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Agent John Doggett joined the FBI from the New York City Police Department, where he served as a Detective in the Fugitive Division's Warrant section. Approaching all of his investigations like a doubting cop, he believes that everything can be explained with standard police techniques. So it is no surprise that after only five years at the Bureau, he is assigned by Deputy Director Kersh to run the task force looking for Mulder. Although he may be set up to fail, Doggett has resigned himself to solve the case.

Masters and doctoral degrees in Public Administration from Syracuse University prove Doggett's willingness to conform to the government's blueprint. He is the consummate insider on the fast track to success. Previous to his police work, Doggett held the rank of Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps' Amphibious Unit and played a role in the Multi-National Peacekeeping Force for Lebanon Development. With six years in the military, he retired with commendations after being wounded in the line of duty.

1983 - 1986

John Doggett obtained his Masters, PhD. in Public Administration and his Juris Doctorate from Syracuse University from 1983 through 1986. He likely was enrolled in the joint degree program which is designed to help students obtain two degrees in a shorter amount of time that it would take to obtain the degrees through separate programs.

Juris Doctorate (JD) - a person can practice law and has a wide range of career opportunites. Liscenced attorneys are employed as corporate in house counsel, risk managers, legistative analysts, technology licensing officers, contract administrators and in a host of other positions.

Master of Public Administration (MPA) - prepares individuals for careers as managers and policy analysts in government agencies and organizations closely associated with the public sector.

The Department of Public Administration / Syracuse University College of Law offers a joint JD/MPA program - six semesters and one interim summer of course work.

Students will work to gain concrete skills/knowledge in policy analysis, analytical framework and skills with which to better analyze public policies/processes, and to determine best solutions for improvement. They will gain skills and knowledge in the area of program management so students can implement programs and put into practive the solutions defined as best through careful analysis. Also they will gain understanding in public sector and institutional context. All programs are designed to meet larger public policy/management goals must occur in a public (organizational, economic, sociental, political) context - and understanding of the dynamics at work in these settings is critical for successful implementation.

The JD/MPA joint degree program is a longstanding and popular joint degree that exists between the Department of Public Administration and Syracuse University College of Law. Students can prepare for a career that rests on the nexus of law and public administration with the JD/MPA degree. Students must apply and be admitted to both programs seperately and will complete the entire first year in the College of Law prior to matriculation into the MPA degree. Due to the calendar nature of the MPA program, this challenging joint degree, one of the oldest of its kind anywhere, can be completed in three years (the same time needed for a JD alone).

Career Opportunities
Completion of the JD/MPA program opens many doors to careers in the public sector. Knowledge of the law is vital to both appointed and elected officials at the federal, state and local levels of government. Likewise, knowledge of how government works - including how public policy is created and public dollars are appropriated and spent - is vital to the practice of law in public organizations.

Graduates with JD/MPA may have careers as attorneys in local, state or federal agencies and be administrators in the agencies.

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United States Marine Corps
1977 - 1983

United States Marine Corps, 24th Marine Amphibious Unit, 2nd Marine Sergeant E-5

1 September 1982 - 30 October 1983
Multi-National Peacekeeping Force, Lebanon Development

John Doggett served with the United States Marine Corps from 1977 until he retired with commendations six years later in 1983 after being wounded in the line of duty.

Training - Bootcamp
Male applicants to the USMC must be within the ages of 17 - 28. According to Doggett's FBI record, he was assigned to the MAU in 1977. In 1977 Doggett would have been 17 years old, he applied for the Marines at the youngest age allowed. Recruits go through 12 weeks of training which include: general military subjects, swim week, marksmanship training, team week, A-line, Basic Warrior Training, The Crucible and Graduation. From what we know of Doggett it is safe to say that he trained at the Recruit Training Depot in Parris Island, South Carolina (since recruits who live east of the Mississippi were sent there for training). Basic training is followed by a period of advanced schooling in small unit tactics and weaponry at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

"The first dead body I saw, I was 19 and a Marine."
In "Badlaa" Doggett tells Scully that the first dead body he saw was when he was 19 years old (1979) and a Marine. Based on the Marines memorabilia in Doggett's house (Marines book on coffee table, USMC t-shirt, framed photographs of men dressed in camouflage, etc.) we can see that Doggett is proud of his accomplishments while he was active in the Marines and that he continues to be proud of the Corps after his retirement.

