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20 December 2017

Happy Holidays! Merry Hanukkah Kwanzaa Christmas and Joyous Winter Solstice (and every holiday in between)! I'll be back with more updates after the first of the year. So have yourself a safe New Year!

Semper Fi celebrates its seventeenth "birthday" on 26 December (Boxing Day)! All these years I so rarely have time to do a celebratory update of the "birth" of this fansite, but I do want to thank you all for continuing to visit Semper Fi, and for showing your love for John Doggett, the DSR, and Robert Patrick. I can't wait to see where this site will be when it celebrates its twentieth anniversary in 2020. I'm still humbled by the fact that this site is still around after seventeen years. I made this Doggett/Scully Christmas collage to celebrate the season. I hope you like it.

Robert Patrick as Cabe Gallo in Scorpion 412 "A Christmas Car-Roll"

[ more caps here ]

I wrote this story a few years back, and it is my favorite DSR fanfic I've written. I hope you enjoy it!

"Not Even Underneath A Mistletoe" by Dana Doggett
PG - Doggett/Scully - The best Christmas presents aren't always the ones you find wrapped underneath a tree.

Wallpapers! Manips! Icons! Oh my! I hope you all have a fantastic holiday!

13 December 2017

Robert Patrick as Cabe Gallo in Scorpion 411 "Who Let the Dog Out..."

[ more caps here ]

"Confrontations" (FRVS) by Cassie
"#WTF" (FRVS) by Kristi & Cassie
"X-Files: Patience 2" - Jassyk

28 November 2017

Robert Patrick as Cabe Gallo in Scorpion 410 "Crime Every Mountain"

[ more caps here ]

21 November 2017

Have you all recovered emotionally from yesterday's episode of "Scorpion?" Holy moly! Once again Robert Patrick blew it out of the park (like WAAAAAAY out of the park) with his performance as Cabe Gallo. Give the man an Emmy! #Emmy4RP!

I hope you all have a happy (and safe) Thanksgiving!

I've added a few more old and new fanfic to the archive!

"#YouKnowIt" (FRVS) by Kristi
"All Things Bright and Beautiful" by Jassyk
"Veep" (FRVS) by Cassie
"Wine & S'mores" (FRVS) by Cassie

Still no new news regarding whether or not Robert Patrick will return for season 11 of "The X-Files," but until we know for sure, and because of the recent release of new season 11 promotional stills, I created #DoggettXF11 manips! These manipulations are exclusive to Semper Fi, please do not save and upload them to your own website, blog, etc. Thank you!

I added the photoshoot that Robert did last summer when he was in Monte Carlo!

[ more images from this shoot on this page ]

Robert Patrick as Cabe Gallo in Scorpion 409 "It's Raining Men (of War)"

[ more caps here ]

14 November 2017

Screen captures of Robert Patrick in Scorpion 408 "Faire is Foul" have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

7 November 2017

I posted this graphic to Robert Patrick over on Twitter on his birthday (last Sunday, 5 November), so it really isn't "belated" by me, it's belated here on the site because I haven't had time to put together this quick update! LOL

Happy birthday, Robert!
I hope your day is filled with love, laughter, smiles, and time spent with good friends, family, and your fur babies. Make your next year the best one yet!

Much love from one of your many #1 fans,
Cassie / @doggettscully

New Halloween themed Doggett/Scully fanfic by Jassyk!

"John and Dana's First Halloween Together" by Jassyk

Robert Patrick: Scorpion 407 "Go With The Flo(rence)"

31 October 2017

I hope you all have a very scary Halloween! Stay safe out there, and don't scare the kids too much! Here are the Doggett/Scully Halloween artwork that is archived here on Semper Fi: three desktop wallpapers, and one collage. If you have any Doggett or DSR Halloween artwork that you would like archived here, please send it my way: [email protected]

Robert Patrick: Scorpion 406 "Queen Scary"

24 October 2017

More new and "new" old fanfic has been added to the archive! If you have any John Doggett, Dana Scully, or Doggett/Scully (relationship, casefile, friendship) fanfic that you would like archived on Semper Fi, please send it my way: [email protected]

FRVS 11x07 "Housesitters" by Cassie
"Happy Endings" by Jacquie Sabatier
"If You Asked Me To" by Jacquie Sabatier
"l e t h e" by cucumberspy

I found out yesterday that fellow X-Phile, Doggett/Scully, John Doggett, and Robert Patrick fan, Jacquie Sabatier (jsabat28 on our SoX Forum) passed away last Saturday. RIP, Jacquie. You are loved, and you are missed. Jacquie was a great contributor to the Doggett/Scully fandom over the years, and you can find all of Jacquie's Doggett/Scully fanfic here on the Semper Fi archive. Here's just a sampling of some of my personal favorite Jacquie Sabatier fanfics: "Anything You Want Me To Be," "Destination Unknown," "Good Things Come To Those Who Wait," and "Without You." [ more here ] You can also check out Jacquie's May 2010 Author of The Month interview with Semper Fi.

