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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Doggett love Scully?

Yes, Doggett loves Scully. You can read more about it from Carter, Spotnitz, and Patrick on this page. The fact that Doggett is in love with Scully is canon for the series.

Does Scully love Doggett?

There is no hard evidence available to fans for the answer to this to be "yes", but it can be determined from the episodes that Scully did come to care a lot for Doggett, in her own words to Mulder in season 8's "Empedocles": "He's worth the effort, Mulder." This is just one example of Scully showing the audience how much she cares for Doggett.

Are you a Robert/Gillian 'shipper? I see your manips on this website and can't help but think that you 'ship the actors.

No. I do not, have not, and will not ever 'ship Robert and Gillian. The manipulations archived on this website are intended to be interpreted as Doggett/Scully manipulations (and to create manipulations one can use images outside of "The X-Files."

Why keep on maintaining a site dedicated the Doggett/Scully relationship after all these years, especially since the two never actually got romantically involved?

Because I still like the potential of a Doggett/Scully relationship. It doesn't matter that they never got and never will get involved. The DSR lives on in fanfic, fanvids, and fan fun!

Why keep on maintaining a site dedicated to John Doggett and the Doggett/Scully relationship after all these years?

Do you know of any other site with as much John Doggett and DSR content as Semper Fi? I didn't think so. I am keeping this website online for the fans of Doggett and the DSR, be it they were fans from the beginning in 2000, or are new to "The X-Files" series and are just now falling in love with Doggett and/or the DSR. Just because the fanbase for JD/DSR is small doesn't mean that it cannot have a fansite.

Will John Doggett be in the (possible) third "The X-Files" movie?

Back in 2015, after "The X-Files" Revival was announced, Robert Patrick was quoted as saying the quotes below. So no, it does not appear that Doggett will be involved in any future X-Files small screen or big screen outings.

“I’ll set the record straight with you. I’m not going to do it... I’m very happy with the job I have. I’m on CBS—that’s a different network—and I’m content and happy and I don’t really see a reason to go and revisit that show. It’s not that I wouldn’t be interested … I just don’t know what the reason is to both at the same time.” - Robert Patrick

"I had time to think about, 'Do I want to revisit that character?' and I wasn't so sure I did. When I left the show, the show was a hit, it was still doing well in the ratings, I was not sure why they were pulling the plug on it to begin with. And at the time, I was really ready to let that play. I was committed to doing it for five years. It was a great part of my life but there's no way I can do both." - Robert Patrick

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What happened to the "Doggett In XF3 Please" section?

After the second X-Files movie, I realized that there's no way that I want Chris Carter to write for John Doggett again, IMO, the character destruction would be disasterous. Because I no longer want to see John Doggett in any canonical representation of "The X-Files," I removed the "Doggett In XF3 Please" campaign section.

I'm content going on with Doggett as nostalgia. I will always love him in the 8th and 9th seasons, and I have no need to see him again.

Why do you say that Semper Fi is the definitive website for John Doggett?

I say this because I know of no other website online that has this much in-depth character information regarding the John Doggett character. I also know that sites that contain minimal information regarding the character have posted incorrect information. I've researched the content on this website, I've watched the episodes over and over again. I'm 99% certain that the information on this site is 100% accurate. If you do find anything incorrect on the site, please feel free to contact me and let me know and I will add the information to this site after checking its accuracy.

Why do you like the idea of a relationship between Doggett and Scully?

I think John and Dana are a perfect match. In the real world, IMO, these two people would end up together. They share similar values and goals, and the respect they have for each other was hard-won. There are so many reasons why Doggett/Scully is my "The X-Files" OTP, but I will direct you to one of the most perfect explanations of "why Doggett/Scully?" with Linzee's essay "Second Chances."

I feel all alone in my love for John Doggett and the Doggett/Scully Relationship, where can I go to talk to other DSR fans about my favorite relationship?

You are not alone in your love of the DSR, there are still fans out there that love to discuss our favorite couple. The DSR fanbase has quieted down considerably in the years since "The X-Files" series ended in 2002, but there is a small group of DSR fans that are still joining together online and talking about the DSR and other topics related to seasons 8 and 9 of "The X-Files", and John Doggett. Most of the active fans I know of are members of the Semper Fi Facebook Group, please join up on this forum and help us get it in action!

