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26 December 2000 - Present

Addicted To Doggett

True Blue

Addicted To Doggett

Addicted To Doggett

The Love Shack

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The Love Shack

We Shall Not Forget

Addicted To Doggett

Semper Fi

Semper Fi

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Did you know that Semper Fi has it's own Fanlore page? Does that mean this site is famous?

Semper Fi was established on 26 December 2000 as Addicted To Doggett (and True Blue), and was originally intended to be a small fansite. Over the past sixteen years though the site has grown to become the definitive John Doggett and Doggett/Scully Relationship website. It is now the only website dedicated to these two subjects that remains online. This site provides fans with the most comprehensive, in-depth, and accurate look at the John Doggett character, and the Doggett/Scully relationship. Addicted To Doggett was created to celebrate the newest character of "The X-Files" who was the series' star in its last two seasons. John Doggett brought new life into the show, and was exactly what the series needed when he was introduced... new blood.

When "The X-Files" series came to an end in May 2002, Doggett and Scully had our hearts in their hands. We will never forget the memories and friendships that these two characters brought to us, and continue to bring us sixteen years after their story came to an end. Though "The X-Files" has continued its big screen and small screen adventures without our John Doggett, he remains alive and well in our hearts as fans continue to create fanfic, artwork, and fan videos that celebrate our favorite X-Files FBI agent.

In late April 2016 I gave fans of John Doggett/DSR a little scare. Faced with the fact that I no longer could afford to continue to pay for my server space and the (sorely missed) doggettscully.com domain, I announced that in June Semper Fi would be closed forever. I received well wishes from a handful of fans, offers to help pay for another year from other fans, and then late night Monday, 2 May 2016, I was given the best surprise. Kelli of Scorpion HQ offered to host Semper Fi (and FRVS) on her server for me! And to think, if I hadn't taken a second to retweet a tweet to enter a contest to win a autographed cast photo from "Scorpion", I never would have won, and never would have gotten to talk to Kelli, and this site wouldn't be here right now. Funny how things work out.

I want to state that Semper Fi will remain online for however many years I am blessed to have Kelli/Scorpion HQ as the site's host. I'm hoping that's a long, long time from now. I'm still hoping to be able to celebrate 20 years online in 2020! I believe that this site needs to be a permanent staple in the online X-Files community, and that Doggett (and the DSR) must never be forgotten. This site is considered "static" now, meaning that there will be no more updates. This site will now be an archive for fans of The Doggett Years of "The X-Files". Thank you for your loyalty and support over the years, and for spending some of your time here on Semper Fi. Y'all mean the world to me!

(6 June 2016)

If any one actually remembers this original opening to Addicted To Doggett (now Semper Fi) back in 2000, you have been with me from the very beginning!

Does your mind randomly wander off and think of Doggett running ... and running fast... in a rain storm... in the street... in a white t-shirt... that's glued to his chest... whiping out his gun... and yelling at you to stop what you are doing because he wants to talk to you? Welcome to our world! Here we understand your needs and hopes for ... well Doggett! Now before we bore you, think of the first time Scully met Doggett... yeah... she soaked him down! She thought the same way as us!! Go Scully!! Doggett! Doggett! Doggett! Now where's that Vancouver rain when we really need it...

Do you wonder what Doggett looks like while he works out in his Marine t-shirt? Wonder what it would be like to just sit in a weight room and watch his biceps work as he pumps iron? As the minutes pass, his t-shirt is wet from his sweat... he stops for a moment and asks you to hand him his bottle of water and instead of drinking it, he pours it all over his head ... yeah ... a wet Doggett...

Do you find yourself wondering why Scully hasn't decided right now that John Jay Doggett is the man for her? Because if she doesn't do something about him soon, she may be too late because you will find a way to get him before anyone else... when there is a will there is a way... watch out Scully here I come!!

Do you ever fantasize about listening to a audio cassette and all that came through your speakers was Doggett's sexy New York accented voice... deep and scruffy... hard yet soft... telling you that Muldah is fine and happy where he is and that Doggett will be staying forever. Then you wake up with the silliest grin on your face and tell all of you friends that Doggett spoke to you last night and that Mulder is fine and has moved on and now is the time of Doggett?