What is your favorite Doggett/Scully fanfic that you've written? Why? My sentimental favorite would probably the post fic that I wrote for “Release” – sorry, can’t remember the title. It was my first attempt at the Doggett and Scully relationship and I can remember thinking that even though the hug between Doggett and Reyes tugged at the ol’ heart strings, the scene did not feel complete. Does that make sense? Lol. [ read more ]

Robert Patrick: Scorpion 405 "Sci Hard"

18 October 2017

Ok, Doggett gals and guys! Let's work together to do everything we can to let Chris Carter, FOX, and anyone else with a say in "The X-Files" Season 11 that we want to see our man John Doggett included at some point in the upcoming season! I've created #DoggettXF11 profile pictures, and Twitter headers (would probably work on Facebook and Tumblr as well) that you can use to show your support for seeing Doggett in season eleven, visit the #DoggettXF11 page and get your goodies today!

If you have any artistic contributions (using the hashtag #DoggettXF11) that you would like to be featured here on Semper Fi, please send them my way (collages, drawings, fanfic, fanvids, banners, profile pictures,
etc.) @ [email protected]

Make sure whenever you tweet or post about Doggett to use the hashtag #DoggettXF11, if we all stick to one single hashtag it will be more likely to be seen, and if by magic our numbers multiply considerably, trend. Let's show all the John Doggett naysayers and haters what us Doggett fans are made of! Let your voice be heard!

Robert Patrick: Lore 104 "Passing Notes," Scorpion 404 "Nuke Kids On The Block."

A few more brand new Doggett, and Doggett/Scully stories have been added to the Semper Fi fanfic archive today! FRVS stands for "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series, and is the one and only X-Files virtual series online that features John Doggett as a main character, and the Doggett/Scully relationship as the main 'ship! Check it out today!

"Follow The Chemtrails!" by Jassyk
FRVS 11x04 "Lucky Rabbit's Foot" by Cassie
FRVS 11x05 "Jersey #7" by Cassie
FRVS 11x06 "Trouble In Paradise" by Cassie

I made a new 1680x1050px desktop wallpaper! I also did a new B&W (with red) collage, and found some artwork from other fans of Doggett and DSR that hadn't yet been added to the Semper Fi archive! Enjoy!

10 October 2017

For anyone who is looking to expand their X-Files collection, my sister and I are selling some of our X-Files merchandise over on eBay. We've got original shooting scripts, magazines, action figures, photos, books, posters, comic books, and trading cards!

Anyone who knows me, knows that lately I haven't exactly been the biggest fan of Scully so this news is music to my ears. I would love to see what "The X-Files" would be like without her there. I imagine without Scully around that the series would be forced to go back to its investigative roots, and forced to stop teasing around with that MSR thing. If Gillian is serious about season 11 being her last XF season, I hope the series does another season. Perhaps then Robert might be available to investigate the paranormal and uncover any lingering government conspiracies about aliens, with Mulder! I think fans deserve to see how great Mulder and Doggett could be as FBI partners! Bring it on!
Bye Scully!

"I think this will be it for me," she explained when asked whether she would continue on for a 12th season or beyond. Anderson added that the reason she agreed to come back for the 10th season after so much time away from the show was that she "felt like it wasn't over. It didn't feel like we necessarily [delivered] everything the fans were expecting of us last time, and so it was that." [ read more ]

This amazing drawing of John Doggett (from "John Doe") was shared on Twitter last week. I had never seen it before, it is so good. I've added it to the gallery on the Drawings page (unknown artist, but dude, whoever you are, please continue making John Doggett -and DSR?- drawings. You're amazingly talented!

In a week it is the San Antonio Spurs regular season home opening game!
I made these Doggett and Scully "GoSpursGo manipulations back in 2016, thought I'd get them up on the site finally!