Multi-National Peacekeeping Force
According to The X-Files series, Doggett played a role in the Multi-National Peacekeeping Force for Lebanon Development from 1 September 1982 until 30 October 1983. Given these dates, we can assume that Doggett was stationed at the 1st Battalion, 8th Marine BLT (Battalion Landing Team) Headquarters building, located at the Beirut International Airport.

Beirut, Lebanon
Before the 24th MAU was sent to Beirut, Lebanon to relieve the 32d MAU of their duties (support the Lebanese Armed Forces), they were stationed at Camp Lejeune. On October 30, 1982 the 24th relieved the 32d MAU. For 21 days in December 1982, the 24th MAU trained Lebanese Armed Forces. The 75 Lebanese soldiers received training in basic infantry skills and helicopter assaults. On 15 February 1983, the 32d MAU (redesignated 22d MAU) returned to Lebanon to relieve the 24th MAU. The 24th MAU returned on May 30th to relieve the 22d. During the following months the Marines conducted patrols with the Lebanese Army. The commanding officer of the 24th MAU allowed his Marines to tour Beirut by bus and to visit local historical sites of interest. They also enjoyed port visits to Greece and Turkey. Marines in Beirut cross-trained with French and Italian peacekeepers. Perhaps Doggett picked up a little of the French and Italian languages.

The months leading up to the October 23rd suicide attack on the Marine barracks at the Beirut International Airport were filled with increased violence toward the Lebanese Army, the airport and the multinational force. On 28 August 1983, the a combat outpost came under fire from semiautomatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades. Marines returned fire for the first time on this date with rifles and M-60 machine guns. There was no friendly casualties after 90 minutes of fighting. On August 31st the Department of Defense authorized hostile fire pay of $65 per month for Marines and sailors of the 24th MAU serving in Lebanon.

On 26 September 1983 a cease-fire went into effect at 6 A.M. It was announced by Saudi Arabian and Syrian officials in Damascus and was supported by Druze (group who had been attacking the armed forces in Beirut) Talks began about the formation of a new coalition government for Lebanon. Marine casualties to date: 5 killed, 49 wounded. Despite the cease-fire attacks continued in Beirut against the Marines (snipers). Four Marines were wounded at an attempt to ambush a Marine convoy with a car bomb on October 19th, the attempt was thwarted.

Beirut International Airport Terrorist Act: 23 October 1983
On Sunday, 23 October 1983 at 6:22 A.M., a truck loaded with explosives crashed through the security perimeter of the United States Marine Corps Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon. In the explosion that followed, 241 U.S. Military personnel were killed and 80 seriously wounded. Most died while sleeping or were crushed when the building collapsed. Thirteen C-141 aircraft Marine replacement began the same day. Wounded Marines were flown to West Germany for medical care and were visited by the Commandant of Marine Corps on 25 October 1983. On 19 November 1983, the 24th MAU was relieved by the 22d MAU.

These young people, on a mission of peace in a land stricken by violence, were killed as they slept. Twenty-one (21) of the young American victims of this cowardly act were returned to the United States and were buried near one another in Section 59 of Arlington National Cemetery. Near their gravesites is planted a Cedar of Lebanon tree which commemorates their sacrifice.

Doggett was the 2nd Marine Sergeant (E-5) in the 24th MAU and played a role in the Multi-National Peacekeeping Force for Lebanon Development. With six years in the military, he retired with commendations after being wounded in the line of duty. Given this information on his retirement, we can assume that he was wounded during the Beirut International Airport Terrorist Act.

John Doggett and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can be produced by experiencing or witnessing severly threatening, uncontrollable events with a sense of fear, helplessness or horror.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Doggett could suffer from this because he was in Beirut and possibly at the Beirut International Airport at the time of the terrorist attack on 23 October 1983. If this is true, he would have seen many of his friends die - men who he trained with while at Parris Island. He may have blamed himself for not being able to help them after the attack.

Symptoms include: haunting memories of attack, nightmares of attack, a numbed social withdrawl, jumpiness, anxiety or depression, a sense of basic trust erodes, fearful wariness, and hoplessness about the future.

To calm anxiety, sufferers of PTSD sometimes drink. Combat stress more than doubled a veteran's risk of alcohol abuse, depression or anxiety.

PTSD is experienced by combat veterans, accident/disaster survivors, and sexual assault victims.

Psychological disorders and suicide attempts were most common among veterans who felt responsible for a trauma, because they had either killed someone or failed to prevent a death.

