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Any "The X-Files" websites linked from Semper Fi are friendly towards the John Doggett character, and the Doggett/Scully relationship (DSR). You won't find any hostility towards either topic on the sites listed. Did you know that Semper Fi has it's own Fanlore page? Does that mean this site is famous?


If you would like for your website to be affiliated with Semper Fi, please email me at: [email protected] and let me know the title of your website, its URL, and the page where I can find a link back to this site. Please make sure to mention that you want to affiliate with Semper Fi. Thank you.

John Doggett & DSR

Dippett Fiction
Doggmatic Productions
Fanlore: Doggett/Scully
FanPop: John Doggett Fan Club
'Shipper Manifesto: Doggett/Scully
Sirius (Japanese)
Wikipedia: John Doggett
Ye Ol' SHODDS Website
Scully & Doggett Appreciation Thread

The X-Files

Beyond The Sea
Deep Background
Inside The X
Kult X
Smoke Signal
X-Files Archive
X-Files News
X-Files Official Website
X-Files Timeline

Fan Fiction

The Annex
Archive of Our Own
The Basement
Dana Doggett
Diandra Hollman
"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series
Fugues Fiction Archive
Spooky Awards
World of X

Robert Patrick & Gillian Anderson

Eternal Gillian Anderson
Gillian Anderson
Into The Blue
Official Gillian Anderson Website
Robert Patrick Shrine
Robert Patrick Website
Wikipedia: Gillian Anderson
Wikipedia: Robert Patrick
YouTube: Robert Patrick (official)

Social Media

Facebook Group: "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series
Google Group: "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series
Facebook Group: Robert Patrick
Facebook Group: Serenity of X
Google Group: Serenity of X
Facebook Page: Gillian Anderson (official)
Facebook Page: Robert Patrick (official)
Twitter: Gillian Anderson (official)
Twitter: Robert Patrick (official)
WhoSay: Robert Patrick (official)
Yahoo!Group: X-Files Most Unwanted

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The main hub for all things John Doggett and DSR is the new Semper Fi Forum! Discuss Doggett, DSR, Robert Patrick, Gillian Anderson, and anything else related to "The X-Files" series and movies!

Facebook Group: Doggett & Scully
Facebook Page: Doggett & Scully
Google Group: Doggett & Scully
LiveJournal: doggettXscully
Tumblr: doggettXscully
Twitter: @doggettscully
Yahoo!Group: SHODDS
Yahoo!Group: Addicted To Doggett

Semper Fi Forum
The official discussion forum for Semper Fi!

"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series Forum
The official FRVS discussion forum (and general X-Files discussion).




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