her that I felt that the only honorable thing to do was to step down and offer her the position. Under her able leadership, the Doggship continues to sail.

I really missed all the friends I'd made on the Doggship, so some months later, in response to a suggestion from Maria Covington, I asked the new captain if I could take advantage of my own declared amnesty, retroactively, and requested permission to once again board the Doggship. Permission was speedily granted, and I am back where I want to be, sailing the seas and space aboard the Doggship under Lisa K's very capable leadership.

So, this is the story of the tiny little group that grew and grew, and even continues to attract new members from time to time despite the cancellation of the show that was the reason we came into being.

We are the SHODDS. We rock. And we are here to stay.

Founder, SHODDS, 2002

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John Doggett Drinking Game
Please drink responsibly

Doggett says 'Muldah' - Take 2 shots
Doggett says 'Li-Berry' or 'Dudn't' - Take 1 shot
Doggett drives his truck - Take 2 shots
Doggett runs in a tight tshirt - Take 1 shot
Doggett tackles a suspect - Take 1 shot
Doggett hugs Scully - 2 shots
Doggett washes his truck - Take 4, you'll need it.
Dogget takes a shower - Take 4 shots
Doggett touches scully (on the arm or shoulder, etc) - Take 1 shot
Doggett kisses Scully anywhere but on the lips - Take 2 shots
Doggett kisses Scully on the lips! - DRAIN THAT BOTTLE, KIDS!

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Just Say "No" To DRR

These are self-explanitory.

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If my memory serves me, it was Azar and
Anne Hedonia who let RP know he is an
Honorary SHODDS Member/Brother.

oocities.org has archived the old SHODDS website - last updated on 13 October 2001. The links on this oocities.org archive site no longer work and I will do my best to hunt down that original content and archive it here at Semper Fi.

In and around 2002 or 2003 the creator of this SHODDS website and the SHODDS mailing list handed ownership of the group over to me. A SHODDS section hasn't been officially a part of Semper Fi since 2005.

This section of Semper Fi is a work in progress as I will be going through some very old data CDs and DVDs to search out content for the sake of nostalgia for this SHODDS Museum.

The original SHODDS Mailing List still exists today and you are welcome to join it. Discussion doesn't take place much anymore, I use it to keep any SHODDSisters or SHODDSBrothers updated about Semper Fi. For active discussions, please join the Semper Fi Facebook group! Thank you!

Award from the DoggettDames Website


WIB stands for Women In Black*, it was a John Doggett and DSR defense squad of sorts back in the day when Doggett (and Robert Patrick) were receiving a lot of hate from the fandom. Unfortunately, this hatred, and the flames that came with being a fan of either Doggett or the DSR, left a lot of fans disheartened with taking part in the online X-Files fandom.

Members of the WIB took it upon themselves to defend John Doggett from the scum of the universe. We would get into discussions (some which turned to arguments) in the name of defending John Doggett, the DSR, and his/its fans until the bitter end.

* a play on the name of the movie "Men In Black"

Each member of the WIB received their own Doggtags (mine is shown above) that listed their agent name, position in the WIB, and their weapon of choice.

The WIB didn't exist for too long because we quickly realized you can't argue reason with stupid and irrational Mulder/Scully 'shippers, Mulderites, and Duchovbots. So though we still enjoyed the memories of defending Doggett and the DSR in private, we gave up on arguing with fools, it wasn't worth the effort or the time spent articulating rebuttles to their comments.



(I actually own a copy of this D/S Zine)
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