Many still experience nightmares, have trouble sleeping and concentrating and find themselves easily startled - especially so for those exposed to savage mutilation, torture or the sight of a friend's death. Much as they might wish to avoid or suppress the memory, it continues to intrude. PTSD can effect a person at any time - days after a traumatic event or years after.

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Work History
1987 - Present

New York Police Department, Detective, Fugitive Warrant Division

1995: Graduate FBI National Academy (Quantico)

1995 - 2000: Special Agent, Criminal Investigations Division

2000 - 2002: Special Agent, X-Files Division. During the rest of 2002 and beyond it is unknown if Doggett and Reyes were able to continue their work in the X-Files Division since the office was torn apart and their files stolen ("The Truth").

2002 - 2008: Special Agent, FBI - unknown assignment

2008 - present: Special Agent, FBI - Counter-Terrorist Operations

1987 - 1995

From 1987 until 1995, John Doggett worked as a Detective with the New York Police Department in the Fugitive Division's Warrant section. This section is responsible for apprehending persons wanted on felony bench warrants, indictment warrants and arrest warrants. They work closely with investigators from other state and federal law enforcement agencies (Parole, US Marshals, FBI).

For Doggett to have graduated Quantico in 1995, he would have been attending Quantico classes and training at the same time that he was a Detective with the NYPD. This is a common practice for police officers if they have the opportunity to go to Quantico to receive extra training.

It takes two years to graduate from Quantico, so Doggett would have started there in 1993. Theoretically he may have done this to help cope with his grief after his son died and he and his wife divorced. Men often overwork themselves to deal with grief, that way they don't have to face or show their emotions - they can set their emotions aside by focusing on all their work.

1995 - 2000

After graduating from Quantico, Doggett was given his first assignment as a Special Agent (SA). He was assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division. The FBI assigns new agents a minimum of four years to their first assignment. By 1999 Doggett would have had the opportunity to request a preferred assignment if he did not like his first. It is possible that an agent could be transferred within the time of their first assignment based on the staffing needs of the FBI.

Since the CID (Criminal Investigations Division) also takes care of child abduction cases, it's easy to see why he would have stayed assigned to that division by the time his first assignment was up. He could help find missing children and help families reunite - something that didn't happen with his family.

Other responsibilities of the CID are to compile information to substantiate the existence of criminal activity, for obtaining evidence to identify, arrest and convict those who violate the law, for locating stolen property and for providing assistence to those victimized by the criminal actions of others. Also responsible for assisting and preparing criminal cases, which are brought before the courts (perhaps this is how he met friend Martin Wells), homicide, robbery, sex crimes, narcotics and organized crime (maybe this is how Bob Harvey first discovered Luke Doggett - he could have known about John Doggett and got information on his family), collect evidence, identify perpetrators, fraud.

2000 - 2002

In 2000, Doggett was assigned as the task force leader to find missing Special Agent Fox Mulder. After turning in a report that included inconclusive findings, Deputy Director Kersh reassigned Doggett to the X-Files Division. Doggett was assigned partner to Special Agent Dana Scully, to investiate unexplained phenomena. Kersh may have set him up to fail in the FBI.

In 2001, Doggett assigns Special Agent Monica Reyes as his new partner after he suspects Kersh is involved in some government alien conspiracy. Reyes remains his partner after Scully gives birth to her son (William) and decides to teach at Quantico rather than return to field work in the X-Files Division. Doggett frequently calls upon Scully for her advice, expertise and assistance in their cases.

In 2002, after Mulder is sentenced to death for murdering Knowle Rohrer; Doggett, Skinner and Kersh break Mulder out to save his life. Doggett and Reyes return to D.C. only to find everything taken out of their office, everything has disappeared, we do not know if Doggett and Reyes continued to work for the FBI or not, or if they too are destined to live life on the run for helping a convicted murderer escape the death penalty.

2002 - 2016

In early 2008, Fox Mulder was pulled out of hiding to assist the FBI on a case involving a missing FBI agent. In the "I Want To Believe" Blu-ray special features titled "The Dakota Whitney Files" Agent Whitney writes:

Given that the X-Files have long been shut down, and that the last two agents assigned to them, John Doggett and Monica Reyes, are currently engaged in high priority counter-terrorist operations, I strongly recommed that we determine the whereabouts of Agent Fox Mulder and bring him in as an unofficial consultant to the investigation.