New fanfic by Jassyk

"Hello Stranger" - Jassyk

Don't forget to get registered at the Serenity of X (SoX) Forum, the official discussion forum for all things X-Files, Doggett, DSR, Robert Patrick, Gillian Anderson. We may have a strong preference for the Doggett Era, but all seasons, all characters, all 'ships are open for fans to discuss! I hope to see you there!

Robert Patrick: Scorpion 403 "Grow A Deer, A Female Deer"

A few pictures and a link to a YouTube video of RP at BUILD Studio (Lore/Scorpion). Nothing about Doggett came out of anything X-Files that went on there last weekend. Not a surprise (though a bit disappointing that NO ONE in the audience at the X-Files panel even thought to ask about him - says about all you need to know about the fandom nowadays). I think it is safe to say that with "The X-Files" Season 11 we will not be seeing Doggett.

Gillian Anderson has said that "The X-Files" Season 11 will be her last with the series! So if we get a "The X-Files" Season 12, perhaps the stories can go back to being about X-Files, and less about that obnoxious/unhealthy relationship between Mulder and Scully? Please? Thank you. I preferred the series before Carter catered to the 'shippers and gave them their stupid MSR.

"Lore" Panel Photos

BUILD Studio - Lore/Scorpion

YouTube Video:

3 October 2017

FYI, Robert Patrick sings (yes, SINGS!) on track 15 ("Oh Lord") of the "Last Rampage" soundtrack (which his brother helped score). You can find it on iTunes. Do make sure to buy the soundtrack *AND* the movie on iTunes! If you're a fan of Robert Patrick (and the music of Richard Patrick) this is not something you want to miss out on!

Robert Patrick will be at the NYCC this weekend! I checked the website and they still have not posted his schedule, but @scorpionhq has posted that on Friday, 6 October (at 1pm) he will be at a BUILD Series event at NYCC, and you can get tickets for that here. On Thursday, 5 October (at 4:30pm), he will take part in a "Lore" panel at NYCC, more info here. Visit the NYCC website for more information. And have fun!

I think there's going to a be a "The X-Files" panel at NYCC, so I'll be trying to pay attention (as much as I can) online to see if anything is said about John Doggett perhaps coming back in the upcoming season 11. If you're at NYCC and find out any Doggett/S11 information, please pass it my way ([email protected]), thank you!

More RPGA screen captures added to the archive! Gillian Anderson: Closure, Robot Overlords, I'll Follow You Down. Robert Patrick: Scorpion 402 "More Extinction."

I've done another Doggett/Scully collage! This one is of "Daemonicus," I tried for "spooky" since it is Halloween month! The other two collages are from last month!

26 September 2017

Another new Doggett/Scully fanfic has been added to the archive!

"Stay With Me" by Jassyk

Gillian Anderson screen caps for The X-Files 101 "Pilot," and Robert Patrick screen caps for Scorpion 401 "Extinction" have been added to the gallery!

23 September 2017

I've added 519 screen captures of Robert Patrick (as Gary Tison) from "Last Rampage!" The movie was released yesterday in theatres (limited release), and is available to purchase (to watch!) right now on iTunes! I've watched it. I love it. I'll watch it again. Robert Patrick is amazing in this movie. Let's hope that this movie gets a wider theatrical release (because honestly my itty bitty 17" computer monitor is not big enough for this film!). Anyway, on with the captures!

[ view all "Last Rampage" screen captures here! (1920x800) ]

20 September 2017

Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand. I don't care, I'm still free. You can't take the sky from me. Take me out to the black, tell them I ain't comin' back. Burn the land and boil the sea, you can't take the sky from me. There's no place I can be, since I've found Serenity... SHINY 15th ANNIVERSARY, FIREFLY!

I know "Firefly" has nothing to do with Robert Patrick, Gillian Anderson, The X-Files (other than Adam Baldwin starred on TXF as Knowle Rohrer, and is Jayne Cobb on "Firefly"), John Doggett, or the Doggett/Scully relationship, but it's special to me and I wanted to give it a shoutout. If you haven't seen "Firefly" (and it's movie sequel, "Serenity"), I suggest you find it and watch it (it might still be on Netflix).