That opening text stayed with this website for a couple years, from this site's beginning on the free Geocities sites (remember those?!), later when I switched to Angelfire free hosting (because I needed more server space for additional Doggetty goodness), and eventually to my own domains where ATD was parked (anyone remember it being hosted at www.polish-sausage.com? Yeah... probably not the best domain name, I got a lot of spam e-mails about actual recipes, and some rather adult content LOL).

Before Semper Fi became Semper Fi, I actually maintained a John Doggett only fansite, and a Doggett/Scully relationship fansite. Eventually it became a lot easier to do updates by merging the two sites together! Here's a history of the different website title changes over the years:

John Doggett Fansite

2000 - 2006

Addicted To Doggett

2006 - 2007

The John Doggett Archives

2007 - 2009

We Shall Not Forget

2009 - 2011

Addicted To Doggett

2012 - Present

Semper Fi

Doggett/Scully Fansite

2000 - 2002

True Blue

2003 - 2004

Chicken Soup For The Dipper's Soul

2004 - 2005

The Love Shack (hosted SHODDS fansite)

2005 - Present

Semper Fi

The plan now is to keep the design of Semper Fi with this brand new look I gave it for 2016. But of course, I've thought/said that in the past so we'll see.

On 26 December 2015, Semper Fi celebrated fifteen years of John Doggett and the Doggett/Scully Relationship (DSR). The graphic to your right is the graphic I created to celebrate the fifteen year milestone! I think it will be bizarre to make it to the twenty year anniversary of this website. I can't believe we are getting closer and closer to it having been twenty years since Robert Patrick joined "The X-Files" as John Doggett, it seems like only yesterday, you know?


John Doggett & The DSR

20 July 2000
ABC News: Robert Patrick Joins 'X-Files'

On Thursday, 20 July 2000, news broke within the X-Files fandom that Robert Patrick was cast to play the new agent that would "replace" Mulder in the upcoming eighth season of the X-Files. Reaction to this news in the fandom was mixed, unfortunately, the negative reaction seemed to be heard more from the more vocal part of the fandom. Some fans were so narrow-minded about a new character joining the show as a main character that, without having seen a single episode of season eight, they decided then and there (in July 2000) that they were going to hate the character. Due to some of these fans being incapable of distinguishing between fictional characters and real live people, unfortunately some of their anger and hatred was directed towards Robert Patrick.

Thankfully, there were members of the X-Files fandom that embraced the new character and immediately took up websites such as The Pound Puppies and Doggett Defenders, to show their support for Robert Patrick and the character he would portray.

The first episode of the eighth season of "The X-Files" premiered on 5 November 2000 (Robert Patrick's birthday!). Mixed reaction to John Doggett. Fortunately the rational-minded Philes liked the character, and continued to watch to give him a chance. As the episodes kept rolling on, suddenly John Doggett (and *GASP* SACRILEGE! Doggett/Scully 'ship fic!). So some of those negative types took to website creation and created an archive that listed all fanfic authors who wrote John Doggett in their stories (The DoggShit Website - I made the list under the name "Cassie"). It was actually really funny because their original idea of trying to (I'm guessing) banish fanfic authors from the fandom backfired and they provided a nice archive for Doggett fans to find which authors were writing Doggett fic! I'm not entirely certain that the creators of the DoggettHater's Author Hit List found that out.

Doggett fanfic authors actually took pride in being listed on this Hit List website! Graphics of being "proud" and "flamed" started popping up on fansites! Fans and authors were encouraged to save the graphics and display it on their own fansites and/or discussion forum signatures! Being included on this Hit List, at the time, was almost like a rite of passage. Even though there was so much negativity from the loud "Mulderites", "Duchovbots", and "'Shippers", it was an exciting time to be a fan of John Doggett.

More facts and memories from the Doggett and DSR fandome to be added later! Keep checking back!


Semper Fi is dedicated to all fans of John Doggett, and the Doggett/Scully relationship (DSR). Whether you've been a fan of Doggett/DSR since November 2000 or if you just became a fan yesterday, this site is for you.