So sometime between 2002 and 2008, John Doggett was reassigned to the FBI's counter-terrorism division, and that is likely where he has been since then and to present (June 2016).

When the IDW Season 10 comics were first announced, Chris Carter stated that the stories would be canon for the series, since FOX gave the green light for the 2016 "The X-Files" Revival series, Carter took that back and the IDW season 10 and season 11 stories are not considered canon. To read information about Doggett in the IDW season 10 comics (he was not mentioned/included/seen in IDW X-Files Season 11), you can click here.

John Doggett was not included in, nor was he given any mention in the canonical FOX "The X-Files" 2016 Revival episodes. No further canonical information is available after what we know of him from the "I Want To Believe" movie special features. It is unlikely that we will see John Doggett again as Robert Patrick was quoted as saying that he has no interest in looking to the past, and returning to past roles (ie: the Terminator franchise, The X-Files). When asked if he would return to "The X-Files," Robert Patrick had this to say:

“I’ll set the record straight with you. I’m not going to do it. I’m very happy with the job I have. I’m on CBS—that’s a different network—and I’m content and happy and I don’t really see a reason to go and revisit that show. It’s not that I wouldn’t be interested … I just don’t know what the reason is to both at the same time.” - Robert Patrick
(credit: The Mary Sue - 3 June 2015)

Joe Farrah | Gene Crane | Dana Scully | Walter Skinner | Alvin Kersh | Fox Mulder
Brad Follmer | Monica Reyes | Leyla Harrison

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Luke John Doggett
1986 - 1993

In season 8 we were given different dates in regards to Luke's birth and death. The information below has taken the information about Luke from the season 9 episode "Release" and We Shall Not Forget views this information as the correct and intended information for the character since it was used in the episode that resolved the case.

Name: Luke John Doggett (deceased)
Date of Birth: January 6, 1986
Height: 48"
Weight: 52 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

Date of Last Contact: August 13, 1993

Episodes mentioning the LukeArc
Invocation, Empedocles, John Doe, Release. Some may also argue that "Within" is the first episode in which the case is referenced. Doggett says that he understands "obsession". We learn later on that Doggett has an obsession with solving his son's unsolved case.

There has been some confusion among fans online as to who actually killed Luke Doggett. Some say it was Brad Follmer and some say it was Nicholas Rigali. Well I can tell you that after viewing "Release" several times now, that it was Nicholas Rigali.

In "Release", we find out that Luke was taken by Bob Harvey (the guy who died in the teaser to "Empedocles" in Season 8 - a pedophile). Bob Harvey was in business with mobster/businessman Nicholas Rigali, who walked in on Harvey and Luke. Because Luke saw Rigali's face, he killed him so he couldn't be identified.

When John Doggett went to speak with Rigali "as a father", Rigali did what most criminals will do when unable to say that they committed a crime, he told about how it "could have happened", using the second person to talk about himself, reliving/recalling the crime. As Rigali described to Doggett what happened to Luke, he was admitting that he had killed Luke, even though he did not state "I killed Luke". When Rigali says that the businessman (himself) never did anything to the "little boy", Rigali is rationalizing what he did (kill Luke), making it right in his mind, as if he didn't do anything wrong, especially since he (Rigali) was not the man that molested the child. Being the good ex-cop/special agent that Doggett is, he knew exactly what Rigali was doing when speaking in the second person and when he was rationalizing what happened. Which is why Doggett was going for his gun to shoot Rigali, to kill the man who murdered his son (the one thing that I think would make Doggett kill a man). However, Brad Follmer got to Rigali first and shot and killed him, after coming to the realization that he had been taking bribe money which let Rigali get away with the murder back in 1993, when Follmer was the Assistant Director In Charge of the New York field office. In 1993, Follmer did not know that the money he was accepting had kept Luke's murderer (and his molestor) free men.

As to why Brad Follmer killed Rigali, well he did that because there was no other way out of his deal with Rigali (Brad took bribes to keep Rigali on the streets). Brad wanted out of this deal and Rigali threatened to expose Brad to the public. When Brad questioned Rigali if he was involved in the death of Doggett's son, he could tell that Rigali was lying to him when he answered "no". It was at this point that Brad gave thought as to how many other people Rigali could have killed or will kill because of him taking bribes. Brad couldn't live knowing what he allowed to happen, and he decided to take out Rigali.