Make sure to check out the brand new season of "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series (the only online X-Files virutal series featuring Doggett as a main character, and the DSR as a main 'ship)! FRVS hasn't had a new season since 2009, and they're back for season eleven! The first two episodes don't feature Doggett, but he's back starting with last weekend's third episode "Tug of War" (which takes a look at child Doggett, teenage Doggett, and engaged Doggett -
all the while hinting at his future with Dana Scully! I have to say I was a little worried when FRVS advertised this episode with Doggett/Reyes, but FRVS is true to the DSR, and the FRVS "DRR" was hilarious! Don't miss it! Doggett will be in every new episode of the season from here on out!

New "new" and new "old" fanfic added to the archive. I'm determined to get all the Doggett and DSR fic that I have on my external drive archived here on Semper Fi! If you have any Doggett-centric or Doggett/Scully (partnership, friendship, romance) fanfic that you would like to have archived on Semper Fi, please send it my way: [email protected]

"Moving On: Part One" by Jassyk
"Moving On: Part Two" by Jassyk
"Tug of War" by Cassie

I think I'm pretty much the only Doggett and DSR fan that continues to make fanart so here are my latest creations! (also included are my three submissions to the "Last Rampage" poster contest!) If you have any Doggett, Doggett/Scully, Robert, or Gillian artwork that you would like archived on this website, please send it to me at: [email protected] - Thank you!

I am having an on-again-off-again "relationship" with my scanner as of late, so it's practically a miracle that I was able to scan the TV Prevue (Chicago Sun-Times) from 5-11 November 2000. It features Doggett and Scully on the cover and a nice little write up about Robert joining "The X-Files." It also mentions some rumor that was going around back then that Doggett "may be a future romantic interest for agent Dana Scully!" I love seeing that kind of thing printed in official publications! (nevermind the fact that Carter flat-out said that it was always their intention to create a love triangle between Doggett, Scully, and Mulder - if only they had actually had the guts to forever stray from the MSR, right?!).

29 AUGUST 2017

New affiliate, my new fansite for the X-Files character Kyd Miller: It's Miller Time!

I've added two new Doggett/Scully fanfics to the archive by Jassyk!

"A Source of Comfort" by Jassyk
"A Drive To Remember" by Jassyk

9 AUGUST 2017

Happy 49th Birthday, Gillian Anderson!

I've added the newest Doggett/Scully fanfic by Jassyk to the Semper Fi Fanfic Archive! It's called "Trust Me Dana."

No new news since that initial article came out about Robert Patrick expressing that he's open and willing to return to The X-Files as John Doggett "if I think it's the right thing to do and if they want me to do it." Season 11 began filming in Vancouver this week.

I've figured out how to make animated gifs! I've made Doggett gifs from 8x01 "Within," and I also have the first gif I made from 8x14 "This Is Not Happening" (which also happens to be my favorite shot of Doggett from the series - I call it The Hero Shot). I'll be adding more gifs as I make them to the Gallery soon!

I'm not sure why the "Within" gifs are moving so slowly, unless it's just my computer being slow (which happens from time to time, I'll see if I can get those fixed a bit later). You can view all ten "Within" gifs on this page.

3 AUGUST 2017

Though I prefer not to see John Doggett return to "The X-Files," this is a John Doggett fansite, and I will report on anything Doggett that I stumble upon. New article out today from TV Insider saying that Robert Patrick is open to returning as John Doggett in the upcoming "The X-Files" season 11. Here is what Robert is quoted as saying in the article:

"I haven't heard from Chris, but I am totally willing to go back if I think it's the right thing to do and if they want me to do it. But at this point, no one has asked me anything; I would certainly be interested. But I'm always the last to know with this kind of stuff. I think the world of Chris, and I certainly loved the experience on The X-Files. I see no reason to not go back and do it." - ROBERT PATRICK (read full article here)

If Doggett does come back for season 11 I expect him to be treated as an equal to Mulder and Scully, none of this secondary (or tertiary) treatment crap that happened with the Cigarette-Smoking Man and Reyes in the 2016 ("season 10") Event Series. John Doggett is a main character of the series. If he's only going to be in a small scene (or two) within one episode (or two), I would prefer he not come back at all. For me it's at most all ten episodes, or at least eight (if they're going to snub him). But in all honesty, I would prefer to see more Robert Patrick as Cabe Gallo on CBS's "Scorpion" than to see him take time off from that series to do minimal (we all know it would be minimal, let's not kid ourselves here) work on "The X-Files." But whatever happens, if Doggett shows up in season 11, you know that Semper Fi will be reporting on it, sharing pictures, and will get those screen captures up, and detailed analysis of any interaction he'll have with Scully (if the writers allow it). Stay tuned.

