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Semper Fi is a fanfic archive for Doggett/Scully relationship (DSR) fiction, as well as an archive of fanfic that features John Doggett as a prominent character. While DSR fanfic is most prominent in this archive, you will also find other types of Doggett fiction here (ex: slash, Doggett/Other, Scully-centric, Mulder/Scully that includes Doggett as a prominent character, etc.). What you will NOT find on this archive are any stories that feature Doggett and Reyes in a relationship. If you are looking for DRR fanfic, I'll tell you now that you need to look elsewhere. I am always accepting new fanfic submissions for this archive, whether you wrote your story back in 2000 or yesterday, please do send it my way for consideration. Thank you!

"Confrontations" (FRVS) by Cassie
"#WTF" (FRVS) by Kristi & Cassie
"X-Files: Patience 2" by Jassyk

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Doggett & DSR FRVS
Episode Recommendations

About FRVS
Fox & Rat Virtual Series (FRVS) is the ONLY online The X-Files virtual series to feature the Doggett/Scully relationship. John Doggett joins the series in its third season and the relationship between he and Dana slowly grows until it comes to fruition. FRVS started as a comedy, explored drama and action, and became well-established as a dramedy - successfully blending comedy with drama. FRVS is AU (though themes common to the actual X-Files series are included), and includes a variety of popular and unpopular XF characters (and varying pairings). Enjoy!

"Oh my god, your series is the best! I just finished all the episodes up to ''The New Establishment'' in one sitting, and this is the first work of fan fiction that actually makes me laugh out loud (I know I'm a freak, who cares?). I love the way that the characters are all wacky since the XF is so damn serious all the time. Keep up the x-cellent (he he) work, I will be reading (duh!)." - Ratgirl

3x09 "The Almost Perfect Night"
3x19 "Game Night"
5x08 "Picking Up The Tab"
5x18 "Scully's 'Alone' Time"
6x00 "European Voyage: La Vie En Rose" (2 of 4)
6x14 "Silent Night"
6x16 "The Burden of Intuition"
7x21 "Not So Easy"
8x01 "The Last Heart"
8x04 "Silent Promise"
8x09 "Disclosure"
8x14 "Moving On Up"
8x20 "The Second Friday"
8x21 "One of Their Own"
8x23 "A Dozen Roses"
8x24 "Face To Face"
8x25 "Semper Fi"
9x05 "Memento"
9x16 "Sub Rosa"
10x00 "Save The Future: Whitefall" (3 of 3)
10x01 "City At Sea"
10x03 "Embrace The Suck"
10x05 "Crossover" (FRVS/Fringe)
10x09 "Black Friday"
11x05 "Jersey #7"
11x06 "Trouble In Paradise"

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13 December 2017
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If you are an author looking for information to research John Doggett or Dana Scully, just click on their names for access to Semper Fi's in-depth biographies! If you are looking to research the Doggett/Scully relationship (DSR) just click here for the best information on the 'ship on the 'net!

I've started an archive of my fanfic recommendations. These stories can be Doggett/DSR, but I also have recommendations for Mulder/Scully, and other uncon' pairings for "The X-Files." Click here to check them out.


To submit your story to the Semper Fi archive, please follow these guildelines listed below. Then send your story to: [email protected]

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- No character bashing. This is FANfic, not hatefic.

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NOTE: All stories submitted are subject to archivist approval before being added to the archive. Semper Fi does NOT archive Doggett/Reyes relationship (DRR) stories unless it is pro-Doggett/Scully relationship (DSR) in some way.

Please use the legend below to label your story's category. Thank you.

DSR = Doggett/Scully romance/relationship (UST, RST)
DSF = Doggett/Scully friendship (UST)
DS/UST = Doggett/Scully unresolved sexual tension
DS/RST = Doggett/Scully resolved sexual tension
D/Om = Doggett/Other Male (say who "other" is)
D/Of = Doggett/Other Female (say who "other" is)
JD = Doggett (centric: no overt romantic affiliations)
DS = Scully (centric: no overt romantic affiliations)
B = Barbara (before/during/after marriage)
L = Luke (before/during/after death)
MOTW = Monster of the Week casefile
MYTHARC = XF mythology/alien conspiracy
MSR = Mulder/Scully relationship
MSF = Mulder/Scully friendship
DRR = Doggett/Reyes relationship
DRF = Doggett/Reyes friendship
DRP = Doggett/Reyes FBI partnership (casefile)

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