I really hope this all makes sense to you, it does to me. I just want to make it clear to some fans that Brad Follmer isn't the scum that some think he is. He didn't kill Luke, he helped bring down the man who did. Brad will pay for his actions, but at least he will have a clear conscience because he helped Doggett close the case of his son.

If you are interested in looking deeper into the mind of a criminal, I suggest you pick up John Douglas' "The Anatomy of Motive". It was from this publication that I got the information about criminals telling "what could happen" and speaking in the second person about themselves when talking about their crime. Because of this, I have no doubt that Nicholas Rigali killed Luke Doggett. You shouldn't either because if John Doggett was going out of the bar after Rigali, with his hand on his weapon, that's got to tell you that Doggett knows Rigali did it too.

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Barbara Doggett
John Doggett's Ex-Wife

According to the "Release" script, John and Barbara married when they were young. It came as no surprise to her that their marriage didn't last.

"I can't help him, Dana. We got married too young. After Luke died, there was no pretending it worked anymore." - Barbara (page 30, 9ABX16 "Release" (FINAL) 02/25/02)

John and Barbara divorced soon after the murder of their son, Luke, in August of 1993. The two seemed to have split amicably, though when John goes to visit Barbara in season nine's episode "Release", there seems to be lasting tension between them when the topic turns to their son. It seems as if Barbara has let go of her relationship with John and wants to see him happy and involved with someone again, however, if facial expressions give anything away, it is quite obvious that John is still very fond of his ex despite his feelings towards Dana Scully.

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Dana Katherine Scully
The One John Doggett Loves

Though the partnership and friendship between John and Dana never blossomed into anything more, enough hints were given to the audience that both characters were interested in each other. Chris Carter wrote about Doggett's feelings for Scully in the season nine script to "Trust No 1", stating:

"If Mulder's safety is Doggett's paramount desire, his desire for Scully is always at war with his honor." (from the "Trust No 1" script)

One of the most sincere displays of Scully's attraction to Doggett happened in season eight's "Medusa", when Doggett is getting out of his hospital bed, wearing only an open-back hospital gown, and Scully enters the room and gives him a good head-to-toe up and down look, with a slight raise of her eyebrow. After John accidentally turns his back to her in said hospital gown, she does her best not to blush and he gives her a look that says "I know you like what you saw" before stepping behind a curtain to change.

Even after Scully left the X-Files Division for a teaching position at Quantico in season nine, she and John continued to call on one another in times of need and for comfort (and began using "John" and "Dana" with each other). If Mulder had never returned from the dead, I truly believe that Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz would have pursued a relationship between Doggett and Scully. Unfortunately, that was not the case. (though I like to think that there's still a chance that Scully will realize what she left behind and will leave Mulder and go back to Doggett and live that happy and normal life that she's always wanted)

You can read more in-depth information about Dana Scully on this page.

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Ryan Bracker
Served with Doggett in the 24th MAU in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983.

Roger Erickson
Served with Doggett in the 24th MAU in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983.

Steven Maeda
Served with Doggett in the 24th MAU in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983. Doggett called him to inquire about information regarding McMahon, at the end of the call they expressed an interest in getting together for a beer sometime.

Shannon McMahon
Episodes: NIHT 1, NIHT 2
Served with Doggett in the Marine Corps in Beirut, Lebanon. Was entered into a government project out of Bravo Company to become a Super Soldier. She does not like what she has become.

Monica Reyes
Episodes: Empedocles, Essence, Existence, season 9
Was the head investigator in Luke Doggett's disappearance in 1993 up in New York, and failed to solve the case. She suddenly transferred to the New Orleans field office after ending her relationship with her superior, Brad Follmer, in 1999. She was brought onto the Mulder disappearance case by Doggett in 2000, and was later transferred to the X-Files Division in 2001.

Knowle Rohrer
Episodes: Per Manum, Three Words, NIHT 1, NIHT 2, The Truth
Served with Doggett in the Marine Corps in Beirut, Lebanon. Has helped Doggett obtain hard to get information in the past. He was recruited out of Bravo Company by the government into a project to become a Super Soldier.

Dana Scully
Episodes: season 8, season 9
Her friendship and partnership with Doggett started off on rocky ground, but Dana was quick to trust him, and their partnership, friendship, and relationship continued to grow through the 8th and 9th seasons of the series.

Martin & Vicki Wells
Episode: Redrum
Children: Courtney, Haley
As of 2000 hadn't seen Doggett in three years.

