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It isn't as common as it used to be, but every so often I come across someone in the X-Files fandom who didn't know that Doggett/Scully 'shippers exist, and I get asked "why do you like Doggett/Scully?" There are long-winded answers to this question (see the essays on this page), but when it comes down to it the most simple answer is that us Doggett/Scully fans like the DSR for the same reasons Mulder/Scully 'shippers like the MSR... we think they get along great together, compliment each other, and are the most compatible together as a potential couple.

This section of Semper Fi is not trying to convert anyone over to 'shipping Doggett/Scully, it is here for fans to explore and come to better understand the logic and reason a group of X-Files fans has for 'shipping DSR.

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"I got the pretty clear sense that John Doggett was in love with Dana Scully. And of course Dana Scully was in love with Fox Mulder. So, you sense this heartbreak, you know, she's in love with this guy and he wants to be there for her and he can't be, because her heart's taken by someone else. He so wants to protect her, he so wants to be the one that she's turning to." - Frank Spotnitz (8x15 "DeadAlive" DVD commentary)

“From the beginning Doggett has tremendous respect for Scully and I think that respect has blossomed into something else. That was always our intention, that we would have a sort of triangle.” - Chris Carter (Zap2it - November 2001)

“I honestly believe Doggett loves Scully but he doesn’t want to impose himself on her.” - Robert Patrick (15 Aug. 2001 TV Guide)

By Doggett/Scully Fans

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Dana Doggett

Potential, Possibilities, and Respect
Doggett/Reyes "Relationship" = Implausible

April 2006
June 2016


Comparing & Contrasting

June 2011


The 'Dip

June 2002


Second Chances

November 2004


Long Live The Doggship

June 2002

T h r e a d s

Everyone's Dirty Little Secret

July 2001


Keep The Flame Alive


About The DSR
Claudine Harper

The very idea of Agent Doggett joining forces with Agent Scully on the X Files unit was something exciting because it was very much like when Scully joined Mulder. One the sceptic and one the believer. The difference was Scully now paired with the sceptic Agent Doggett was once the sceptic herself. When they work together they create an understanding. Doggett has to understand and respect how she now believes in paranormal phenomena and Scully has to appreciate Doggett’s unwillingness to believe, as she could not all those years ago.

At times they can clash with this but ultimately make a union of respect and partnership unlike anything in the show before. With this set up we see both sides of the coin within the cases but instead of two sides as the conclusion, they communicate the will to see through each others eyes. This kind of gentle admiration for each others personalities smoothly transcends to a sexual attraction to one another. Not only was Scully a female who acted superior to the masculine Doggett but Doggett was the hard-ass straight talking man whom began to waver his attitude towards what he didn’t agree with, thus becoming weak for a woman whom was not available. This is always going to be attractive.

There was an unmistakable unending attempt by Doggett to protect Scully. One reason he did was he sensed she was a female Agent on her own in a dangerous field of work, this coming from his very dominating, manly ways. Though Scully could and can look after herself, without Mulder she acted vulnerable, needy and more feminine. Her secret of being pregnant added a mystery to her for Doggett. Then when he found out about the secret he was even more watchful of her safety and more attracted to her side that was strong enough to hold a secret so fragile, just to remain able to look for her lost partner: a sign of pure loyalty and love within her.

Once Scully came to trust Doggett was looking out for her, after numerous events of helping her and keeping her alive, they formed an unspoken connection and caring relationship of male protection to her female sense of science and strength.

Everything Doggett was about before now became only about Scully...protecting her and her baby and finding her lost Mulder. For Scully it became defending a man whom she turned her back on too quickly, overriding her loyalty to the absent Agent Mulder. Her passion to argue her side with Doggett only proved more of her need to show Doggett him care and attention to his soul that he needed in order to believe.

The partnership was very balanced and easily communicated. Early on in their relationship Scully thanks Doggett for his care of her. Doggett feels her absence when she leaves the x files unit for personal and just reasons. Scully tells him she understands his fears. She tells him he succeeded in a case that was unbelieveable to him, he confirms to her he is there to help her.

Without her he feels he needs her by his side, no matter how tough he is. At the same time, for the 1st time ever, Scully is regretful of leaving the XFiles unit, leaving Doggett without someone to watch his back, the guilt coming from the highly spoken of and proven fact that that’s exactly what he did for her from the start.

They didn’t have to agree about things to be able to like each other or feel justified to protect each other. They were simply similar people, doing their job, and fighting their own fears. This empathy brought an unspoken love between them. Doggett was too much of a loyal person to attempt to approach Scully with his feelings for her, because he knew she was in love with Mulder. Doggett was trying to work out how he, in his eyes, weakened to someone he worked with, someone whom was taken, doing the wrong thing, even if he never spoke of it.

DSR envisions the pure love of people whom cant help be attracted to one another. From a sudden anger to caring what each other thought, to protectin their every move and hating eachothers absense - how a lot of people end up falling in love. Escalating in pain for them, sympathising with their feelings, and going against everything they once believed in and was loyal to.

Though it was clear only Doggett fell in love, it is still evident that Scully held something for Doggett she did not for any other. Something more than what can be held between partners or friends. She cares for his safety, his feelings when she cannot tell him her secret, appreciates his difficulty believing and tries to calm his worries. Anyone else, she wouldn’t bother doing this for. For Mulder she seems uncertain of her attraction to him, not sure what he means to her or why she feels the need to prove her belief system to him, once described as her fear of failing him, as if Mulder was the superior. With Doggett she felt equal and to her it is understandable why they care for each other.

Claudine Harper
18 November 2009

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"You deserve someone who is terrified to lose you."
- R.H. Sin



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