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These are fanfics from "The X-Files" that I have enjoyed over the years. I do have a good handful (or two) of Doggett/Scully fanfic recommendations listed here, but I will also be sharing recommendations of other pairings, character-centric stories, and non-romance stories that I like. I love these stories, and I hope that you do too. Enjoy!





by L.M. Shard
NC17 - Doggett and Scully are called out to investigate a potential X-file in Egypt, sucking them into a perilous journey for survival.

by Anne Hedonia
NC17 - An exploration of what is, in my opinion and in the proper situation, a very sexy phrase.

by Anne Hedonia
R - After talking the talk, Scully faces the walk.

by Sophia Jirafe
R - "Stupid--yes, stupid to think he wouldn't guess."

"Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart"
by gorgclaud
PG - Just after Scully and Mulder run away like fugitives, X-Files shut down, Doggett forms a new identity and rides his bike to his cabin far away. We return to him 14 years after...

"Not Even Underneath A Mistletoe"
by Dana Doggett
PG - The best Christmas presents aren't always the ones that you find wrapped underneath a tree.

by Jenna Tooms
NC17 - Scully seeks a safe place, and finds it.

"Sin Titulo"
by Lisa K.
PG13 - Doggett thinks he should have made that left turn at Albuquerque.

"Souvenirs of a Day Gone By"
by Paige Caldwell
NC17 - "In a world where only serial numbers distinguish life from death, John Doggett has become my one in five billion...."

"Victoria's Secret Revealed"
by Forbes
NC17 - Scully and Doggett get to play baby-sitter to a witness' daughter, while discovering one or two things abou tlife, the universe and each other...

by Grace Thompson
What happened to Doggett's son? Why does he have a house, yet no wife? How did Doggett and Monica Reyes meet?

"Dance Without Sleeping"
by Lydia Bower
R - Mulder/Scully - Scully learns to live with her cancer and take back control of her life.

"Falling Beautifully Out of Place"
by Dana Doggett
PG - Mulder/Scully, Doggett/Scully - Scully struggles with her relationship with Mulder. Doggett is there to offer up his advice.

"A Time To Heal"
by Harrahgirl
R - Skinner/Reyes - This story takes place during the period immediately following the funeral of Fox Mulder in Dead/Alive, but before his exhumation and eventual resuscitation.

"Truest Truths"
by CindyET
NC17 - Mulder/Scully - What if the unthinkable once happened to "Dana"? Years later, how would "Scully" cope?

by Magdeleine
R - Here there be Pigs.

by Forte
R - MulderAngst, ScullyAngst - A possible ending for Orison.

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