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Below are some observances I made about the John Doggett character by watching episodes of seasons 8 and 9 of "The X-Files" and by looking carefully at the interior of Doggett's house.

bike riding, racket ball, reading, watching NASCAR, fishing

- accepting the paranormal because that would mean he would have to accept that he didn't do everything he could to save his son.
- failure, he doesn't walk away from a case until he feels it's been properly solved.

- mucus
- other people bringing up Luke's case
- people digging into his personal life

Behaviour in hospital as a patient:
- impatient, he likes to buzz the nurses, ya know, just incase he's dying.

Behaviour in hospital (not a patient):
- doubts doctors and their diagnoses when those he cares about are the patient.

- traditional cop investigation is the best way to solve a case.
- feelings do not solve cases.
- everything can be explained with standard police techniques.

Food Likes:
- chocolate pop-tarts
- polish sausage with all the garnishes (from a stand on M Street "best in the city")
- Coca Cola
- black instant coffee

- fluent in English, speaks with a slight New York accent
- speaks limited Spanish ("Vienen", "John Doe")
- could know some French and Italian (see USMC)

- stubborn
- determined
- caring
- understanding
- hard worker
- leader
- confident
- private
- hot temper (when beliefs are challenged)
- willing to conform to government's blueprint

Movies Seen:
- Terminator 2: Judgement Day (refers to metal men in the movies in "Salvage")
- Ghostbusters (mentions the film in "Daemonicus")
- The Exorcist

Clothing Preferences:
- jeans
- T-shirt
- sweatshirt
- wears USMC T-shirt to bed
- wears boxers to bed
- wears suit, suit jacket and tie to work

Sleep Habits:
- prefers the left side of the bed
- tends to be a bed hog
- sometimes he sleeps in the center with both arms out covering both his pillows
- sleeps in a T-shirt with flannel pants/boxers
- sleeps shirtless sometimes
- does not close blinds in his bedroom
- does not have an alarm clock, he keeps his wrist watch on the nightstand next to his bed (healthy person trait? Waking up at the right time in the morning is a sign of a healthy lifestyle)
- slept through Sunday school (admitted this in "Underneath")

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I'll be archiving screen captures of the exterior and interior of Doggett's house throughout seasons 8 and 9 of "The X-Files". I've added comments about the pictures below the pictures of each episode. If you see something that I've overlooked, please contact me and let me know and I'll add it to the detailed descriptions I have of Doggett's house. Enjoy!


Living Room
One of the first things you'll notice about Doggett's house is that he has a lot of books, and that doesn't necessarily mean that he keeps them all on bookcases or shelves. The two books on his coffee table are "The Marines" by Edwin Simmons (buy at Amazon.com) and "Modern Flying Materials" (author unknown). There are two other coffee table books positioned under "Modern Flying Materials". The flooring in the house is wooden and tan colored carpet cut outs are placed in the hallway, the dining room (which Doggett uses as an office) and living room. Doggett keeps a pile of magazines in a container next to his chair in the living room. He has a brown leather couch with throw pillows (you'll see one of them on the floor next to the couch in this image, bottom left). You'll see in the first picture that there's a picture on the end table next to the couch, this could possibly be a picture of Doggett with two of his friends. Underneath his television he keeps a collection of video tapes. None of the titles can be read. There are a couple framed pictures on the mantle above the television in the fifth image, the black and white is a man and the other one is difficult to make out. Doggett's entertainment center is filled with books, a CD player, some CDs and a globe. There is a green fern plant underneath Doggett's "Championship Race" poster in the living room. There is a stone fireplace with mantel where Doggett keeps more framed pictures. He does not have curtains on the windows in his living room, he has wooden shutters. There are two doors (with windows) that can close in between the living room and the staircase heading upstairs to his bedroom.

Front Entry
The front door of the house has a large square window with curtains. When you walk in there is a table right in front of you that holds a lamp, there's an art montage of the FBI hanging on the wall by the front door. The carpet by the front door is a colored pattern, different than what is in the rest of the house. The switch plates around the lightswitch seem to be brass.

There's a small TV set on the bar counter in the kitchen and a bar stool (in this picture you can see that he buys bananas, they are right in front of the TV set). The floor of his kitchen is decorative tile, no carpet. Doggett keeps pantry items on a blue shelf in the kitchen.