I'm a fan of the Mulder/Scully relationship, but I also like the Doggett/Scully relationship, is that ok?

Yes! Absolutely! I, myself, am a "multi-'shipper." Thought DSR is my OTP, I also enjoy 'ships like Doggett/Marita, Doggett/Barbara, Doggett/Mulder, Skinner/Scully, Krycek/Scully, Follmer/Scully, Scully/Reyes, Doggett/McMahon, and even a little bit of Mulder/Scully (I love their 'ship as dysfunctional, I love seeing their 'ship fall apart, but I also love the UST between M&S in the first four seasons of the series). My list of unconventional 'ships can go on and on so I'll stop there. So yeah, go ahead and 'ship both MSR and DSR! That's perfect!

I love the DSR and all, but from what I saw Chris Carter was pushing a relationship between Doggett and Reyes? I hate to be disappointed so I think I should stop supporting the DSR and just support the DRR, even though I don't necessarily like it. What else am I supposed to do?

I've watched a few online friends jump the DSR ship because they were afraid of being disappointed and not getting what they wanted - a relationship between Doggett and Scully - so they decided to stop supporting the Doggett/Scully relationship and hopped onto the Doggett/Reyes bandwagon. That was their choice, and I support the choice to choose which pairing (no matter how odd or unlikely) someone wants to 'ship, however, if you really, truly, honestly and sincerely are a fan of the Doggett/Scully relationship, don't drop it for a pairing that you don't feel passionately about. It's all right to support a fictional relationship that is never going to come to fruition. Because this is fandom, you can search out fanfic, music videos, other fans, etc. to enjoy Doggett/Scully. You may be disappointed if Doggett actually hooks up romantically with Reyes, but when and if (please Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz don't ruin the Doggett character by doing that) that happens you can always come back to Semper Fi and get a good dose of Doggett/Scully to cure your feelings of disappointment.

I have content (images, information, etc.) to contribute to the site, where do I send it?

Please send any content submissions to this email address: [email protected]. Please let me know in the body of your email what username you'd like to be credited with, your email address, and any website URL (if applicable) you would like me to link back to. Please note that all submissions are subject to approval before being accepted to the site. I do NOT accept Doggett/Reyes relationship - aka romance - fanfic, artwork, banners, fanvids, etc.

Where do you get your images from?

I have picked up images on the web of John Doggett and "The X-Files" seasons 8 and 9 since the year 2000. I do not recall which sites the images were found on. I have so many I never kept track of that information. Screen captures were done by me, Dana Doggett, nobody else.

You don't have a lot of fanfic archived on the site, why? There's tons of Doggett fanfic out there.

The fanfic archive on Semper Fi is just an archive of Doggett/Scully, and Doggett-centric stories that I have read that I've really, really, really liked. The fanfic archive here is not intended to be a large collection of Doggett stories.

I can't find images of Robert Patrick or Gillian Anderson, where are they?

Semper Fi is planning to put together a Robert Patrick and Gillian Anderson section in 2016, which will include a limited photo gallery to include photoshoots, movie/TV stills, and screen captures. Stay tuned!

Why don't you include Doggett/Reyes (DRR) content?

I have absolutely zero interest in the Reyes character. She's my least favorite character of the X-Files series, therefore Doggett/Reyes content is not archived on Semper Fi. I am not a fan of their FBI partnership, nor of the idea of a romantic relationship between them. I stopped including Doggett/Reyes (DRR) content on this website back in 2004 and have absolutely no plans to ever include such content again.

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Where can I send fan mail to Robert Patrick and Gillian Anderson? I'm not completely sure of the accuracy of these mailing addresses, but this is the information I found regarding sending Robert fan mail. Addresses found through FanMail.biz.

(last checked 24 January 2016)

FanMail.biz - Robert Patrick
FanMail.biz - Gillian Anderson

Robert Patrick
Manhattan Beach Studios
1600 Rosecrans Avenue
Bldg. 1B
3rd Floor
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Robert Patrick
Coronel Group
1100 Glendon Avenue
17th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90024-3588

Gillian Anderson
Independent Talent Group Ltd.
40 Whitfield Street
London W1T 2RH

Gillian Anderson
Untitled Entertainment
350 S. Beverly Dr.
Suite 200
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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