1 AUGUST 2017

More screen captures have been added! Gillian Anderson in "Hannibal" 1x07 "Sorbet," 108 "Fromage," 111 "Rôti," 112 "Relevés," and 113 "Savoreux." Robert Patrick in "Community" 506 "Analysis of Cork-Based Networking," "Tales From The Crypt" 407 "The New Arrival," Law & Order: SVU 701 "Demons," and DVD screen captures from the 2015 short film, "Cold War."

For those of you looking to watch the short film "Cold War" in which Robert Patrick stars, you can find it on the DVD for the film "Sugar Mountain" (which also stars X-Files alum, Cary Elwes), "Cold War" also comes as a bonus if you buy "Sugar Mountain" from iTunes. Thank you for this info, Richard Gray!

More stories added to the Semper Fi archive! Also... I'm not sure how many of you print out your favorite Doggett and DSR fanfics, but if you do, I created a Semper Fi bookmark (2x6") that you can print out, fold in half, and laminate and use for keeping your spot in your favorite fanfics, or books that you are reading! You can download the bookmark here.

"Acrobat" by David Hearne
"Afterwards" by Scully3776
"Distracted" by Drusilla Bell
"Enough To Get Us There" by Jenna Tooms
"Heavenly Bodies" by Nijijin
"Let Me Enter The Door To Your Soul" by Dorothée E. Fritsch
"Reckoning" by Ann K
"The Residue of Her Betrayal" by Dana Doggett
"Yellow Balloon" by Zyllah

DUE: Thursday, 31 August 2017
SEND RESPONSES TO: [email protected]
(all responses will be archived on Semper Fi)

Create a poster for "The X-Files" season 8 episode 8x13 "Medusa." Please include all of the following requirements (you may also click here to view this challenge's page):

- 600x911 pixels (AKA 8x12 inches, 21x32 cm)
- Use any of the images provided in this zip file (not all are required)
- Use any one/two quote(s) directly from the episode (view transcript here)
- Credit: Robert Patrick, Gillian Anderson, Ken Jenkins, Vyto Ruginis
- Credit: Written by: Frank Spotnitz
- Credit: Directed by: Richard Compton
- Credit: Music by: Mark Snow

[ view all challenge images here ]

26 JULY 2017

Just a heads up that the recently released Audible audiobook "The X-Files: Cold Cases" does include (minimally) John Doggett. Now before you go rushing off to buy the audiobook (if you're buying simply because Doggett is in it)... Robert Patrick DOES NOT do the voice acting for Doggett in this audiobook. The Doggett dialog is read by voice actor Michael Kimball (more information about the audiobook is here).

I got the audiobook, for Doggett, and I never finished it. And as much as I love David, Gillian, Mitch, et al., it felt too "read" and not "acted" by the X-Files actors brought on to read for their characters. Though, IMO, David and Mitch did a gazillion times better than Gillian at reading their lines. Then it had Mulder and Scully go to Saudi Arabia (where I lived from 1991-1998) and I was all sorts of offended over how Saudis were portrayed, and how Mulder and (especially) Scully interacted with them. It pissed me off so much that I immediately contacted Audible and demanded a full refund for this order (and got it).

I was absolutely behind accepting Michael Kimball as John Doggett. I could live with that. But there was no way that I was going to tolerate how the author(s) of this audiobook (aka the X-Files Season 10 IDW comic books) wrote the people of Saudi Arabia. It was so inaccurate. I am a white, blond, American woman, and I NEVER was required to wear a hijab while in the country, yet this story went on the belief that all women in the Kingdom have to wear one. I was especially pissed off at how Gillian chose to "act" out Scully's reaction to the Saudis she interacted with.

Seriously, authors, if you are going to write about the Middle East, do a little bit of research before forcing your uneducated assumptions onto your readers.

Yes, Saudi Arabia (and its laws and some traditions) are not perfect, but that is no excuse to falsely portray the country and its people.

21 JULY 2017

A new Doggett/Scully fanfic from a new author to the Semper Fi archive, Jassyk. Her story takes place after "Via Negativa" and "Surekill" in season 8, it's called "Thank You Coffees." Enjoy! (and it's got a bit of Barbara Doggett for those of us who love her too!)