We saw something very special between Doggett and Scully and continue to support the pair so many years after it was made clear that Scully is in love with Mulder and chose to be with him. We don't let that fact dampen our love of the DSR. We saw potential that the relationship would have given the characters a strong and loving relationship. Let that hope of loyalty, faithfulness, and dedication continue to shine through John and Dana for years to come in the form of Doggett/Scully fan fiction, fan videos, collages, manipulations and any and all creatives that the fans chose to make in honor of their favorite pairing.

This site is also dedicated to the fans of John Doggett and the relationship between Doggett and Scully, young and old, active and in-active in the fandom, new to the Doggett and DSR love, or oldies who remember what it was like to watch episodes as they first aired week-by-week, and who still get that warm-fuzzy feeling everytime they re-watch a John Doggett episode and remember just how much he/she loved (or still loves) the character even after all these years.

And to Claudine... I want to dedicate this final version of Semper Fi to you. You've been the first person I've told and discussed anything with regarding Semper Fi these past couple of months (even before my own sister!). You helped me make difficult decisions regarding this website, and... I don't think I could have made those decisions without talking it all out with you first. Thank you so much! I'm forever grateful to have such a great friend like you! Here's to hoping we get to finally meet in person one day once I get moved over across the pond!

Thank You

Claudine, Kelli, Decemberlady - for everything you have helped me with in the decision to close the domain doggettscully.com, and to make this site a static site. I appreciate everything you have done to help me out. Words do not express how I feel. Thank you so very, very much.

Thank you to my sister, Kristi. Honestly, this site would not exist, as it is presented to you today, if it weren't for her amazing skills with HTML and coding, and her ability to "get along with" technology. Also, thanks for putting up with me and my technological website issues.

Thank you to my best online friend, Claudine. My UK Twin, the second half of Claussie/Cassine/Classine, whatever name our fans (if we have any) wish to call us. Without you being online to keep Doggett/Scully discussions alive, I'm sure I would have stopped discussing the pair ages ago. Thank you also for helping me with this site (about DSR section, and the permission to archive your fanvids). I'm so thankful to have met you online, and hopefully one day we'll both retire in Southern France, where by that time we'll both struggle with the language as little old ladies.

Thank you, Robert Patrick and Gillian Anderson, for doing whatever it was that you did, while working together, to add that little spark between the Doggett and Scully characters in seasons eight and nine of "The X-Files." You two so perfectly portrayed a relationship that had both tension and what us fans like to refer to as UST, unresolved sexual tension. Y'all are to blame for a lot of the fanfic archived on this site! Thank you for that! Haha! (no, seriously, thank you for that) I'm a fan forever!

Finally I would like to thank the fans of John Doggett and the Doggett/Scully relationship - if there were no authors, graphic artists or vidders within the online X-Files community who still created John Doggett and DSR collages, videos or wrote fanfic, this site would not exist. To the fans and artists, I express my deepest and most heart-felt thanks for doing your part to help keep our little fandom alive.

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After Mulder's disappearance, Scully returns to FBI Headquarters to find Special Agent John Doggett heading up an FBI manhunt for her partner. Knowing that type of search will prove futile, Scully and Skinner turn to the Lone Gunmen in hopes of uncovering information about additional UFO activity around the time of Mulder's disappearance. Although such information leads them to Gibson Praise, the man with Gibson, a man who appears to be Mulder, is in fact an alien bounty hunter. Finally realizing that Mulder will not be found so easily, Agent Doggett is officially assigned to the X-Files. Now, after all she has been through with Mulder, it is Scully who is the "believer" and who must find a way to work with "the skeptic," John Doggett.

Aware his presence only puts Scully and William in jeopardy, Mulder once again disappears - but at least this time it is his own choice. A frustrated Agent Doggett tries to find Mulder so he can proceed with his investigation against Deputy Director Kersh, but Scully and Skinner Finally convince him to drop his case. Yet even as Scully helps Agent Doggett and Agent Reyes on some of their cases she realizes William is still in danger. When she learns a religious cult wants her son dead she turns to the Lone Gunmen. But even they cannot prevent William from being kidnapped, a fact which forces Scully to make a painful decision. Yet even in her darkest hour she receives word that Mulder has been found - and is being held in a military brig for the murder of a man who cannot die.


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