He keeps a bike in his office area and up above the entry to the kitchen he has a racket ball racket and framed certificates. There are other framed pictures and certificates on the wall above his bike (they are not nailed into the wall). The desksurfaces in his office area are very cluttered and he seems to have brought home some FBI designed file storage boxeswhich he has on the floor next to his printer.

House Exterior
In this picture we can see outside that he has a white picket fence surrounding the front of his property. There seem to be a lot of trees.

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Sudden Temporary Onset of Mutism
Because of How Awesome Doggett Is

Name: John Jay Doggett
Birthdate: 4 April 1960
Birthplace: Atlanta, GA
Raised: Democrat Springs, GA
Residence: Falls Church, VA
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Weight: 190 lbs
Height: 6 ft.
Eye Glasses: Yes
FBI Service Number: A6-27109
Relationship Status: Divorced, single*

*It is interesting to note that in the IDW season 10 comic books (2013/2014/2015) that John Doggett is not drawn wearing a ring on his finger. We can assume that he is still single. And considering the IDW Season 10 comics were at first considered canon, it was in their plans for him not to be married to anyone at that time.

*There was no mention of him in FOX's 2016 "The X-Files" Revival either, so we can assume that he remains single until we find out/see otherwise. This leaves him available for Scully now that she and Mulder are no longer a couple.

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Children: Luke Doggett (Deceased, 1993)

Interesting to note that in "Without", Doggett refers to his father in the past tense, perhaps suggesting that his father has passed away. In "4-D", Reyes refers to his mother in the present tense, suggesting that his mother is still alive.

Left-handed: writing, shooting weapon
Right-handed: shooting weapon

1977-'83: 2nd Marine Sgt E-5
1983-'86: Syracuse University
(Masters/PhD Public Administration, Juris Doctorate)

1987-'95: Detective, NYPD
1995-present: Special Agent, FBI

Criminal Investigations, FBI

2000-'02: X-Files Division, FBI
2002-'08: Unknown
2008-present: Counter-Terrorist Operations, FBI

Wardrobe measurements
(from eBay wardrobe information on Robert Patrick)

Bust: Jacket - 39"
Waist: Pants - 34"
Length: Jacket - 34"
Length: Pants - 44"
Inseam: Pants - 32"
Shoulder-to-shoulder: 18"
Sleeve: Jacket - 25.5"

Back on 22 February 2012 I had to go to extreme measures to prove to a X-Files 'shipper that John Doggett is indeed a main character in the last two seasons of "The X-Files". I emailed series producer, Frank Spotnitz, and got this wonderful response from him to the question: Was John Doggett a main character in The X-Files in its last two seasons?

I’m puzzled by why the question would even be asked, but my answer is be an emphatic “yes.” - Frank Spotnitz

(Internet Archive log of Frank's response on BigLight)

"Flying is for birds and baseballs, USMC, sir."
(8x01 "Within")

"I'm not afraid of anything, except that maybe Mulder's got even you believing in this crap now." (8x02 "Without")

"My dad always said: 'It's not who wins or loses, it's who takes the worst beating that counts'." (8x02 "Without")

"V is for victory." (8x04 "Patience")

"You know I'm not Oxford educated, about all I know about the paranormal is 'men are from mars and women are from venus', but I don't think you're wrong Agent Scully." (8x04 "Patience")

"I just talked to a guy with a gun in his pocket, and I don't mean he was happy to see me."
(8x05 "Roadrunners")

"Can I hotwire it? Gone in sixty seconds, Jack."
(8x05 "Roadrunners")

"You know these words: "anomalous"... "supernatural"... "paranormal"... they purport to explain something by not explaining it. It's lazy." (8x06 "Invocation")

"Make sure I skip that freakin' meeting." (8x03 "Redrum")

"Just 'cause I'm assigned to the x-files, you want me to think like Scully and Mulder would, you've got the wrong guy. I need facts not wild ideas." (8x07 "Via Negativa")

"I'm not sure I'm awake." (8x07 "Via Negativa")

"In my dreams, I see... I saw terrible, violent images, that scared the living daylights out of me. These things are a part of me, I can't deny that, but... maybe, maybe they didn't come from me." (8x07 "Via Negativa")

"Calling Clark Kent." (8x09 "Surekill")

"What are you sayin', Ray Pearce has become some kind of metal man? Because that only happens in the movies, Agent Scully." (8x10 "Salvage")

"Things that land in your inbox, huh, Agent Scully?"
(8x12 "Badlaa")