"Thank You Coffees" by Jassyk

11 JULY 2017

I'm in the process of adding Blu-ray screen captures of Robert (as Cabe Gallo) from season one of "Scorpion." Unfortunately when I get to seasons two and three I'll have to take from DVD since the USA refuses to release those seasons on blu-ray. <--- not happy about that decision.

[ view more Scorpion screen captures here ]

I've added a section in the Fanfic Archive called Fanfic Recommendations. In This section of the site I will add my X-Files fanfic recs. I've listed my favorite Doggett/Scully fanfics (ones that I will always recommend) as well as Mulder/Scully, and other Uncon'Ships that I like.

27 JUNE 2017

Blu-ray screen captures of Robert Patrick in "Safe House" have been added to the Photo Gallery! Keep checking back for more captures in the months to come!

[ view more caps from Safe House ]

I made a new Doggett/Scully collage too!

22 JUNE 2017

High Definition screen captures for Gillian Anderson's appearances on "American Gods" have been added to the Photo Gallery (Secret of Spoons, Lemon Scented You, and Come To Jesus). I will be going through (at my own pace, I'm in no rush) to add screen captures from both Gillian Anderson and Robert Patrick movies and TV appearances. Stay tuned!

[ view more caps from American Gods ]

12 JUNE 2017

Semper Fi's own, Claudine, got to meet our man, Robert Patrick, at Collectormania 2017 in Birmingham last weekend! We had to scramble in order to get our fan gift for Robert printed, and fan lettres written! And we succeeded! Claudine was able to hand deliver two T-shirts that we made for Robert, a #TeamDoggett and a #TeamDSR shirt, bearing his last name on the back! We hope you like the shirts, Robert!

Claudine was gracious enough to write about her meeting with Robert, and we will archive it here at Semper Fi for all to enjoy! Thank you, Robert, for being so sweet to Claudine and her family! Words cannot express how incredibly happy I am that Claudine got to meet Robert, and spend five minutes chatting with him! Just reading about her experience has set me on a Robert Patrick (John Doggett) high!

Night before meeting Robert Patrick I said I would go to bed on time. But I didn’t. I was way too excited / nervous. I decided last minute to write him a letter in case I literally could not speak when seeing him. I was doing that about half 11 and re-wrote it about 5 times. I didn’t get to bed ‘til about 12am. I could barely relax enough to sleep so I don’t think I had a proper sleep at all. [ READ MORE ]

Claudine spoke a bit about the Talk Robert Patrick did the day she met him, and for those of you wondering if John Doggett will be back for this next round of "The X-Files" episodes... it doesn't sound like it. He says he's contracted with CBS. But that's cool, we love < / SCORPION > and Cabe Gallo too! John Doggett is the past, Cabe Gallo is the present, and we're quite all right with that!

Brand new fanfic added to the archive today! It's called "Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart" by Claudine (aka gorgclaud in our fanfic archive). I loved it so much that I also created a little artwork for it late last night! It's a bit angry, lots of angsty, and has an ending that stings your eyes with tears. Read it. Read it now.

"Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart" by gorgclaud
PG - Doggett/Scully - Just after Scully and Mulder run away like fugitives, X-Files shut down, Doggett forms a new identity and rides his bike to his cabin far away. We return to him 14 years after…

Semper Fi now has its very own discussion forum for all things John Doggett, Dana Scully, Doggett/Scully, The X-Files, Robert Patrick, and Gillian Anderson! If you are interested in getting to know fellow Doggett and DSR fans better, please come on over and register with the forum! We'd love to have you!

1 JUNE 2017

Two old (but new to this archive) photoshoot images added for our man, Robert Patrick!

If you live over in the UK, just a (short notice, sorry!) that Robert Patrick will be at Collectormania in Birmingham on Saturday and Sunday, 3-4 June 2017! Click here for more information on meeting Robert! Have fun! My good friend, Claudine, will be hand delivering a gift from Semper Fi to Robert on that Saturday! I hope she's able to snap pictures so I can share that with you all!

The Semper Fi Store has been updated with newly found X-Files (paper/hard copy) original shooting scripts, DVDs, magazines, and pictures!

Send submissions to: [email protected]

- the title of your fanfic must be called "When Heroes Go Down"
- must be a John Doggett-centric or a Doggett/Scully relationship story (can also be both)
- take place during during, or after the 2016 X-Files revival season
- include the line "I have to buy stamps today" from any character (main or guest starring)
- any rating is allowed

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