"So what do you think, Agent Scully? Haunted hotel room? Alien invaders? Sloppy vampires?" (8x12 "Badlaa")

"In my experience dead men don't tip, Agent Scully."
(8x12 "Badlaa")

"Yeah, well, I try to keep an open mind but it tends to shut my eyes." (8x12 "Badlaa")

"In 20 minutes I'll be taking a long bath at the hotel, right now I've got to find this guy." (8x13 "Medusa")

"No, you figured it out. I was just your eyes and ears."
(8x13 "Medusa")

"No, I'm just trying to do my job, only it gets hard to do if the person you're workin' with is keepin' secrets and tellin' lies." (8x08 "Per Manum")

"You ever hear of an alien in Nikes?"
(8x14 "This Is Not Happening")

"Let's leave the past in the past."
(8x14 "This Is Not Happening")

"It's why I can't stand here and listen to all this mumbo jumbo about spaceships." (8x14 "This Is Not Happening")

"Well whatever he told you, I'm still gonna be here to drive you crazy with questions and nagging doubt."
(8x15 "DeadAlive")

"Concern's for your well-being, Agent Scully, that's all it's ever for." (8x15 "DeadAlive")

"The only thing impressive about my work on the x-files is that I even know what's going on half the time."
(8x18 "Three Words")

"You sent me to find Mulder, I found him. Don't charge me with driving a stake through his heart."
(8x18 "Three Words")

"Stay out of my life! Stay out of my business! You wanna get somethin' on me, you ask for it! I don't wanna get calls about you goin' behind my back! You got that straight?!" (8x17 "Empedocles")

"Feelings don't solve crimes. What the hell does it matter what my feelings are? How the hell is that gonna get the job done?" (8x17 "Empedocles")

"I gotta believe that I did everything I could to find my son... I gotta believe that I did everything I could to save him, to get him back safe, to not let him down. I gotta believe that I did everything humanly possible, cause if I can't believe that, then these other possibilities that you talk about, that Mulder talks about, that Agent Scully talkes about, if they're real...if they're real then that's somethin' else I could have done to save my son." (8x17 "Empedocles")

"Wow, you really got me pegged. Anything that doesn't fit in my narrow field of vision might as well not exist, is that right Agent Mulder?" (8x16 "Vienen")

"You're not gone five minutes, Agent Scully and already I'm starting to feel like a stranger in my own office..."
(8x19 "Alone")

"How long can you keep this up? How long until the next Billy Miles rears his head? The next threat? The next phantom? Do you ever stop to ask yourself? All the sacrifice, the blood spilled... you've given' nearly a decade of your life. Where the hell is it all gonna end?"
(8x21 "Existence")

"Then tell me why you can't trust me. Everything I did to try and protect you when you thought your baby was in danger... what changed? Why is it suddenly I'm now the enemy?" (9x01 "Nothing Important Happened Today 1")

"I asked Agent Scully for her expertise on this, looks like we can rule out the Exorcist afterall."
(9x03 "Daemonicus")

"I heard you say it, Agent Scully, I heard you tell a classroom full of FBI cadets. Most evil in the world comes from man." (9x03 "Daemonicus")

"Tell me where she is you son-of-a-bitch, or I swear to God I'll kill you where you sit." (9x03 "Daemonicus")

"Lookin' right at us. Fifty bucks says that's Lukesh. A hundred says he knows we're here." (9x05 "4-D")

"Polish sausage! It's the best in the city. There's a little stand a couple blocks over on M Street. You'll be able to walk to it." (9x05 "4-D")

"Plates? For cryin' out loud. Who eats polish sausage with plates?" (9x05 "4-D")

"I think I just solved this case. This kid had crap for brains, the flies couldn't resist." (9x06 "Lord of the Flies")

"You can call me Sheriff John when I haul your dumb ass off to jail, Winky." (9x06 "Lord of the Flies")

"Something funny? Yo soy haha?" (9x07 "John Doe")

"Yeah well, maybe I like to hop." (9x07 "John Doe")

"I'm a Marine... Semper Fi." (9x07 "John Doe")

"I'll take the bad as long as I remember the good."
(9x07 "John Doe")

"What part of 'stop right there' did you not understand?"
(9x04 "Hellbound")

"Hell of a way to do it. I can see this guy's defense already. 'Your Honor, I was having bad dreams, seeing things. Ask Agent Reyes, she's seen them too'. Something you're not telling me?" (9x04 "Hellbound")

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